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Moncolle plus

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Moncolle plus (Japanese: モンコレプラス Moncolle plus) is a branch of Monster Collection figures released by Tomy in July 2009. These figures feature more dynamic battle poses than the main line of contemporary Monster Collection figures. They also contain electronics which store data on the Pokémon, such as type, HP, moves, and Nature. They can communicate with other Takara Tomy toys: the Moncolle Touch, Moncolle Trainer, and Moncolle Battle Stage plus.[1]

Figure data

The data each figure has is as follows:

Some of this data, such as Nature, may differ between figures even if they are the same species. Any of a figures's stats can be viewed using either the Moncolle Touch or the Moncolle Trainer.

The Moncolle Trainer can be used to make a figure stronger, as well as to set its Trainer and give it a nickname. The Moncolle Touch can be used to increase its bond through minigames. By battling and winning on battle stages, it can earn win points which will eventually increase its level.

Diamond & Pearl series

Best Wishes series

Special releases

Takara Tomy gave out limited edition variants of certain Pokémon. Several campaigns were held, one in the summer of 2009, one in early 2010, and one in the summer of 2010. People could mail in two barcodes from Moncolle or Moncolle plus figures to have a chance to win a figure. A total of 1,000 figures were given away for each Pokémon.

Summer Moncolle Campain[2]
Gotta Catch a Moncolle Shiny! Campain[3]
Moncolle Campaign Summer 2010[4]


Monster Collections
Moncolle plusEnglish Figure Collection

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