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Great Girafarig/VS. Girafarig
VS. Kirinriki
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 10
Round number 129
Location Route 38/Ecruteak City
Previous Round Indubitably Ditto
Next Round Suddenly Suicune I

Great Girafarig or VS. Girafarig (Japanese: VSキリンリキ VS. Kirinriki) is the 129th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Harry challenges Eusine to a one-on-one battle. He tells Eusine that they are inside a web with electricity from Elekid and that Team Rocket is making a comeback in Johto. Girafarig uses Psywave on Eusine, who touches the web and gets electrocuted. Harry notes that since Ken is giving certain instructions to Elekid, Harry can't be shocked. Eusine, meanwhile, notes the state of his cloak. He then says that he will display his "Pokémon magic". He sends out a Pokémon and the Team Rocket Elite Trio is surprised.

Meanwhile, Crystal rides Eusine's Electrode through Ecruteak City. She thinks of the excitement Suicune has caused and tells Electrode to go to the Burned Tower.

Eusine has sent out his Jumpluff and Harry laughs at his sending out such a Pokémon. Eusine counts down and Jumpluff releases tons of spores with Cotton Spore. When it clears, the Elite Trio can't see Eusine. Harry directs Girafarig to search for Eusine's scent with its tail. They find Eusine crouched by a wall of the net. Harry tells Ken and Al to go after Suicune. Girafarig's tail bites Eusine, but it turns out that what they thought was Eusine was just a ball and Eusine's clothes. Girafarig's tail has bitten a pocket watch that is connected to the net, which electrocutes Harry and Girafarig. Eusine, wearing only underwear, appears in a hole in the ground and reveals his strategy to the unconscious Harry. He sprayed cologne on his watch so that Girafarig would be sure to bite it. Also, after Jumpluff used Cotton Spore, it planted a Leech Seed on Ken and Al. At that moment, Ken, Al, and Ken's Tauros faint from the Leech Seed.

Crystal stands near the Burned Tower.

Major events


Pokémon debuts





  • At the end of this round, Crystal has caught 142 Pokémon out of the 143 she found. The Pokémon that she has not caught is Suicune.


  • In the Chuang Yi version Leech Seed's Japanese name, mistletoe seed was used instead.

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