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A Magnagate (Japanese: マグナゲート Magnagate) is a portal to a Mystery Dungeon that can be found by scanning round objects in the real world. Magnagates are only found in the game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. The option to "Discover a Magnagate" becomes available in the main menu once the story progresses up to the part where the partner Pokémon buys the land from Quagsire to start Pokémon Paradise. Dungeons found in Magnagates vary by color of the object scanned, and vary in difficulty based on size of the object. Dungeons found by Magnagates are played like normal dungeons, but the player does not necessarily play as their original character and partner. Rather, they will play as either Axew, Servine, Dewott, Emboar, or Pikachu. Depending on the dungeon, you will also have one or two of the above Pokémon as partners. In Magnagate dungeons, however, you can change the leader between your Pokémon at any time. At the end of a Magnagate dungeon the player is required to fight the dungeon's leaders, who are generally more powerful than the others in the dungeon. Money and items received in these dungeons will be sent back to the player's save file.

If the player stays around on a floor for too long, a message will display, saying that a wind is blowing. After a while, the wind will blow harder, and finally, a third time, it blows the player and any partners out of the dungeon, resulting in a failed trip. Anything obtained will still be sent to the deposit box.

Magnagate Dungeons

The dungeons vary in difficulty level from three stars up until 13 stars. The bosses vary each time a dungeon is entered. Unlike the regular dungeons, Magnagate dungeons do not have a set list of Pokémon that appear in the dungeon. Monster Houses make a frequent appearance. Quicksave is unaccessible.

To enter Magnagate dungeons above four stars, there is a required amount of Magnagate dungeons that have to be completed. It is unknown how many need to be completed at this time.

The playable Pokémon are Pikachu, Axew, and their evolved forms. The evolved forms of Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy are also playable. What the player controls and will receive as partners are randomly chosen from all five Pokémon, regardless of who the player's character is and who the partner is in the story mode.

Special Pokémon

Some Pokémon can only be found in Magnagate dungeons, appearing only in specific dungeons.

In the demo

In the demo released for the Nintendo eShop, Magnagates also make an appearance. When scanned, the demo doesn't take size or color into account and instead sends the player to a random Magnagate dungeon.

In the demo there are 54 Magnagate dungeons. The Magnagate dungeons in the demo are not found during the full version of the game. The playable Pokémon are the unevolved starters.

Here is a list of the Magnagate dungeons that can be accessed:

Stardust Maze
Stardust Cavern
Unknown Maze
Unknown Cavern
Storied Maze
Storied Cavern
Alluring Maze
Alluring Cavern
Joyous Maze
Joyous Cavern
Aspiring Maze
Aspiring Cavern
Gloomy Maze
Gloomy Cavern
Healing Maze
Healing Cavern
Secret Maze
Secret Cavern
Peculiar Maze
Peculiar Cavern
Mirage Maze
Mirage Cavern
Treasure Maze
Treasure Cavern
Glinting Maze
Glinting Cavern
Promise Maze
Promise Cavern
Unique Maze
Unique Cavern
Unity Maze
Unity Cavern
Devotion Maze
Devotion Cavern
Extreme Maze
Extreme Cavern
Challenging Maze
Challenging Cavern
Unseen Maze
Unseen Cavern
Primitive Maze
Primitive Cavern
Shining Maze
Shining Cavern
Sacred Maze
Sacred Cavern
Ancient Maze
Ancient Cavern
Radiant Maze
Radiant Cavern
Marvel Maze
Marvel Cavern
Mystical Maze
Mystical Cavern

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