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Whacked by Marowak!
VS. Marowak
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 4
Round number 46
Location Celadon City
Previous Round Cloystered
Next Round Purrrr-sian

Whacked by Marowak! (Japanese: VSガラガラ VS. Garagara) is the 46th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga and the sixth round in the Yellow chapter.


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Having escaped from Lorelei, Yellow eventually goes separate ways from Bill, ending up near Celadon City where Erika lectures at Celadon University, the local university. After Erika's lesson, she is approached by one of the professors, who compliments her on the popularity of her classes but also notes her state of concern. Erika admits that she has been worried due to the recent disappearance of a close friend, and a check on Misty turns up no news on Red.

That night, Pika has a dream of Red's defeat, with his Pokémon strewn about unconscious and Red taking a kick to the gut from a Hitmonlee. Shocked awake, Pika decides to search for Red without Yellow, but the latter informs Pika not to act rashly. Angered, Pika attacks Yellow, and sensing the Pokémon's distress Yellow tries talking to Pika, but the Pikachu remains angry. Just then, Erika shows up with her army of Celadon's citizens, declaring that she was informed by Professor Oak about Yellow and pointing out that while the Professor had given Yellow his blessings, Pika is noticeably less approving. Pointing out that Pika likely only followed Yellow due to Red's scent, Erika tells Yellow that she has come to place Pika under her care when an attendant informs her that someone fitting Red's description was spotted near the city. At once, Pika and Yellow run for the west side of the city, followed by Erika and her followers.

At the city outskirts, Red shows up, prompting Pika to happily jump into his arms. Relieved, Erika approaches Red, but everyone is stunned as Red punches Erika in her stomach and knocks her down. Yellow immediately senses something is wrong and Pika releases a power Electric blast, but the fake Red reveals his invention of an insulated bodysuit, which is also designed to emit a chemical scent similar to Red's. Ripping off his disguise, the impostor introduces himself as Super Nerd Miles, boasting of his own scientific genius.

The citizens of Celadon attempt an advance, but are stopped in their tracks with Erika pinned under Miles's foot. At this, Miles releases his Marowak, ordering a Bonemerang that quickly scatters the townsfolk. As he turns to leave, however, Yellow shouts after him for the release of Pika, saying that in the absence of Red, the ownership of Pika falls under him.

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