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North Pole

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North Pole
サンタの島 Santa's Island
North Pole.png
North Pole
Region Unknown
Debut Holiday Hi-Jynx

The North Pole (Japanese: サンタの島 Santa's Island) is the home of Santa Claus and the location of Santa's workshop. It appeared in Holiday Hi-Jynx. The island is made primarily of ice structures.

Santa's Workshop

In Holiday Hi-Jynx, after finding one of Santa's lost Jynx, Ash and his friends headed for the North Pole to take it home. Due to the long journey there, a Lapras helping Santa find his lost Jynx escorted them to the island.

Santa's Workshop is the main feature of the island, resembling a gigantic icy Christmas tree from the outside. Inside is a factory-like environment full of Jynx workers making toys.

Pokémon seen on the North Pole

Santa Claus Jynx Psywave.png
Jynx (multiple)
Santa Claus Lapras.png
Santa Claus Ponyta.png
Santa Delibird sitting.png


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