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The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Collected in Vol. 8
Chapter number 54
Location Pokémon League
Manga series Pokémon Pocket Monsters
Previous Chapter Clefairy's Pikachu Robot  
Next Chapter The Pokémon Banana League (Part 2)

The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1) (Japanese: ポケモンバナナリーグ(前編) The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga.


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Major events

  • Red is revealed to have an Arcanine, third Primeape, and a Pidgey.
  • Blaine lends Red his Meowth to use in the Pokémon League.
  • Red battles Blue and wins.
  • Blue is revealed to have caught a Raichu and the recurring Mewtwo.
  • Red starts his match with Green.


Pokémon debuts




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