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Misty's Corsola

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Misty's Corsola
カスミのサニーゴ Kasumi's Sunnygo
Lure Ball
Misty Corsola.png
Misty's Corsola
Debuts in A Corsola Caper!
Caught at Yellow Rock Isle
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Cerulean Gym
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Corsola Ikue Ohtani Rachael Lillis

Misty's Corsola (Japanese: カスミのサニーゴ Kasumi's Sunnygo) was the only Pokémon acquired by Misty in the Johto region and her ninth Pokémon in total.


Original series

Misty and Corsola in Tour de Alto Mare

In Around the Whirlpool, Ash, Misty, and Brock met Professor Elm, who showed off his Corsola. Seeing it also made Misty want to have one.

In A Corsola Caper!, the group met a family who raised Corsola to make jewelry out of their shed body parts. However, a wild Corsola came along and invaded the ranch looking for a friend, causing the Corsola in the area to flee. Eventually, all of the Corsola were recovered and Misty caught the wild Corsola with the Lure Ball she received from Kurt.

It then became one of Misty's most used Pokémon along with Politoed, and she continued to use it regularly throughout her travels in the Johto region. It was also used in the Whirl Cup.

In Pokémon Heroes, Misty participated with her Corsola along with Ash and his Totodile in the Tour de Alto Mare, a water race through Alto Mare. After a close call with the reigning champion Ross and his Wailmer, Misty and Corsola won the race.

Advanced Generation series

Corsola was used by Misty when she traveled to the Mirage Kingdom in Hoenn, in The Princess and the Togepi. When Misty, Max, and May were confronted by Colonel Hansen's Shedinja, Misty had Corsola use Spike Cannon against it, which had no effect due to its Wonder Guard Ability. Shedinja then used Solar Beam to send the group flying.

Personality and characteristics

Corsola accidentally ramming other Pokémon

Corsola seems to have a joyous personality, like Misty's Togepi. It is also very sociable, and has a good relationship with Misty's other Pokémon. Corsola is recognized for having a powerful Tackle, and is known for ramming other Pokémon when trying to be friendly.

Moves used

Misty Corsola Mirror Coat.png
Using Mirror Coat
Move First Used In
Tackle  A Corsola Caper
Recover  A Corsola Caper!
Spike Cannon  A Corsola Caper!
Mirror Coat A Corsola Caper!
Bubble Beam Pokémon Heroes
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the TCG

Corsola was featured in the TCG as one of Misty's Pokémon. The following is a list of cards named Misty's Corsola.

Misty's Corsola
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in the current Standard format.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Misty's Corsola Water       Theater Limited VS Pack   004/018

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