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This is a list of monthly issues of the Pokémon Adventures manga. These monthly A4 size comic books were released by VIZ Media before the release of the collected volumes, as this format was more popular for American or Japanese comics in the early 2000s, before readers began to prefer collected volumes or monthly manga magazines.

While the English versions of these manga books have been translated into other languages worldwide, they are not available in Japan or Singapore.

List of Pokémon Adventures monthly issues

Red, Green & Blue chapter

Part one

Cover VIZ Media
Mysterious Mew Mysterious Mew ISBN 1569313873 October 6, 1999
Wanted: Pikachu Wanted: Pikachu ISBN 1569313881 November 5, 1999
Starmie Surprise Starmie Surprise ISBN 156931389X December 6, 1999
The Snorlax Stop The Snorlax Stop ISBN 156931408X December 1999
The Gastly Ghosts The Gastly Ghosts ISBN 1569314098 January 1, 2000

Part two

Cover VIZ Media
Team Rocket Returns Team Rocket Returns ISBN Unknown 2000
The Hunt for Eevee The Hunt for Eevee ISBN Unknown 2000
The Nidoking Safari The Nidoking Safari ISBN 1569315086 2000
Mission: Magmar Mission: Magmar ISBN Unknown 2000
The Dangerous Dragonite The Dangerous Dragonite ISBN Unknown 2000
The Mythical Moltres The Mythical Moltres ISBN Unknown 2000

Part three

Cover VIZ Media
The Impassable Mr. Mime The Impassable Mr. Mime ISBN 1569315604 2000
The Articuno Ambush The Articuno Ambush ISBN Unknown 2000
Saffron City Showdown Saffron City Showdown ISBN Unknown 2000
Master Mewtwo Master Mewtwo ISBN Unknown 2000
Return to Viridian Gym Return to Viridian Gym ISBN Unknown 2000
The Pikachu Maneuver The Pikachu Maneuver ISBN Unknown 2000
The Final Challenge! The Final Challenge! ISBN Unknown 2000

Yellow chapter

Part four

Cover VIZ Media
Pikachu's New Partner Pikachu's New Partner ISBN 1569317100 2001
The Ice Cage The Ice Cage ISBN 1569315620 2001
The Gym Leaders' Alliance The Gym Leaders' Alliance ISBN 1569315639 2001
Blue Returns Blue Returns ISBN 1569315647 2001

Part five

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Cover VIZ Media
To Catch A Caterpie To Catch A Caterpie ISBN 1569316791 2001
The S.S. Ann Adventure The S.S. Ann Adventure ISBN 1569317232 2001
Evolution Action Evolution Action ISBN 1569317240 2001
Dratini Of The Deep Dratini Of The Deep ISBN 1569317259 2001
The Seafoam Encounter The Seafoam Encounter ISBN 1569317267 2001
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted ISBN 1591160111 2001
Agatha's Arbok Agatha's Arbok ISBN 159116012X 2002
Best Enemies Best Enemies ISBN 1591160138 2002
Shadowboxing Gengar Shadowboxing Gengar ISBN 1591160294 2002
Mewtwo Meets Its Match Mewtwo Meets Its Match ISBN 1569317534 2002
Yellow Beginnings Yellow Beginnings ISBN 1569317984 2002
Bruno's Battle Bruno's Battle ISBN 1569318034 2002
Lance's Charge Lance's Charge ISBN 1569318042 2002
Primary Colors Primary Colors ISBN 1569318425 2002

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