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If you were looking for the character of the day with the Japanese name of Manami, see Rebecca (Kanto).
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(Japanese: マナミ Manami) is a character from Pokémon Try Adventure. She is the sister of Katsuya.


Manami debuted in A New Encounter.


On Hand

Manami's Riolu

Manami's Lucario
Riolu → Lucario
Lucario is Manami's only known Pokémon. She caught it as a Riolu.

Lucario's known moves are Force Palm and Aura Sphere.

Debut TA30


Manami's Spoink
Manami borrowed Spoink from Soro in order to capture some Pokémon.

Spoink's only known move is Psywave.

Debut TA30

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