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List of moves that confuse

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Confusion is a status condition that makes the target sometimes randomly hurt itself with a typeless, physical attack with base power of 40 for a random number of rounds. The following moves may confuse their targets.

Move Type Category Probability Power Accuracy Notes
Chatter Flying Special 100% 65 100% Chance of confusion depends on volume of recording prior to Generation VI
Confuse Ray Ghost Status 100% 100%
Confusion Psychic Special 10% 50 100%
Dizzy Punch Normal Physical 20% 70 100%
Dynamic Punch Fighting Physical 100% 100 50%
Flatter Dark Status 100% 100% Raises the target's Special Attack by one stage
Hurricane Flying Special 30% 110 70%
Psybeam Psychic Special 10% 65 100%
Rock Climb Normal Physical 20% 90 85%
Secret Power Normal Physical 30% 70 100% May cause confusion only when used on a rocky surface (Generation III only)
Shadow Panic Shadow Status 100% 60% Targets all opponents
Signal Beam Bug Special 10% 75 100%
Supersonic Normal Status 100% 55%
Swagger Normal Status 100% 90% Raises the target's Attack by two stages
Sweet Kiss Fairy Status 100% 75%
Teeter Dance Normal Status 100% 100% Targets all adjacent Pokémon
Water Pulse Water Special 20% 60 100%

Moves by effect
BurnConfuseDamageEntry hazardsFlinch