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Mothers for Pokémon

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Mothers for Pokémon

The Mothers for Pokémon, abbreviated as M.F.P., (Japanese: ポケモン大好きママさん Pokémon Daisuki Mama-san , P.M.D.M.) are the recurring characters who appeared in A Fan with a Plan and Cruisin' for a Losin'. They are a group of mothers who love Pokémon, and there are six known members. Savannah appears to be their leader, as they said that she's their "pride and joy" because she has won a Contest before.

They seem to be obsessed with 'famous' people, such as Drew and Norman. They claim to have pictures of Drew from every Contest he has entered. They also have other Drew and Norman merchandise.

While Savannah was getting ready for her Contest, the other M.F.P. members were out doing her shopping and other chores.

During the Contest, they were shown to be cheering for Savannah, Drew, and May.

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