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List of locations by index number (Generation II)

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Each location in the Generation II games has its own identification number used internally by the game.

These index numbers and names are used by Pokémon Crystal's Poké Seer in Cianwood City.

  • For all index values not marked N/A in the table below, she simply says, "Hm… I see you met <Pokémon> here: <location>!"
    • Any index values not included in the table below use the same response, but since they do not have valid strings associated with them, the location name will be gibberish.
  • Index numbers 0x00, 0x7E, and 0xFE cause the seer to say, "Whaaaat? I can't tell a thing! How could I not know of this?".
  • Index numbers 0x7F and 0xFF cause the seer to say, "What!? Incredible! I don't how understand how, but it is incredible! You are special. I can't tell where you met it, but it was at level <level>. Am I good or what?"

Index numbers 0x60-0x7D and 0xE0-0xFD are invalid.

Hex Location
00 N/A
01 New Bark Town
02 Route 29
03 Cherrygrove City
04 Route 30
05 Route 31
06 Violet City
07 Sprout Tower
08 Route 32
09 Ruins of Alph
0A Union Cave
0B Route 33
0C Azalea Town
0D Slowpoke Well
0E Ilex Forest
0F Route 34
10 Goldenrod City
11 Radio Tower
12 Route 35
13 National Park
14 Route 36
15 Route 37
16 Ecruteak City
17 Tin Tower
18 Burned Tower
19 Route 38
1A Route 39
1B Olivine City
1C Lighthouse
1D Battle Tower
1E Route 40
1F Whirl Islands
20 Route 41
21 Cianwood City
22 Route 42
23 Mt. Mortar
24 Mahogany Town
25 Route 43
26 Lake of Rage
27 Route 44
28 Ice Path
29 Blackthorn City
2A Dragon's Den
2B Route 45
2C Dark Cave
2D Route 46
2E Silver Cave
2F Pallet Town
30 Route 1
31 Viridian City
32 Route 2
33 Pewter City
34 Route 3
35 Mt. Moon
36 Route 4
37 Cerulean City
38 Route 24
39 Route 25
3A Route 5
3B Underground
3C Route 6
3D Vermilion City
3E Diglett's Cave
3F Route 7
40 Route 8
41 Route 9
42 Rock Tunnel
43 Route 10
44 Power Plant
45 Lavender Town
46 Lav Radio Tower
47 Celadon City
48 Saffron City
49 Route 11
4A Route 12
4B Route 13
4C Route 14
4D Route 15
4E Route 16
4F Route 17
50 Route 18
51 Fuchsia City
52 Route 19
53 Route 20
54 Seafoam Islands
55 Cinnabar Island
56 Route 21
57 Route 22
58 Victory Road
59 Route 23
5A Indigo Plateau
5B Route 26
5C Route 27
5D Tohjo Falls
5E Route 28
5F Fast Ship
7E N/A
7F N/A
80 "Unknown"
81 Same as 0x01
... Same...
DF Same as 0x5F

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