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List of moves by anime debut

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This is a list of moves and the anime episode they debuted in. Please note that Bulbapedia considers the movies, Pikachu shorts and side stories to be separate from the main anime, regardless of their canonicity, and therefore moves like Doom Desire and Judgment, which have not yet appeared in an episode, do not have an episode listed.

List of moves by anime debut

# Name Episode User
001 TM Normal VI Pound 1062EP062 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
002 TM Fighting VI* Karate Chop 1029EP029 An unknown Trainer's Machop Machop
003 TM Normal VI Double Slap 1045EP045 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
004 TM Normal VI Comet Punch 1029EP029 Anthony's Hitmonchan Hitmonchan
005 TM Normal VI Mega Punch 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
006 TM Normal VI Pay Day 1123EP123 The Black Arachnid's Meowth Meowth
007 TM Fire VI Fire Punch 1058EP058 Blaine's Magmar Magmar
008 TM Ice VI Ice Punch 1099EP099 Prima's Jynx Jynx
009 TM Electric VI Thunder Punch 1042EP042 Kaz's Electabuzz Electabuzz
010 TM Normal VI Scratch 1004EP004 Meowth Meowth
011 TM Normal VI Vice Grip 1066EP066 A wild Krabby Krabby
012 TM Normal VI Guillotine 2127AG127 Morrison's Gligar Gligar
013 TM Normal VI Razor Wind 1075EP075 Mandi's Golbat Golbat
014 TM Normal VI Swords Dance 1042EP042 Yas's Scyther Scyther
015 TM Normal VI Cut 1042EP042 Yas's Scyther Scyther
016 TM Flying VI* Gust 1001EP001 A wild Pidgey Pidgey
017 TM Flying VI Wing Attack 1007EP007 Ash's Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
018 TM Normal VI Whirlwind 1006EP006 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
019 TM Flying VI Fly 4096BW096* Ridley's Golurk* Golurk
020 TM Normal VI Bind 1005EP005 Brock's Onix Onix
021 TM Normal VI Slam 1077EP077 Jeanette Fisher's Bellsprout Bellsprout
022 TM Grass VI Vine Whip 1004EP004 An unknown Trainer's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
023 TM Normal VI Stomp 1075EP075 Ash's Krabby Krabby
024 TM Fighting VI Double Kick 1100EP100 Emily's Nidoran♀
Ralph's Nidoran♂
025 TM Normal VI Mega Kick 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
026 TM Fighting VI Jump Kick 1015EP015*
Ash's Raticate*
Shiro's Hitmonlee*
027 TM Fighting VI Rolling Kick 1166EP166 Shiro's Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
028 TM Ground VI* Sand Attack 1001EP001 A wild Pidgey Pidgey
029 TM Normal VI Headbutt 1061EP061 Cerulean Gym's Seel seel
030 TM Normal VI Horn Attack 1001EP001 An unknown Trainer's Nidorino Nidorino
031 TM Normal VI Fury Attack 1049EP049 Keith's Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
032 TM Normal VI Horn Drill 1058EP058 Blaine's Rhydon Rhydon
033 TM Normal VI Tackle 1001EP001 An unknown Trainer's Onix Onix
034 TM Normal VI Body Slam 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
035 TM Normal VI Wrap 1008EP008 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
036 TM Normal VI Take Down 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu Raichu
037 TM Normal VI Thrash 1025EP025 A wild Mankey Mankey
038 TM Normal VI Double-Edge 1045EP045 Misty's Staryu Staryu
039 TM Normal VI Tail Whip 1032EP032 Misty's Psyduck Psyduck
040 TM Poison VI Poison Sting 1004EP004 A wild Weedle Weedle
041 TM Bug VI Twineedle 1004EP004 A wild Beedrill Beedrill
042 TM Bug VI Pin Missile 1040EP040 Sparky's Jolteon Jolteon
043 TM Normal VI Leer 1009EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
044 TM Dark VI* Bite 1006EP006 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
045 TM Normal VI Growl 1139EP139 Mary's Fluffy Mareep
046 TM Normal VI Roar 1227EP227 A wild Suicune Suicune
047 TM Normal VI Sing 1045EP045 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
048 TM Normal VI Supersonic 1006EP006 Brock's Zubat Zubat
049 TM Normal VI Sonic Boom 1177EP177 Zachary Evans's Yanma Yanma
050 TM Normal VI Disable 1032EP032 Misty's Psyduck Psyduck
051 TM Poison VI Acid 1016EP016 Jessie's Ekans Yanma
052 TM Fire VI Ember 1032EP032 Ash's Charmander Charmander
053 TM Fire VI Flamethrower 1004EP004 An unknown Trainer's Charmander Charmander
054 TM Ice VI Mist 1113EP113 Multiple wild Lapras Lapras
055 TM Water VI Water Gun 1006EP006 Misty's Staryu Staryu
056 TM Water VI Hydro Pump 1060EP060 A wild Blastoise Blastoise
057 TM Water VI Surf 1204EP204 Pietra's Rhydon Rhydon
058 TM Ice VI Ice Beam 1056EP056* Pokémon League entrance
exam instructor's Vaporeon
059 TM Ice VI Blizzard 1099EP099 Prima's Cloyster Cloyster
060 TM Psychic VI Psybeam 1024EP024 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
061 TM Water VI Bubble Beam 1204EP204** Pietra's Marill** Marill
062 TM Ice VI Aurora Beam 1061EP061 Seel (Cerulean Gym) Seel
063 TM Normal VI Hyper Beam 1067EP067* A wild Gyarados* Gyarados
064 TM Flying VI Peck 1001EP001 Multiple wild Spearow Spearow
065 TM Flying VI Drill Peck 1131EP131 Falkner's Dodrio Dodrio
066 TM Fighting VI Submission 1059EP059 Ash's Charizard Charizard
067 TM Fighting VI Low Kick 1162EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
068 TM Fighting VI Counter 1146EP146* Jessie's Wobbuffet* Wobbuffet
069 TM Fighting VI Seismic Toss 1028EP028 Brock's Geodude Geodude
070 TM Normal VI Strength 1115EP115 Gary's Nidoqueen Nidoqueen
071 TM Grass VI Absorb 3134DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
072 TM Grass VI Mega Drain 1075EP075 Mandi's Golbat Golbat
073 TM Grass VI Leech Seed 1032EP032 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
074 TM Normal VI Growth 3134DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
075 TM Grass VI Razor Leaf 1025EP025 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
076 TM Grass VI Solar Beam 1051EP051 Ash's Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
077 TM Poison VI Poison Powder 2151AG151 Jeremy's Butterfree Butterfree
078 TM Grass VI Stun Spore 1007EP007 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
078 TM Grass VI Sleep Powder 1004EP004 Ash's Butterfree Butterfree
080 TM Grass VI Petal Dance 2033AG033 Drew's Roselia Roselia
081 TM Bug VI String Shot 1003EP003 Ash's Caterpie Caterpie
082 TM Dragon VI Dragon Rage 1016EP016 James's Gyarados
Multiple wild Gyarados
083 TM Fire VI Fire Spin 1028EP028 Brock's Vulpix Vulpix
084 TM Electric VI Thunder Shock 1001EP001 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
085 TM Electric VI Thunderbolt 1005EP005 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
086 TM Electric VI Thunder Wave 1101EP101 Ethan's Jolteon Jolteon
087 TM Electric VI Thunder 1022EP022 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
088 TM Rock VI Rock Throw 1036EP036 Chopper's Golem Golem
089 TM Ground VI Earthquake 1267EP267 Ash's Phanpy Phanpy
090 TM Ground VI Fissure 1008EP008 A.J.'s Sandshrew Sandshrew
091 TM Ground VI Dig 1003EP003 Jessie's Ekans Ekans
092 TM Poison VI Toxic 1068EP068 Jessie's Arbok Arbok
093 TM Psychic VI Confusion 1022EP022 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
094 TM Psychic VI Psychic 1022EP022 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
095 TM Psychic VI Hypnosis 1001EP001 An unknown Trainer's Gengar Gengar
096 TM Psychic VI Meditate 2030AG030 Shauna's Meditite Meditite
097 TM Psychic VI Agility 1014EP014 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
098 TM Normal VI Quick Attack 1003EP003 Ash's Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
099 TM Normal VI Rage 1025EP025 Ash's Charmander Charmander
100 TM Psychic VI Teleport 1022EP022 Sabrina's Abra Abra
101 TM Ghost VI Night Shade 1072EP072 A giant Gengar Gengar
102 TM Normal VI Mimic 1162EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
103 TM Normal VI Screech 1032EP032 Koga's Golbat Golbat
104 TM Normal VI Double Team 1068EP068 Florinda's Gloom Gloom
105 TM Normal VI Recover 1024EP024 Sabrina's Kadabra Kadabra
106 TM Normal VI Harden 1004EP004 Ash's Metapod Metapod
107 TM Normal VI Minimize S025* Nurse Joy's Chansey Chansey
108 TM Normal VI Smokescreen 1002EP002 James's Koffing Koffing
109 TM Ghost VI Confuse Ray 1095EP095 Captain's Haunter Haunter
110 TM Water VI Withdraw 1076EP076 Ash's Squirtle Squirtle
111 TM Normal VI Defense Curl 1008EP008* A.J.'s Sandshrew* Sandshrew
112 TM Psychic VI Barrier 1064EP064 Delia's Mimey Mr. Mime
113 TM Psychic VI Light Screen 1062EP062 A wild Clefairy Clefairy
114 TM Ice VI Haze 2008AG008 Jessie's Seviper Seviper
115 TM Psychic VI Reflect 1099EP099 Prima's Cloyster Cloyster
116 TM Normal VI Focus Energy 1073EP073 Otoshi's Marowak Marowak
117 TM Normal VI Bide 1167EP167* Jessie's Wobbuffet* Wobbuffet
118 TM Normal VI Metronome 1006EP006 Multiple wild Clefairy Clefairy
119 TM Flying VI Mirror Move 4064BW064 A wild Sigilyph Sigilyph
120 TM Normal VI Self-Destruct 1032EP032 Koga's Voltorb Voltorb
121 TM Normal VI Egg Bomb 1075EP075 Mandi's Exeggutor Exeggutor
122 TM Ghost VI Lick 1023EP023 Sabrina's Haunter Haunter
123 TM Poison VI Smog 1002EP002 James's Koffing Koffing
124 TM Poison VI Sludge 1003EP003 James's Koffing Koffing
125 TM Ground VI Bone Club 1009EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
126 TM Fire VI Fire Blast 1058EP058 Blaine's Magmar Magmar
127 TM Water VI Waterfall 3077DP077 Zoey's Finneon Finneon
128 TM Water VI Clamp 1036EP036 Tyra's Cloyster Cloyster
129 TM Normal VI Swift 1006EP006 Misty's Staryu Staryu
130 TM Normal VI Skull Bash 1026EP026 Ash's Charmander Charmander
131 TM Normal VI Spike Cannon 1210EP210 Professor Elm's Corsola Corsola
132 TM Normal VI Constrict 1026EP026 Erika's Tangela Tangela
133 TM Psychic VI Amnesia 1066EP066 Professor Westwood V's Slowbro Slowbro
134 TM Psychic VI Kinesis SNN/A
135 TM Normal VI Soft-Boiled 3190DP190 Brock's Chansey Chansey
136 TM Fighting VI High Jump Kick 1029EP029*
Giant's Hitmonlee*
Shiro's Hitmonlee*
137 TM Normal VI Glare 1033EP033 Jessie's Arbok Arbok
138 TM Psychic VI Dream Eater 1271EP271 Harrison's Hypno Hypno
139 TM Poison VI Poison Gas 1020EP020* James's Koffing* Koffing
140 TM Normal VI Barrage PO004* Blue's Exeggutor Exeggutor
141 TM Bug VI Leech Life SNN/A
142 TM Normal VI Lovely Kiss 1250EP250**
Nurse Joy's Jynx**
Erica's Jynx**
143 TM Flying VI Sky Attack 2058AG058* A wild Skarmory* Skarmory
144 TM Normal VI Transform 1037EP037 Duplica's Ditto Ditto
145 TM Water VI Bubble 1061EP061 Misty's Horsea Horsea
146 TM Normal VI Dizzy Punch 1034EP034 A wild Kangaskhan Kangaskhan
147 TM Grass VI Spore 1044EP044 Cassandra's Parasect Parasect
148 TM Normal VI Flash 1171EP171 Gary's Umbreon Umbreon
149 TM Psychic VI Psywave 1075EP075* Mandi's Exeggutor* Exeggutor
150 TM Normal VI Splash 1016EP016 James's Magikarp Magikarp
151 TM Poison VI Acid Armor 1040EP040 Rainer's Vaporeon Vaporeon
152 TM Water VI Crabhammer 1063EP063 Giovanni's Kingler Kingler
153 TM Normal VI Explosion 1006EP006* Multiple wild Clefairy* Clefairy
154 TM Normal VI Fury Swipes 1003EP003 Meowth Meowth
155 TM Ground VI Bonemerang 1009EP009 Giselle's Cubone Cubone
156 TM Psychic VI Rest 1176EP176 Aya's Venonat Venonat
157 TM Rock VI Rock Slide 1240EP240 Egan's Magcargo Magcargo
158 TM Normal VI Hyper Fang 1015EP015 A Gentleman's Raticate Raticate
159 TM Normal VI Sharpen 1038EP038* Team Rocket's Porygon* Porygon
160 TM Normal VI Conversion 1038EP038* Dr. Akihabara's Porygon* Porygon
161 TM Normal VI Tri Attack 1131EP131 Falkner's Dodrio Dodrio
162 TM Normal VI Super Fang 1015EP015 A Gentleman's Raticate Raticate
163 TM Normal VI Slash 1077EP077 Jeanette Fisher's Scyther Scyther
164 TM Normal VI Substitute 3095DP095* Lila's Delcatty* Delcatty
165 TM Normal VI Struggle SNN/A
166 TM Normal VI Sketch SNN/A
167 TM Fighting VI Triple Kick 1166EP166 Chigusa's Hitmontop Hitmontop
168 TM Dark VI Thief SNN/A
169 TM Bug VI Spider Web 1123EP123 Officer Jenny's Spinarak Spinarak
170 TM Normal VI Mind Reader SNN/A
171 TM Ghost VI Nightmare SNN/A
172 TM Fire VI Flame Wheel 1228EP228 Gary's Arcanine Arcanine
173 TM Normal VI Snore 5018XY018 A wild Snorlax Snorlax
174 TM Ghost VI* Curse SNN/A
175 TM Normal VI Flail 1269EP269 A wild Magikarp Magikarp
176 TM Normal VI Conversion 2 SNN/A
177 TM Flying VI Aeroblast 1221EP221* A wild Lugia* Lugia
178 TM Grass VI Cotton Spore 2144AG144 Harley's Cacturne Cacturne
179 TM Fighting VI Reversal SNN/A
180 TM Ghost VI Spite SNN/A
181 TM Ice VI Powder Snow 1188EP188 Rory's Su
Rory's Ein
Rory's Ub
182 TM Normal VI Protect 2015AG015* A Poliwag Max borrowed from
the Pokémon Trainer's School*
183 TM Fighting VI Mach Punch 2082AG082 Multiple wild Breloom Breloom
184 TM Normal VI Scary Face 1124EP124 Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull Snubbull
185 TM Dark VI Feint Attack 1162EP162 A wild Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
186 TM Fairy* Sweet Kiss 1203EP203 Brad Van Darn's Smoochum Smoochum
187 TM Normal VI Belly Drum 2015AG015 A Poliwag Max borrowed from
the Pokémon Trainer's School
188 TM Poison VI Sludge Bomb 1270EP270* Ash's Muk* Muk
189 TM Ground VI Mud-Slap 1184EP184 Three wild Murkrow Murkrow
190 TM Water VI Octazooka 1215EP215 Marcellus's Octillery Octillery
191 TM Ground VI Spikes 1176EP176 Brock's Pineco Pineco
192 TM Electric VI Zap Cannon 1171EP171 Alex Davis's Alakazam Alakazam
193 TM Normal VI Foresight 1121EP121 Hagatha's Hoothoot Hoothoot
194 TM Ghost VI Destiny Bond 2128AG128 Katie's Misdreavus Misdreavus
195 TM Normal VI Perish Song 3174DP174* Nando's Altaria* Altaria
196 TM Ice VI Icy Wind 1241EP241 Lily's Murkrow Murkrow
197 TM Fighting VI Detect 2030AG030 Shauna's Meditite Meditite
198 TM Ground VI Bone Rush 3066DP066 Maylene's Lucario Lucario
199 TM Normal VI Lock-On 2178AG178 Brandon's Regirock Regirock
200 TM Dragon VI Outrage 1253EP253 A wild Dragonite Dragonite
201 TM Rock VI Sandstorm 1219EP219 Jenaro's Sandslash Sandslash
202 TM Grass VI Giga Drain 3040DP040 Paul's Torterra Torterra
203 TM Normal VI Endure 1120EP120 Ash's Heracross Heracross
204 TM Fairy* Charm 1151EP151 Misty's Togepi Togepi
205 TM Rock VI Rollout 1120EP120* Rochelle's Donphan* Donphan
206 TM Normal VI False Swipe 1140EP140 Shingo's Blade Scizor
207 TM Normal VI Swagger 1247EP247 Misty's Politoed Politoed
208 TM Normal VI Milk Drink 1207EP207 A wild Miltank Miltank
209 TM Electric VI Spark 1212EP212 Dayton's Bright Chinchou
210 TM Bug VI Fury Cutter 1144EP144 Bugsy's Scyther Scyther
211 TM Steel VI Steel Wing 1152EP152 Miki's Skarmory Skarmory
212 TM Normal VI Mean Look 1182EP182 Morty's Haunter Haunter
213 TM Normal VI Attract 3030DP030 Cheryl's Chansey Chansey
214 TM Normal VI Sleep Talk 3183DP183 Ash's Heracross Heracross
215 TM Normal VI Heal Bell 1207EP207 A wild Miltank Miltank
216 TM Normal VI Return SNN/A
217 TM Normal VI Present 1231EP231 Delibird Delibird
218 TM Normal VI Frustration 2175AG175 Harley's Banette Banette
219 TM Normal VI Safeguard 1222EP222** A wild Lugia** Lugia
220 TM Normal VI Pain Split SNN/A
221 TM Fire VI Sacred Fire 1265EP265 A wild Ho-Oh Ho-Oh
222 TM Ground VI Magnitude 1270EP270 Gary Oak's Golem Golem
223 TM Fighting VI Dynamic Punch 1157EP157* Butch's Primeape* Primeape
224 TM Bug VI Megahorn 1269EP269 Ash's Heracross Heracross
225 TM Dragon VI Dragon Breath 1254EP254 Clair's Gyarados Gyarados
226 TM Normal VI Baton Pass SNN/A
227 TM Normal VI Encore 3162DP162 Ursula's Plusle
Ursula's Minun
228 TM Dark VI Pursuit SNN/A
229 TM Normal VI Rapid Spin 1166EP166** Chihugsa's Hitmontop** Hitmontop
230 TM Normal VI Sweet Scent 1118EP118 Casey's Chikorita Chikorita
231 TM Steel VI Iron Tail 1204EP204 Pietra's Marill Marill
232 TM Steel VI Metal Claw 1140EP140 Shingo's Blade Scizor
233 TM Fighting VI Vital Throw 2020AG020 Brawly's Makuhita Makuhita
234 TM Normal VI Morning Sun 2013AG013 Janet's Beautifly Beautifly
235 TM Grass VI Synthesis 3005DP005 Ash's Turtwig Turtwig
236 TM Fairy* Moonlight SNN/A
237 TM Normal VI Hidden Power 1171EP171 Gary's Umbreon Umbreon
238 TM Fighting VI Cross Chop 1209EP209 Chuck's Machoke Machoke
239 TM Dragon VI Twister 1216EP216 Christopher's Kingdra Kingdra
240 TM Water VI Rain Dance 1142EP142 Multipled wild Slowpoke Slowpoke
241 TM Fire VI Sunny Day 1187EP187 A wild Sunkern Sunkern
242 TM Dark VI Crunch 1224EP224 Jasmine's Steelix Steelix
243 TM Psychic VI Mirror Coat 1174EP174* Duplica's Mini-Dit in
the form of Wobbuffet
244 TM Normal VI Extreme Speed 1190EP190 Ramona's Arcanine Arcanine
245 TM Rock VI Ancient Power 3080DP080 Jessie's Yanma Yanma
246 TM Normal VI Psych Up SNN/A
247 TM Ghost VI Shadow Ball 1181EP181* Morty's Gengar* Gengar
248 TM Psychic VI Future Sight 1156EP156 Cherry's Girafarig Girafarig
249 TM Fighting VI Rock Smash 1269EP269 Gary's Nidoqueen Nidoqueen
250 TM Water VI Whirlpool 1204EP204** Pietra's Rhydon** Rhydon
251 TM Dark VI Beat Up SNN/A
252 TM Normal VI Fake Out 3177DP177 Zoey's Glameow Glameow
253 TM Normal VI Uproar 2138AG138 Mitch Mitchum's Loudred Loudred
254 TM Normal VI Stockpile 2065AG065 Multiple wild Gulpin Gulpin
255 TM Normal VI Spit Up 2065AG065 Multiple wild Gulpin Gulpin
256 TM Normal VI Swallow 2122AG122 Anthony's Swalot Swalot
257 TM Fire VI Heat Wave 2128AG128 Clark's Charizard Charizard
258 TM Ice VI Hail 3187DP187 Paul's Froslass Froslass
259 TM Dark VI Torment 2123AG123 Harley's Banette Banette
260 TM Dark VI Flatter 4090BW090 Caitlin's Gothitelle Gothitelle
261 TM Fire VI Will-O-Wisp 2061AG061* Timmy Grimm's Dusclops* Dusclops
262 TM Dark VI Memento SNN/A
263 TM Normal VI Facade 2158AG158 Lucy's Milotic Milotic
264 TM Fighting VI Focus Punch 2030AG030* Shauna's Meditite* Meditite
265 TM Normal VI Smelling Salts SNN/A
266 TM Normal VI Follow Me SNN/A
267 TM Normal VI Nature Power SNN/A
268 TM Electric VI Charge 2059AG059 Wattson's Manectric Manectric
269 TM Dark VI Taunt SNN/A
270 TM Normal VI Helping Hand 2038AG038 Thatcher's Plusle
Thatcher's Minun
271 TM Psychic VI Trick 2141AG141 Rhonda's Mr. Mime Mr. Mime
272 TM Psychic VI Role Play SNN/A
273 TM Normal VI Wish SNN/A
274 TM Normal VI Assist 2053AG053 May's Skitty Skitty
275 TM Grass VI Ingrain 2122AG122 A Coordinator's Sunflora Sunflora
276 TM Fighting VI Superpower 3145DP145 Khoury's Totodile Totodile
277 TM Psychic VI Magic Coat SNN/A
278 TM Normal VI Recycle SNN/A
279 TM Fighting VI Revenge 3052DP052 Conway's Heracross Heracross
280 TM Fighting VI Brick Break 2131AG131 Tyson's Hariyama Hariyama
281 TM Normal VI Yawn 2056AG056 Flannery's Meg Slugma
282 TM Dark VI Knock Off 2020AG020 Brawly's Hariyama Hariyama
283 TM Normal VI Endeavor SNN/A
284 TM Fire VI Eruption 2046AG046 Vicky Winstrate's Camerupt Camerupt
285 TM Psychic VI Skill Swap SNN/A
286 TM Psychic VI Imprison SNN/A
287 TM Normal VI Refresh 2134AG134 Misty's Azurill Azurill
288 TM Ghost VI Grudge SNN/A
289 TM Dark VI Snatch SNN/A
290 TM Normal VI Secret Power 2027AG027*
Keanu's Nincada*
Zoey's Glameow*
291 TM Water VI Dive SNN/A
292 TM Fighting VI Arm Thrust 2020AG020 Brawly's Makuhita Makuhita
293 TM Normal VI Camouflage 4032BW032 Cilan's Stunfisk Stunfisk
294 TM Bug VI Tail Glow 2042AG042 Romeo's Beat
Romeo's Volbeat
295 TM Psychic VI Luster Purge 3189DP189 Tobias's Latios Latios
296 TM Psychic VI Mist Ball SNN/A
297 TM Flying VI Feather Dance 2182AG182 Solidad's Pidgeot Pidgeot
298 TM Normal VI Teeter Dance 2058AG058 Claire and Kain's Spinda Spinda
299 TM Fire VI Blaze Kick 1272EP272 Harrison's Blaziken Blaziken
300 TM Ground VI Mud Sport 2110AG110 Juan's Barboach Barboach
301 TM Ice VI Ice Ball 2096AG096 Rocky's Walrein Walrein
302 TM Grass VI Needle Arm 2025AG025 James's Cacnea Cacnea
303 TM Normal VI Slack Off SNN/A
304 TM Normal VI Hyper Voice 2039AG039 Alanna's Whismur Whismur
305 TM Poison VI Poison Fang 3187DP187 Paul's Drapion Drapion
306 TM Normal VI Crush Claw 2048AG048 Nicholai's Zangoose Zangoose
307 TM Fire VI Blast Burn S029* Alain's Charizard Charizard
308 TM Water VI Hydro Cannon 3045DP045 Gary's Blastoise Blastoise
309 TM Steel VI Meteor Mash 2130AG130 Morrison's Metang Metang
310 TM Ghost VI Astonish 2091AG091 James's Chimecho Chimecho
311 TM Normal VI Weather Ball 2083AG083 Bart's Castform Castform
312 TM Grass VI Aromatherapy 2052AG052 Sheridan's Vileplume
Sheridan's Roselia
313 TM Dark VI Fake Tears 2156AG156** Brock's Bonsly** Bonsly
314 TM Flying VI Air Cutter 2052AG054 Tabitha's Golbat
Team Magma Grunt's Golbat
315 TM Fire VI Overheat 2056AG056 Flannery's Torkoal Torkoal
316 TM Normal VI Odor Sleuth 4102BW102* Davy's Stoutland* Stoutland
317 TM Rock VI Rock Tomb 2016AG016 Roxanne's Nosepass Nosepass
318 TM Bug VI Silver Wind 2033AG033 May's Beautifly Beautifly
319 TM Steel VI Metal Sound 3186DP186 Paul's Aggron Aggron
320 TM Grass VI Grass Whistle 3048DP048 Nando's Sunflora Sunflora
321 TM Normal VI Tickle 2111AG111 Juan's Whiscash Whiscash
322 TM Psychic VI Cosmic Power SNN/A
323 TM Water VI Water Spout 2124AG124 Robin's Wailord Wailord
324 TM Bug VI Signal Beam 2042AG042 Romeo's Beat
Romeo's Volbeat
325 TM Ghost VI Shadow Punch 2061AG061 Timmy Grimm's Dusclops Dusclops
326 TM Psychic VI Extrasensory 3151DP151 A wild Azelf Azelf
327 TM Fighting VI Sky Uppercut 2082AG082 May's Combusken Combusken
328 TM Ground VI Sand Tomb 2128AG128 Katie's Dugtrio Dugtrio
329 TM Ice VI Sheer Cold 2180AG180 Solidad's Lapras Lapras
330 TM Water VI Muddy Water 3097DP097 Cynthia's Gastrodon Gastrodon
331 TM Grass VI Bullet Seed 2037AG037* Multiple wild Seedot* Seedot
332 TM Flying VI Aerial Ace 2085AG085 Winona's Swellow Swellow
333 TM Ice VI Icicle Spear 3123DP123 A Coordinator's Shellder Shellder
334 TM Steel VI Iron Defense 2056AG056 Flannery's Torkoal Torkoal
335 TM Normal VI Block SNN/A
336 TM Normal VI Howl SNN/A
337 TM Dragon VI Dragon Claw 2098AG098* Lance's Dragonite* Dragonite
338 TM Grass VI Frenzy Plant 2151AG151 Jeremy's Venusaur Venusaur
339 TM Fighting VI Bulk Up 3083DP083 Crasher Wake's Floatzel Floatzel
340 TM Flying VI Bounce 2091AG091 Kelly's Grumpig Grumpig
341 TM Ground VI Mud Shot 2032AG032 Tommy's Swampert Swampert
342 TM Poison VI Poison Tail 2008AG008 Jessie's Seviper Seviper
343 TM Normal VI Covet SNN/A
344 TM Electric VI Volt Tackle 2150AG150 Ash's Pikachu Pikachu
345 TM Grass VI Magical Leaf 2033AG033 Drew's Roselia Roselia
346 TM Water VI Water Sport SNN/A
347 TM Psychic VI Calm Mind SNN/A
348 TM Grass VI Leaf Blade 2041AG041 Natasha's Grovyle Grovyle
349 TM Dragon VI Dragon Dance SNN/A
350 TM Rock VI Rock Blast 2102AG102 A wild Armaldo Armaldo
351 TM Electric VI Shock Wave 2078AG078 Savannah's Lairon Lairon
352 TM Water VI Water Pulse 2018AG018 A Team Aqua Grunt's Crawdaunt Crawdaunt
353 TM Steel VI Doom Desire F06* Jirachi Jirachi
354 TM Psychic VI Psycho Boost 2171AG171* A wild Deoxys* Deoxys
355 TM Flying VI Roost SNN/A
356 TM Psychic VI Gravity SNN/A
357 TM Psychic VI Miracle Eye SNN/A
358 TM Fighting VI Wake-Up Slap SNN/A
359 TM Fighting VI Hammer Arm 3050DP050 An unknown Trainer's Rhydon Rhydon
360 TM Steel VI Gyro Ball 3035DP035 Lucian's Bronzong Bronzong
361 TM Psychic VI Healing Wish 4132BW132 A wild Jirachi Jirachi
362 TM Water VI Brine 3078DP078 A Coordinator's Wailmer Wailmer
363 TM Normal VI Natural Gift SNN/A
364 TM Normal VI Feint 3052DP052 Conway's Heracross Heracross
365 TM Flying VI Pluck 4043BW043 A wild Mandibuzz Mandibuzz
366 TM Flying VI Tailwind SNN/A
367 TM Normal VI Acupressure SNN/A
368 TM Steel VI Metal Burst 3108DP108 Byron's Bastiodon Bastiodon
369 TM Bug VI U-turn SNN/A
370 TM Fighting VI Close Combat 3101DP101* Barry's Staraptor* Staraptor
371 TM Dark VI Payback SNN/A
372 TM Dark VI Assurance SNN/A
373 TM Dark VI Embargo SNN/A
374 TM Dark VI Fling 4072BW072 Bianca's Emboar Emboar
375 TM Psychic VI Psycho Shift SNN/A
376 TM Normal VI Trump Card 4108BW108 Virgil's Eevee Eevee
377 TM Psychic VI Heal Block SNN/A
378 TM Normal VI Wring Out SNN/A
379 TM Psychic VI Power Trick 3185DP185 Conway's Shuckle Shuckle
380 TM Poison VI Gastro Acid SNN/A
381 TM Normal VI Lucky Chant 3176DP176 Zoey's Mismagius Mismagius
382 TM Normal VI Me First SNN/A
383 TM Normal VI Copycat 4104BW104 Cameron's Riolu Riolu
384 TM Psychic VI Power Swap SNN/A
385 TM Psychic VI Guard Swap SNN/A
386 TM Dark VI Punishment 4095BW095 Nursery's Vullaby Vullaby
387 TM Normal VI Last Resort SNN/A
388 TM Grass VI Worry Seed SNN/A
389 TM Dark VI Sucker Punch SNN/A
390 TM Poison VI Toxic Spikes 3187DP187 Paul's Drapion Drapion
391 TM Psychic VI Heart Swap F09* Manaphy Manaphy
392 TM Water VI Aqua Ring 3075DP075 Wallace's Milotic Milotic
393 TM Electric VI Magnet Rise 3051DP051 A Psychic's Metagross Metagross
394 TM Fire VI Flare Blitz 3165DP165 Flint's Infernape Infernape
395 TM Fighting VI Force Palm 3067DP067 Maylene's Lucario Lucario
396 TM Fighting VI Aura Sphere 3066DP066* Maylene's Lucario* Lucario
397 TM Rock VI Rock Polish 3061DP061 A Coordinator's Steelix Steelix
398 TM Poison VI Poison Jab 3008DP008 Brock's Croagunk Croagunk
399 TM Dark VI Dark Pulse 3056DP056* A wild Spiritomb* Spiritomb
400 TM Dark VI Night Slash 3100DP100 Paul's Honchkrow Honchkrow
401 TM Water VI Aqua Tail 3041DP041 Marina's Wani Wani Feraligatr
402 TM Grass VI Seed Bomb 4070BW070* Angus's Simisage* Simisage
403 TM Flying VI Air Slash 3052DP052 Holly's Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
404 TM Bug VI X-Scissor 3049DP049 Nando's Kricketune Kricketune
405 TM Bug VI Bug Buzz 3176DP176 Nando's Kricketune Kricketune
406 TM Dragon VI Dragon Pulse 3075DP075 Wallace's Milotic Milotic
407 TM Dragon VI Dragon Rush 3040DP040 Cynthia's Garchomp Garchomp
408 TM Rock VI Power Gem 3032DP032 A wild Vespiquen Vespiquen
409 TM Fighting VI Drain Punch 3054DP054 James's Cacnea Cacnea
410 TM Fighting VI Vacuum Wave 3082DP082 Nurse Joy's Chrissy Croagunk
411 TM Fighting VI Focus Blast 3051DP051 Paul's Ursaring Ursaring
412 TM Grass VI Energy Ball 3060DP060 Kenny's Breloom Breloom
413 TM Flying VI Brave Bird 3066DP066 Reggie's Staraptor Staraptor
414 TM Ground VI Earth Power 3058DP058 Alan's Probopass Probopass
415 TM Dark VI Switcheroo SNN/A
416 TM Normal VI Giga Impact 3017DP017 Dr. Kenzo's Aerodactyl Aerodactyl
417 TM Dark VI Nasty Plot SNN/A
418 TM Steel VI Bullet Punch 3051DP051 A Psychic's Metagross Metagross
419 TM Ice VI Avalanche SNN/A
420 TM Ice VI Ice Shard 3063DP063* Leona's Swinub* Swinub
421 TM Ghost VI Shadow Claw 3012DP012 Zoey's Glameow Glameow
422 TM Electric VI Thunder Fang 3059DP059 Marble's Luxray Luxray
423 TM Ice VI Ice Fang 3083DP083 Crasher Wake's Floatzel Floatzel
424 TM Fire VI Fire Fang 3065DP065 Cassidy's Granbull Granbull
425 TM Ghost VI Shadow Sneak SNN/A
426 TM Ground VI Mud Bomb 3041DP041 Zoey's Shellos Shellos
427 TM Psychic VI Psycho Cut 3177DP177 Zoey's Gallade Gallade
428 TM Psychic VI Zen Headbutt 3014DP014 Roark's Cranidos Cranidos
429 TM Steel VI Mirror Shot 4079BW079* Brycen's Vanillish* Vanillish
430 TM Steel VI Flash Cannon 3035DP035 Lucian's Bronzong Bronzong
431 TM Normal VI Rock Climb 3121DP121 Ash's Grotle Grotle
432 TM Flying VI Defog 4021BW021* Officer Jenny's Swanna* Swanna
433 TM Psychic VI Trick Room 3185DP185 Conway's Dusknoir Dusknoir
434 TM Dragon VI Draco Meteor 3152DP152* Cynthia's Garchomp* Garchomp
435 TM Electric VI Discharge 3019DP019 Dawn's Pachirisu Pachirisu
436 TM Fire VI Lava Plume 3050DP050 An unknown Trainer's Magmar Magmar
437 TM Grass VI Leaf Storm 3031DP031 Gardenia's Turtwig Turtwig
438 TM Grass VI Power Whip 3134DP134 A wild Tangrowth Tangrowth
439 TM Rock VI Rock Wrecker 3141DP141 Palmer's Rhyperior Rhyperior
440 TM Poison VI Cross Poison 3020DP020 J's Drapion Drapion
441 TM Poison VI Gunk Shot 4084BW084 Roxie's Garbodor Garbodor
442 TM Steel VI Iron Head 3057DP057 Head engineer's Aggron Aggron
443 TM Steel VI Magnet Bomb 3058DP058 Alan's Probopass Probopass
444 TM Rock VI Stone Edge 3097DP097 Cynthia's Gastrodon Gastrodon
445 TM Normal VI Captivate 3114DP114 Ursula's Wormadam Wormadam
446 TM Rock VI Stealth Rock 3015DP015 Roark's Onix Onix
447 TM Grass VI Leaf Storm 3037DP037 Gardenia's Roserade Roserade
448 TM Flying VI Chatter SNN/A
449 TM Normal VI Judgment F12* Arceus Arceus
450 TM Bug VI Bug Bite 4018BW018 Ash's Sewaddle Sewaddle
451 TM Electric VI Charge Beam 3059DP059 Marble's Luxray Luxray
452 TM Grass VI Wood Hammer 3127DP127 Candice's Abomasnow Abomasnow
453 TM Water VI Aqua Jet 3034DP034 Ash's Buizel Buizel
454 TM Bug VI Attack Order 3032DP032 A wild Vespiquen Vespiquen
455 TM Bug VI Defend Order SNN/A
456 TM Bug VI Heal Order SNN/A
457 TM Rock VI Head Smash 3016DP016 Roark's Cranidos Cranidos
458 TM Normal VI Double Hit 3060DP060 Dawn's Aipom Aipom
459 TM Dragon VI Roar of Time 3152DP152* A wild Dialga controlled
by Cyrus
460 TM Dragon VI Spacial Rend 3152DP152* A wild Palkia controlled
by Cyrus
461 TM Psychic VI Lunar Dance SNN/A
462 TM Normal VI Crush Grip F11* A wild Regigigas Regigigas
463 TM Fire VI Magma Storm 3169DP169 A wild Heatran Heatran
464 TM Dark VI Dark Void 3189DP189* Tobias's Darkrai* Darkrai
465 TM Grass VI Seed Flare 3168DP168* A wild Shaymin* Shaymin
466 TM Ghost VI Ominous Wind 3093DP093 Fantina's Drifloon Drifloon
467 TM Ghost VI Shadow Force F11* Giratina Giratina
468 TM Dark VI Hone Claws SNN/A
469 TM Rock VI Wide Guard SNN/A
470 TM Psychic VI Guard Split SNN/A
471 TM Psychic VI Power Split SNN/A
472 TM Psychic VI Wonder Room SNN/A
473 TM Psychic VI Psyshock 4035BW035 Christie's Gothita Gothita
474 TM Poison VI Venoshock 4084BW084 Roxie's Garbodor Garbodor
475 TM Steel VI Autotomize SNN/A
476 TM Bug VI Rage Powder SNN/A
477 TM Psychic VI Telekinesis 4030BW030 Professor Icarus's Elgyem Elgyem
478 TM Psychic VI Magic Room SNN/A
479 TM Rock VI Smack Down 4011BW011 A wild Dwebble Dwebble
480 TM Fighting VI Storm Throw SNN/A
481 TM Fire VI Flame Burst 4077BW077 Shamus's Heatmor Heatmor
482 TM Poison VI Sludge Wave 4106BW106 Ash's Palpitoad Palpitoad
483 TM Bug VI Quiver Dance SNN/A
484 TM Steel VI Heavy Slam 4097BW097 Ridley's Golurk Golurk
485 TM Psychic VI Synchronoise SNN/A
486 TM Electric VI Electro Ball 4017BW017 A wild Galvantula Galvantula
487 TM Water VI Soak SNN/A
488 TM Fire VI Flame Charge 4013BW013 Bianca's Pignite Pignite
489 TM Poison VI Coil SNN/A
490 TM Fighting VI Low Sweep 4031BW031*
Trip's Timburr*
Stephan's Sawk*
491 TM Poison VI Acid Spray 4105BW105 A wild Garbodor Garbodor
492 TM Dark VI Foul Play 5004XY004 James's Inkay Inkay
493 TM Normal VI Simple Beam SNN/A
494 TM Normal VI Entrainment SNN/A
495 TM Normal VI After You SNN/A
496 TM Normal VI Round 4024BW024 Multiple wild Swoobat Swoobat
497 TM Normal VI Echoed Voice SNN/A
498 TM Normal VI Chip Away SNN/A
499 TM Poison VI Clear Smog 4055BW055 A wild Garbodor Garbodor
500 TM Psychic VI Stored Power SNN/A
501 TM Fighting VI Quick Guard 4046BW046 Cliff's Mienfoo Mienfoo
502 TM Psychic VI Ally Switch SNN/A
503 TM Water VI Scald 4020BW020 A wild Ducklett Ducklett
504 TM Normal VI Shell Smash 4011BW011 Cilan's Dwebble Dwebble
505 TM Psychic VI Heal Pulse 4022BW022 Nurse Joy's Audino Audino
506 TM Ghost VI Hex 4010BW010 Trip's Frillish Frillish
507 TM Flying VI Sky Drop SNN/A
508 TM Steel VI Shift Gear SNN/A
509 TM Fighting VI Circle Throw 4071BW071 Montgomery's Throh Throh
510 TM Fire VI Incinerate SNN/A
511 TM Dark VI Quash SNN/A
512 TM Flying VI Acrobatics 4050BW050 Elesa's Emolga Emolga
513 TM Normal VI Reflect Type SNN/A
514 TM Normal VI Retaliate SNN/A
515 TM Fighting VI Final Gambit SNN/A
516 TM Normal VI Bestow SNN/A
517 TM Fire VI Inferno 4026BW026 A wild Lampent Lampent
518 TM Water VI Water Pledge SNN/A
519 TM Fire VI Fire Pledge 4077BW077 Ash's Pignite Pignite
520 TM Grass VI Grass Pledge SNN/A
521 TM Electric VI Volt Switch 4024BW024 Iris's Emolga Emolga
522 TM Bug VI Struggle Bug 4057BW057 Charles's Accelgor Accelgor
523 TM Ground VI Bulldoze 5009XY009 Clemont's Heliolisk Heliolisk
524 TM Ice VI Frost Breath 4079BW079 Brycen's Cryogonal Cryogonal
525 TM Dragon VI Dragon Tail 4071BW071 Gail's Druddigon Druddigon
526 TM Normal VI Work Up 4010BW010 Trip's Tranquill Tranquill
527 TM Electric VI Electroweb 4017BW017 A wild Galvantula Galvantula
528 TM Electric VI Wild Charge 4049BW049 Elesa's Zebstrika Zebstrika
529 TM Ground VI Drill Run 4009BW009 Iris's Excadrill Excadrill
530 TM Dragon VI Dual Chop 4101BW101 A Fraxure Iris borrowed from
the Opelucid Trainers' School
531 TM Psychic VI Heart Stamp 5050XY050 Nini's Smoochum Smoochum
532 TM Grass VI Horn Leech 4019BW019 Burgundy's Sawsbuck Sawsbuck
533 TM Fighting VI Sacred Sword F15* Virizion Virizion
534 TM Water VI Razor Shell 4004BW004 An unknown Trainer's Dewott Dewott
535 TM Fire VI Heat Crash 4013BW013 Bianca's Pignite Pignite
536 TM Grass VI Leaf Tornado 4001BW001 Trip's Snivy Snivy
537 TM Bug VI Steamroller 4023BW023 Burgh's Whirlipede Whirlipede
538 TM Grass VI Cotton Guard 4029BW029 A wild Cottonee Cottonee
539 TM Dark VI Night Daze 4038BW038* Luke's Zorua* Zorua
540 TM Psychic VI Psystrike F16* Mewtwo Mewtwo
541 TM Normal VI Tail Slap 4098BW098 Moira's Cinccino Cinccino
542 TM Flying VI Hurricane 4059BW059 A wild Tornadus Tornadus
543 TM Normal VI Head Charge 4031BW031 Alder's Bouffalant Bouffalant
544 TM Steel VI Gear Grind SNN/A
545 TM Fire VI Searing Shot F14* Victini Victini
546 TM Normal VI Techno Blast F16* Red Genesect Genesect
547 TM Normal VI Relic Song 4087BW087* A wild Meloetta Meloetta
548 TM Fighting VI Secret Sword F15* Keldeo Keldeo
549 TM Ice VI Glaciate SNN/A
550 TM Electric VI Bolt Strike F14* Zekrom Zekrom
551 TM Fire VI Blue Flare 4122BW122* A wild Reshiram* Reshiram
552 TM Fire VI Fiery Dance SNN/A
553 TM Ice VI Freeze Shock F15* Kyurem Kyurem
554 TM Ice VI Ice Burn F15* Kyurem Kyurem
555 TM Dark VI Snarl SNN/A
556 TM Ice VI Icicle Crash 4033BW033 Georgia's Beartic Beartic
557 TM Fire VI V-create F14* Victini Victini
558 TM Fire VI Fusion Flare 4122BW122* A wild Reshiram* Reshiram
559 TM Electric VI Fusion Bolt F14* Zekrom Zekrom
560 TM Fighting VI Flying Press 5035XY035 Ash's Hawlucha Hawlucha
561 TM Fighting VI Mat Block SNN/A
562 TM Poison VI Belch SNN/A
563 TM Ground VI Rototiller SNN/A
564 TM Bug VI Sticky Web 5005XY005 Viola's Surskit Surskit
565 TM Bug VI Fell Stinger SNN/A
566 TM Ghost VI Phantom Force SNN/A
567 TM Ghost VI Trick-or-Treat SNN/A
568 TM Normal VI Noble Roar SNN/A
569 TM Electric VI Ion Deluge SNN/A
570 TM Electric VI Parabolic Charge 4134BW134 Alexa's Helioptile Helioptile
571 TM Grass VI Forest's Curse SNN/A
572 TM Grass VI Petal Blizzard 5069XY069 A wild Florges Florges
573 TM Ice VI Freeze-Dry SNN/A
574 TM Fairy Disarming Voice 5073XY074 Valerie's Sylveon Sylveon
575 TM Dark VI Parting Shot SNN/A
576 TM Dark VI Topsy-Turvy SNN/A
577 TM Fairy Draining Kiss 5013XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
578 TM Fairy Crafty Shield SNN/A
579 TM Fairy Flower Shield SNN/A
580 TM Grass VI Grassy Terrain 5069XY069 A wild Florges Florges
581 TM Fairy Misty Terrain PK025* A wild Sylveon Sylveon
582 TM Electric VI Electrify SNN/A
583 TM Fairy Play Rough SNN/A
584 TM Fairy Fairy Wind 5013XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
585 TM Fairy Moonblast 5013XY013 Penelope's Sylveon Sylveon
586 TM Normal VI Boomburst 4137BW137 Alexa's Noivern Noivern
587 TM Fairy Fairy Lock SNN/A
588 TM Steel VI King's Shield SNN/A
589 TM Normal VI Play Nice SNN/A
590 TM Normal VI Confide SNN/A
591 TM Rock VI Diamond Storm SNN/A
592 TM Water VI Steam Eruption SNN/A
593 TM Psychic VI Hyperspace Hole SNN/A
594 TM Water VI Water Shuriken 5052XY052* Sanpei's Greninja* Greninja
595 TM Fire VI Mystical Fire 5064XY064* Aria's Delphox* Delphox
596 TM Grass VI Spiky Shield F17* Millis's Chesnaught Chesnaught
597 TM Fairy Aromatic Mist SNN/A
598 TM Electric VI Eerie Impulse SNN/A
599 TM Poison VI Venom Drench SNN/A
600 TM Bug VI Powder SNN/A
601 TM Fairy Geomancy F17* Xerneas Xerneas
602 TM Electric VI Magnetic Flux SNN/A
603 TM Normal VI Happy Hour SNN/A
604 TM Electric VI Electric Terrain 5062XY062 Clemont's Luxray Luxray
605 TM Fairy Dazzling Gleam 5073XY073 Valerie's Spritzee Spritzee
606 TM Normal VI Celebrate SNN/A
607 TM Normal VI Hold Hands SNN/A
608 TM Fairy Baby-Doll Eyes SNN/A
609 TM Electric VI Nuzzle 5004XY004 Clemont's Dedenne Dedenne
610 TM Normal VI Hold Back SNN/A
611 TM Bug VI Infestation SNN/A
612 TM Fighting VI Power-Up Punch 5030XY030* Korrina's Lucario* Lucario
613 TM Flying VI Oblivion Wing F17* Yveltal Yveltal
614 TM Ground VI Thousand Arrows SNN/A
615 TM Ground VI Thousand Waves SNN/A
616 TM Ground VI Land's Wrath SNN/A
617 TM Fairy Light of Ruin SNN/A
618 TM Water VI Origin Pulse S032* A wild Kyogre Kyogre
619 TM Ground VI Precipice Blades S032* A wild Groudon Groudon
620 TM Flying VI Dragon Ascent S031* A wild Rayquaza Rayquaza
621 TM Dark VI Hyperspace Fury SNN/A

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