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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

(Japanese: ナミ Nami) is a character of the day who appeared in Battles in the Sky!. She is a Trainer who focuses on Sky Battles and also an instructor at the Kalos Canyon Sky Battle center.

Nami first appeared flying over Ash and his friends, as she was involved in a battle with another Sky Trainer. She used her Talonflame against her opponent's Skarmory and managed to win. Later, when Ash was practicing in the nearby Sky Battle center, she approached him and challenged him to a Sky Battle. Ash gladly accepted, even though he had only just started practicing. Nami announced she would be battling with her Talonflame and that she wanted to battle Ash's Fletchling, but her Talonflame refused, not seeing a worthy opponent in Fletchling. She then asked Ash to use his Hawlucha. Since Fletchling really wanted to battle too, Nami promised that if Hawlucha managed to win, she and Talonflame would battle Fletchling too.

Although it put up a good fight, Hawlucha proved to be no match for Talonflame. Hawlucha was defeated and this meant Nami and Talonflame wouldn't battle Ash's Fletchling. Bonnie came up to Nami however, and asked if she would still battle Fletchling. This request was backed up by Ash, but Nami was hesitant, since they already had made an agreement. Right at that moment, Talonflame was caught in a net by Team Rocket. Nami and the others followed Team Rocket's balloon with their wing suits. Serena's Fennekin managed to destroy the balloon, after which the battle against Team Rocket continued on land. While Ash battled Team Rocket, Nami tried to rush to the net with her Talonflame to free it, but Ash's Fletchling already managed to do so before her. Nami then joined the fight and had her Talonflame blast Team Rocket off. After the battle, Talonflame thanked Fletchling and now accepted its request to battle, causing Nami to accept as well.

During the battle, Talonflame managed to overpower Fletchling. Just when it seemed Fletchling was done for, it evolved into Fletchinder. It also learned Flame Charge, which it used time after time on Talonflame, also drastically increasing its speed. Talonflame proved no match for this newfound power and was defeated. Nami accepted her defeat and congratulated Ash on his win. Afterwards she said her goodbyes to Ash and his friends as they continued on their journey.


Nami's Talonflame
Talonflame is Nami's only known Pokémon.

It first appeared battling a Skarmory and easily managed to win. It later rejected its Trainer's proposal to battle Ash's Fletchling, not seeing a worthy opponent in it, and instead battled Ash's Hawlucha. During the battle Talonflame made the first move by using Peck. Hawlucha dodged it and used Flying Press, which Talonflame also managed to dodge. It then used Steel Wing, which hit, slamming Hawlucha into a wall. It followed up with Brave Bird, but Hawlucha managed to dodge again. Afterwards it in turn dodged Hawlucha's Karate Chop and continued by using Fire Blast. This hit Hawlucha, but it was not defeated yet. Ash ordered it to grab Talonflame's leg, forcing the battle to become a close-range fight. Talonflame easily shook Hawlucha off however, slamming it against a wall once more. Still not defeated, Hawlucha used Karate Chop again, but it was easily dodged by Talonflame, who then ended the battle by using Steel Wing.

After the battle, it was caught in a net by Team Rocket. It was later freed from the net by Ash's Fletchling and then sent Team Rocket blasting off with Fire Blast. After this, Talonflame thanked Fletchling for freeing it and now realized it would be a better opponent than it originally suspected. It accepted Fletchling's request to battle, also causing Nami to accept.

Talonflame started off once again, now with Steel Wing. Fletchling dodged, and also managed to dodge Talonflame's Peck and Fire Blast. Fletchling then countered with its own Peck, and managed to hit Talonflame. Talonflame now used Brave Bird, and hit Fletchling. They then engaged in a battle of speed, with Talonflame chasing Fletchling. It eventually managed to corner Fletchling against a wall. With Fletchling seemingly having nowhere to go, Talonflame used Steel Wing. Surprisingly, Fletchling still managed to dodge it by speedingly flying up. After this it also managed to dodge another Brave Bird from Talonflame, and avoided its Fire Blast by using Double Team. Talonflame was then hit by Fletchling's Razor Wind. It managed to counter by hitting Fletchling with both Steel Wing and Fire Blast. Just when Fletchling seemed done for, it evolved into Fletchinder. With the evolution, it learned Flame Charge, which it immediately used on Talonflame. Fletchinder again dodged Talonflame's Brave Bird and followed up with a series of Flame Charges, drastically increasing its speed in the process. Now completely outsped, Talonflame had no chance and was ultimately defeated by a final Flame Charge.

Talonflame's known moves are Steel Wing, Fire Blast, Peck, and Brave Bird.

Debut Battles in the Sky!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 日笠陽子 Yōko Hikasa

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