Mount Quena

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Mount Quena
ピュアズロック Pures Rock
Mount Quena.png
Overhead shot of Mount Quena
Region Johto
Debut Mewtwo Returns

Mount Quena (Japanese: ピュアズロック Pures Rock) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is known as Johto's highest peak, at least according to the English dub. It was featured in the special Mewtwo Returns. The mountain contains a lake, known as Clarity Lake, with water that possesses healing properties. Butterfree are also known to lay their eggs on Mount Quena. The peak itself is surrounded by Purity Canyon—known in guides as the Johto region's greatest natural wonder—and Purity River, whose source is Clarity Lake. Because of its properties as well as it being a breeding ground, the Bug Pokémon view it as sacred, and will attack anyone who threatens its stability.

Pokémon researchers Luna Carson and Cullen Calix individually came to the mountain to conduct research on the native Pokémon in their habitat, and the lake itself, respectively. In the special, Mewtwo and the Pokémon clones were said to have come there after the events of Mewtwo Strikes Back. In addition, storms were frequent in the vicinity, making it virtually impossible for people to access. The reason for the turbulent weather remains unknown, although it is implied to be caused by Mewtwo in an attempt to ensure no one manages to stumble upon them, although he won't go so far as to allow a bus of civilians to die presumably for the same reason. Giovanni, along with Domino and Team Rocket, came here to recapture Mewtwo and exploit the healing waters of the lake, sparking the events of the special. They were later stopped, however, by Ash and his friends. Mewtwo later moved the lake to the inside of Mount Quena and wiped the memories of not only Team Rocket (barring Jessie, James and Meowth), but Luna and Cullen, to ensure the safety of the location.


  • The Japanese name, Pures Rock, was said in a manner that sounded like "Ayers Rock."

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