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List of Mystery Dungeon characters

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The following is a list of characters that appeared in the Mystery Dungeon games, listed by game in chronological order of its release.


Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team


Absol is first shown to be watching the player from a distance while travelling to Frosty Forest. After the player's team defeats Articuno, Absol stops Articuno from attacking them a second time, revealing that the player is not the cause of the impending disaster. Absol urges the player's team to focus on stopping the frequent calamities, warning that if they don't, worse things will happen. After this, Absol joins the player's Rescue Team to help prevent the disasters. Upon this, Darkness Ridge is given to the player.


Articuno attacks the player and partner when they reach the end of Frosty Grotto, accusing them of causing disasters. Absol steps in to Articuno that the partner's accounts of similar disasters occurring all over is true. Articuno believes Absol, and lets the player and partner continue on. It can be recruited once the game has been completed.


Bellsprout is usually found by Pelipper Post Office next to the notice board. It is occasionally seen around Pokémon Square, such as when Whiscash recounts the Ninetales legend and before the player's Team becomes fugitives.


Butterfree is one of the first Pokémon shown in the game, being the first one to ask the player's help to rescue her baby Caterpie from the bottom of Tiny Woods.


Main article: Caterpie (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Caterpie is the first Pokémon rescued by the player and their partner, when it falls into Tiny Woods. After this, Caterpie makes appearances around town, later appearing to ask the team to save his friend, Metapod. Team Meanies appears, saying that if they rescue Metapod, Caterpie will have to join their team. The player's team rescues Metapod, and Caterpie starts showing interest in joining the player's team. Caterpie is one of the Pokémon to wish the player and the partner luck before they leave as fugitives. Caterpie also helps build the player's Team Base. After this, Caterpie can be found near Whiscash Pond.


Celebi is found at the end of Purity Forest. It will automatically ask to join the team without battling.


Deoxys is found in a strange cave discovered by Blastoise while he was going for a swim.


Diglett is the third Pokémon rescued by the team. He is carried away by a Skarmory who blames him and his father for causing earthquakes, prompting the player's team to fight it. Diglett sees the player off once they become a fugitive. Later, Diglett and his father are found near Pelipper Post Office.


Dugtrio is Diglett's father. He comes to the player's team one morning and tells them that his son has been away carried by a Skarmory. After Diglett's rescue, the two are usually found near Pelipper Post Office. He has a tendency of exaggerating his abilities to his son, claiming that he has been to sea.


Main article: Gardevoir (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Gardevoir first appears in the player's dreams, giving them information. Later, it is revealed that Gardevoir took a curse laid upon its master, who pulled the tail of Ninetales. This caused Gardevoir to be sealed away. The player helps Gengar free Gardevoir from the curse, erasing all memories from before the curse. Gardevoir offers to join the player's team the next day.


Gulpin runs the Gulpin Link Shop.


Main article: Granbull (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

During the main storyline, Granbull is a Snubbull as Pokémon cannot evolve with all of the disasters going on. As a Snubbull, it is found around Pokémon Square. However, after the player's team defeats Rayquaza, Snubbull discovers a cave, which makes it evolve into a Granbull. Initially it is shocked, but soon adapts to its evolved form.


Jirachi is found at the end of Wish Cave. If the player has a Wish Stone, it may grant the player a wish, such as lots of money or a free Friend Area. If the player does not request a wish, Jirachi will offer to join the player's team.


Two Jumpluff are seen during the storyline. The first one is seen pleading to Shiftry to help save its friend, who is also a Jumpluff. The same one later comes to the team for help when Shiftry doesn't return, and they must go to Silent Chasm. Here, it is shown that the other Jumpluff is safe, but that Shiftry is in trouble for breaking a cloud with Zapdos in it. They remain in Pokémon Square for a time. They come to see the player and the partner off before they go on the run as fugitives.


Kangaskhan runs Kangaskhan Storage, which stores all of the player's items. Like a Kangaskhan is very protective of their children, she is very protective of the player's items, accusing Kecleon of being negligent when he is robbed by Latios.

Kecleon Brothers

The Kecleon Brothers run the item shop in Pokémon Square. The younger brother is a regular coloration and sells items such as food, throwing items, and equipment, while the older brother is purple and sells Wonder Orbs, TMs, and Keys.


Latias is injured and falls into Pitfall Valley. As requested by her brother Latios, the player rescues her using the Teleport Gem. After this is done, both Latias and Latios join the player's team.


Latios is first seen stealing from the Kecleon shop. After being found in Northern Range, he tells the team that he is trying to save his sister Latias. After she is saved, the two will join the team.

Legendary Beasts

The legendary beasts must each be battled during the search for Ho-Oh. Entei, in the Fiery Field, is first and upon defeat turns the Clear Wing into the Red Wing. Raikou, in the Lightning Field, is second and turns the Red Wing into the Sunset Wing upon defeat. Suicune, in the Northwind Field, is last and upon defeat turns the Sunset Wing into the Rainbow Wing, which can then be used to reach Ho-Oh at Mt. Faraway.


Main article: Lombre (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Lombre is one of the Pokémon in Pokémon Square.


Magnemite is the target of the second rescue mission in the game. Two Magnemite have become stuck together and get lost in Thunderwave Cave, and must be rescued by the player. A third waits outside while the player does this. Once Friend Areas are unlocked, one of the rescued Magnemite asks Wigglytuff to give the Power Plant Friend Area to the player and then joins the team. The other two remain in Pokémon Square for the rest of the game.


Makuhita runs the local dojo.


These Mankey are causing havoc in Uproar Forest. The team defeats them, and later finds them near their Team Base, wanting to fight again. However, upon seeing the peeled Chestnuts being given to the player, they agree to renovate the Team Base in return for peeled Chestnuts.


Main article: Metapod (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Metapod is a friend of Caterpie. He is first seen needing to be rescued in Sinister Woods. Team Meanies forces Caterpie into letting them rescue Metapod, demanding a large reward if they do. After being rescued by the player's team, he is usually seen around Whiscash Pond with Caterpie.


Mewtwo is a strong Pokémon who has defeated both Blastoise and Charizard. It can be defeated and recruited by the player in Western Cave.


Moltres is encountered in Mt. Blaze when the team is trying to prove the player's innocence. They are forced to face it in battle, and after defeating it, promise it that they will try to stop the natural disasters. It can be recruited after completing the game.


A Munchlax appears randomly in Pokémon Square, despite not being a Generation III Pokémon. It will ask the player for a food item and give them a Munch Belt in return, or it may drop a bunch of Apples and ask for one that it thinks the player took. Upon giving it an Apple picked off the ground, the player will be given a Munch Belt.


Ninetales is first spoken of in legends of a Pokémon taking a curse for a human. It is then seen when the team and Team A.C.T clash in Mt. Freeze. It stops the fighting and reveals that the player is not the human in the legend. It is later revealed that Gengar was the human responsible, and that Gardevoir was the cursed Pokémon.


Main article: Pelipper (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Various Pelipper work in the local post office. A particular one delivers mail to the rescue team each morning if their mailbox is not full. This Pelipper sends a letter to the team wishing them good luck before their journey as a fugitive, and another one in celebration when they return.


Persian runs the local bank, and stores the player's money.


Rayquaza is the final boss before the credits roll. After its defeat in Sky Tower, it destroys the meteor that is causing all the natural disasters. It can be recruited after subsequent visits to Sky Tower.


Skarmory is the first Pokémon the team faces in a boss battle. It has kidnapped Diglett, thinking that it is causing the earthquakes, and brings it to Mt. Steel. However, it is defeated by the player's team, who brings Diglett back to safety.


Smeargle runs away from its tribe because it does not want to undergo a "growing up" ritual. The ritual involves a Smeargle imprinting its paw print onto the back of another. It feels that the ritual is barbaric, and will ruin its ability as an artist. It gets lost in Howling Forest, prompting the player's team to go rescue it, after which it will join the team. It can be asked to change the design of the flag in the Team Base.


Spinda is searching for the mirage Pokémon, but can't due to its frail state. It gives the team the Clear Wing to begin their search for it.

Team A.C.T.

Main article: Team A.C.T.

Team A.C.T. is a Gold Rank team, led by an Alakazam. They are famous for achieving said rank and are respected all through Pokémon Square.

Team Constrictor

Team Constrictor is led by an Octillery, who attempts to defeat Groudon but fails. Its other members are a Tentacruel and a Cradily.

Team Hydro

Team Hydro is led by a Blastoise, who tries to defeat Groudon but fails. Its other members are a Swampert and a Feraligatr.

Team Meanies

Main article: Team Meanies

Team Meanies, lead by a Gengar, are major antagonists throughout the game. Towards the end of the game, Ekans and Medicham attempt to get through Wish Cave on their own, while Gengar requests the help of the player for one last mission.

Team Rumblerock

Team Rumblerock consists of two Graveler and a Golem, who leads the team. Golem goes with Blastoise and Octillery to defeat Groudon in Magma Cavern, but the three end up losing the battle.

Team Shifty

Main article: Shiftry (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Team Shifty is a rescue team more interested in rewards than helping Pokémon. Its members are two Nuzleaf and a Shiftry, who leads the team.


Main article: Whiscash (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Whiscash is a smart Pokémon who lives in a pond north of Pokémon Square. He usually gives the team advice, and gives them the HM Dive so that they can access the Stormy Sea. He also tells the team stories, such as the Ninetales legend.


Wigglytuff runs the Friend Area shop.

Wynaut and Wobbuffet

Wynaut and Wobbuffet ask the team for help when a group of Mankey are terrorizing Uproar Forest. After the player's team defeats the Mankey, they peel a Chestnut and give it to the team as a reward. The Mankey later accept these peeled Chestnuts in exchange for renovating the Team Base.


Main article: Xatu (Red and Blue Rescue Team)

Xatu can see the future, and resides within the Hill of the Ancients at the end of Great Canyon. It gives the player advice at several points in the game. With Alakazam and an unnamed Ghost-type Pokémon, it creates the Teleport Gem so that the player can reach Sky Tower.


Zapdos captures Shiftry after it breaks the cloud it was sleeping in, and takes it to Mt. Thunder. It can be recruited after completing the game.

Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky


Armaldo is the former "master" of Wigglytuff, according to the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy. He is revealed to be an S-rank outlaw, but is still trusted by Wigglytuff.

Amp Plains tribes

Main article: Amp Plains tribes

Deep in Amp Plains lives a tribe either consisting of Luxray and Luxio or Manectric and Electrike. They are seen when the team comes to receive the Water Float for Marill and Azurill, and must be defeated.


Ampharos resides on the 8th Clearing of Sky Peak. It rescues Pokémon that are in trouble or injured. In the main storyline, Sneasel is rescued by Ampharos after being ambushed by Carnivine.


Azurill is the younger brother of Marill. Their mother is ill, so they do errands for her, such as the shopping, while also looking for a Water Float that they had lost. When the player picks up an apple that Azurill dropped, they experience their first Dimensional Scream. Azurill is later taken to Mt. Bristle by Drowzee and must be rescued by the player. The Water Float eventually turns up at the end of Amp Plains. Later Azurill falls into a nightmare and cannot be woken. The player must enter Azurill's dreams with the help of Drowzee to try to find out why. Azurill is woken by Cresselia once Darkrai has been revealed.

Banette and Skorupi

Banette and Skorupi were the bullies in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy. They convinced Igglybuff (who would later become Guildmaster Wigglytuff) to give them some of his Gummis, and ended up eating most of them. They later convinced Igglybuff to go explore Murky Forest with them. When Armaldo revealed himself at the end of the dungeon, they fled, leaving Igglybuff behind. Later they were part of the party that went to apprehend Armaldo.


Bellsprout is the leader of Team Flame, but is afraid that it'll get burned.


Main article: Bidoof (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Bidoof was the newest member to join the guild besides the player and their partner.


Budew was one of Guildmaster Wigglytuff's childhood friends in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy, along with Smoochum and Wooper.


Main article: Celebi (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

This particular Celebi is Shiny and from the future. She helps Grovyle with his plans and seems to have a crush on him.


Chansey runs Chansey Day Care, and cares for Eggs rewarded for completing jobs.


Main article: Chatot (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Chatot is Wigglytuff's assistant. He guards the team from Kabutops and Omastar in Brine Cave.


Chimecho prepares dinner for the guild and runs Chimecho Assembly, allowing the player to recruit other Pokémon to their team.


Corphish is a member of the guild. He usually says "hey hey hey" at the end of his sentences.


Cresselia tries to stop Darkrai's plans. She is first seen revealing that what seemed to be her was actually Darkrai. After this, she travels with the team to defeat Darkrai in Dark Crater. After he is defeated, she joins the team.


Croagunk runs Croagunk's Swap Shop. Croagunk once slept near his shop, but later sleeps in the room where Bidoof sleeps. Bidoof thinks of Croagunk as creepy.


Main article: Darkrai (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Darkrai is the game's main antagonist. Darkrai attacked the player in the Passage of Time at the beginning of the game, causing the player to be transformed into a Pokémon and develop amnesia. Darkrai also sabotaged Temporal Tower, and once the player prevents its destruction, begins to cause a distortion in space. Once beaten by the player Darkrai attempts to flee through a dimensional hole, but is attacked by Palkia. Cresselia states that this would cause Darkrai to develop amnesia.


Main article: Primal Dialga

Dialga is the ruler of time, who got overcome by darkness when Temporal Tower started to crumble, becoming Primal Dialga.


Diglett helps out with Sentry Duty, working alongside Loudred. At the beginning of the game, Diglett is unable to identify the player's footprint. Many times, Diglett can't perform his duty, and the team must do it instead.


Ditto is the guardian of the Limestone Cavern Time Gear. It transforms into other Pokémon to convince exploration teams to stay away from the cave. In Here Comes Team Charm!, it transformed into a Bellossom to tell Team Charm that trying to find the treasure was hopeless, then later into Sentret to convince them that they needed to get revenge on Team AWD. Once they reached the final chamber of Limestone Cavern, Ditto transformed into an empty treasure chest to cause Team Charm and Team AWD to fight each other so that neither would discover the Time Gear. Wigglytuff stopped the fight continuing after Team Charm knocked out Team AWD, and forced Ditto to reveal itself. Ditto apologized for its deception, revealing that it was actually Bellossom and Sentret, then showed them the Time Gear.


Drowzee was a former outlaw, first seen helping Marill and Azurill find their Water Float. However, a dizzy spell made the player know about his true intentions and finds him and Azurill at the top of Mt. Bristle. Here, Drowzee is trying to make Azurill crawl into a hole to get him treasure. He is defeated, and is later found at Mt. Travail, reformed. He helps the team get into Azurill's nightmare, and later leaves.


Dugtrio changes the boards every morning for the guild. He is Diglett's father. He often stares out at the ocean.


Duskull runs the Duskull Bank.


Main article: Dusknoir (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Dusknoir works for Primal Dialga. He is first seen as a renowned explorer, but his cover is blown when he snatches the player and their partner, sending them into the future. Dusknoir has several Sableye work for him, and ambush the player, their partner, and Grovyle with them in the Hidden Land.


Electivire runs the link shop, absent at the beginning of the game.


Main article: Grovyle (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Grovyle is a Pokémon from the future. He comes to the past to steal the Time Gears and place them in the top of Temporal Tower, preventing its collapse. He is also the playable character in the special mission In the Future of Darkness.


Main article: Wigglytuff (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Guildmaster Wigglytuff before he evolved, and the main character of Igglybuff the Prodigy. He lived at home with his parents and often played with his friends Wooper, Smoochum, and Budew, but one day went on an exploration with the bullies Banette and Skorupi to the Murky Forest.

At the end of the forest, he met Armaldo, who usually would scare off any intruders. However, while Banette and Skorupi fled, Igglybuff was not afraid of him and Armaldo told him about exploring. Igglybuff then solved the puzzle of Armaldo's map in seconds, despite Armaldo working on its secret for a very long time. Igglybuff then convinced Armaldo to go on an exploration to the dungeon revealed by the map, Eastern Cave.

At the end of Eastern Cave, rather than solving the puzzle, Igglybuff chose to obliterate the door with his WOOM-TAH, impressing Armaldo. They found the treasure—a Defend Globe. Igglybuff wanted to go on more explorations because he enjoyed it so much, and eventually convinced Armaldo to make him his apprentice.

After exploring together for several months, the two decided to go to Fortune Ravine. At its end, Armaldo tried to solve the puzzle but ended up setting off the trap, dropping them into a Monster House. After emerging from the dungeon to find the ruins at its end, Magnezone, two Magnemite, Nidoking, Papa Wigglytuff, Mama Wigglytuff, Wooper, Smoochum, Budew, Banette, and Skorupi approached them. Nidoking told Igglybuff that Armaldo was actually an outlaw, and that they had to take him away. Igglybuff, upset, was about to WOOM-TAH the apprehending party, but Armaldo told him not to, or he would end up an outlaw as well. Armaldo gave him the Defend Globe, then was taken away by the police.


Kabutops attacked Chatot, the player, and their partner in Brine Cave, accompanied by two Omastar. The same one attacked Chatot and Wigglytuff in the past.


Kangaskhan runs Kangaskhan Storage.

Kecleon Brothers

The Kecleon Brothers run a shop in Treasure Town, selling various goods to the player. The left one sells seeds and other food items, while the one on the right sells Keys, TMs, and Wonder Orbs.


Lapras takes anyone with the Relic Fragment to the Hidden Land. Lapras was first seen by Wigglytuff many years ago, making him promise not to research the wall pattern. Many years later, Wigglytuff tells Lapras he cannot hold the promise any longer. After this, Lapras takes the team and Grovyle to the Hidden Land. Later, after Temporal Tower is saved, Lapras is asked about Palkia, but doesn't know much about it.


Loudred works with Diglett on Sentry Duty. He also used to wake up the player and their partner prior to their graduation, and once went on the graduation test himself. He failed it, however.


Magnezone is the town sheriff and takes custody of all the outlaws the Wigglytuff Guild bring to justice. He is often accompanied by two Magnemite.

Mama and Papa Wigglytuff

Mama and Papa Wigglytuff are Guildmaster Wigglytuff's parents. They appear in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy.

Once Papa went mountain climbing with his son, Igglybuff, who would later grow up to be Guildmaster Wigglytuff. When they were climbing down the mountain, Papa Wigglytuff was almost crushed by a falling boulder, but Igglybuff used his WOOM-TAH to destroy it.

One day, Mama Wigglytuff gave Igglybuff some Gummis to share with his friends. Igglybuff ended up also using these Gummis to make friends with the bullies Banette and Skorupi, then went to the Murky Forest with them. Papa and Mama were pleased when Wigglytuff told them he had made a new friend—Armaldo—not realizing he was an outlaw. When Nidoking informed them that Igglybuff was travelling with an outlaw through Fortune Ravine, they accompanied Nidoking, Magnezone and the Magnemite to apprehend Armaldo and save Igglybuff.


Manaphy was first seen as an Egg, being found while the team was exploring a dungeon. He later hatches, wanting Blue Gummis, which must be provided. He is later taken by Walrein. Many days later, he comes back, wanting to join the team.


Marill is Azurill's sibling, having a minor role in the storyline. When Marill, Azurill, and Drowzee go to Mt. Bristle, Marill is left behind. Later, Marill and Azurill tell the team about the water float in Amp Plains.


Marowak runs the Marowak Dojo.


Nidoking is an explorer who has been tracking down the outlaw Armaldo in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy. He spots them leaving a dungeon discussing going to Fortune Ravine. He then goes to tell Igglybuff's friends and family that he has been exploring with an outlaw. When Igglybuff and Armaldo emerge from Fortune Ravine, he, Magnezone and two Magnemite apprehend Armaldo and take him away.


Two Omastar and Kabutops attacked Wigglytuff and Chatot in the past at the bottom of Brine Cave. Later they attacked the player, their partner, and Chatot.


Three Poochyena are members of Team Poochyena Brothers, usually catching criminals.


Various Phione live in the bottom of Miracle Sea, and were terrorized by a Gyarados. If the team comes to the bottom another time after beating Gyarados, a Phione will join the team.


Primeape is usually seen at the Hot Spring.


Smoochum was one of Guildmaster Wigglytuff's childhood friends in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy, along with Budew and Wooper.


Spinda runs Spinda's Café.


Spoink lost its pearl at the bottom of Drenched Bluff, and the player and partner must retrieve it on their first mission for Wigglytuff's Guild. Spoink can be found in Treasure Town afterwards.


Main article: Sunflora (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Sunflora is a member of Wigglytuff's Guild and the playable character of the extra mission Today's "Oh My Gosh".

Team AWD

Main article: Team AWD

Team AWD usually is seen trying to get to the Zero Isles. They are also antagonists in the fourth Special Episode, Here Comes Team Charm!.

Team Charm

Main article: Team Charm

Team Charm are acquainted with Wigglytuff, and once went on an exploration with him. They travel with the team in Aegis Cave, and fight against Regigigas with them. They are also the protagonists in the fourth Special Episode, Here Comes Team Charm!.

Team Ebony

Team Ebony consists of Murkrow and Shuppet. They usually want to get treasure, but always disagree on which one they want, Murkrow wanting shiny things and Shuppet wanting valuable things. Because of this, they rarely get any treasure at all.

Team Raider

Team Raider is a famous master rank exploration team consisting of Gallade, Rhyperior and Roserade. They appear after the end of the story on the Beach, where they have rescued Dugtrio from the sea.

Team Skull

Main article: Team Skull

Team Skull is made up of Zubat, Koffing, and Skuntank. They are a group of criminals, very much like Team Meanies from the previous games.

Team Slackers

Team Slackers consists of a Slowpoke and a Slakoth, they rarely do much however.

Team Tasty

Team Tasty consists of the leader Swellow and Wurmple. Wurmple is very afraid that Swellow will eat it, and so named their team Team Tasty, but doesn't tell its leader about its fear until the end of the game. Swellow is horrified to discover that Wurmple is afraid of it, and says that the delay in telling it is Swellow's failing as a leader.


Torkoal is the town elder, usually seen relaxing in the Hot Spring. He is later called to examine the Relic Fragment to see if he knows anything about it.


Two Ursaring are seen around Treasure Town. One was once a Teddiursa, who evolved into an Ursaring after discovering the Luminous Spring.


Vigoroth usually advertises for a store in town.


Main article: Wigglytuff (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

Wigglytuff is the guildmaster, usually seen with a joyous attitude. However, if he gets angry, bad things happen. He is shown to be very strong, being able to defeat Team Skull with ease.


Wooper was one of Guildmaster Wigglytuff's childhood friends in the Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy, along with Budew and Smoochum.

Wynaut and Wobbuffet

Wynaut and Wobbuffet run the Recycle Shop inside Spinda's Café.


Xatu runs Xatu Appraisal, which opens any Treasure Boxes found in dungeons.

Mystery Dungeon Blazing, Stormy, and Light Adventure Squad

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Aron's and Swinub's problem about Shuckle start the rescue team. The two were ecstatic when Shuckle was rescued.


Bibarel resides in the town, and can first be seen after Shuckle's rescue.


In Stormy Adventure Squad, Buizel argues with Farfetch'd. The fight is quickly resolved by Slowking.


Chikorita is a town resident.


Duskull runs the bank in Treasure Town.


Farfetch'd is shown fighting with Buizel in Stormy Adventure Squad and Sneasel in Blazing Adventure Squad. The fight is quickly resolved by Slowking.


Girafarig is a resident of the town.


Kangaskhan runs the storage area.


Kecleon runs the shop.


Miltank is a town resident.


Munchlax can be found sleeping after Shuckle's rescue.


Politoed resides in the town, and can first be seen after Shuckle's rescue.


Rattata is a town resident.


Shuckle is the first Pokémon to be rescued.


Slowking resides in the town, and helps solve problems. It helps start the adventure squad, and gives lessons to them about the job board. Slowking is the one who tells the adventure squad about Shuckle.


In Blazing Adventure Squad, Sneasel is seen fighting with Farfetch'd. Slowking quickly resolves the fight, however.


Swinub comes with Aron to tell Slowking about Shuckle being stuck in the Dubious area. It and Aron were glad when Shuckle was rescued.


Tauros is a town resident.


Turtwig is a town resident.

Gates to Infinity



Quagsire sells the land that becomes the Pokémon Paradise. He often gives advice to the player Pokémon, and runs a shop in Paradise that switches members of the team and sells items. He is the barer of bad news, when he has to tell the team that HAPPI rules require that one Pokémon to stay behind on a long expedition. Quagsire always rewards the player when an outlaw job request is completed. He is a quiet, calm, peaceful and elderly Pokémon. He ends most sentences with "mmm" or "hmm". He is known to be very emotional on occasion, often breaking into tears.

  • When the player is near the inn for the first time:
"Hmm, you two... Good timing. Those two Timburr over there are the carpenter's, mmm, apprentices. You should ask them about your house, hmm? Hmm, lads? Where's your, mmm, master?"
"Hmm, looks good. Good luck with the carpenter, hmm? I'll be waiting out here, hmm?"
  • When the player is outside:
"How'd it go, hmm?"
"Mm-hmm. Sounds peachy, hmm? You can reach Stony Cave from the crossroads up ahead, hmm?"
  • At the crossroads:
"You can reach Stony Cave from this here crossroads, hmm? There's only one thing to remember... Hmm, I think you already know it, but... Stony Cave is... hmm, a Mystery Dungeon."
"It sure does sound fun when you put it like that, hmm? Sometimes you can, hmm, find rare treasure! And then everything's coming up roses, hmm? And then...out of nowhere... might get, hmm, viciously attacked by wild Pokémon. They're very dangerous places, so be careful, hmm?"
"Might as well at least try your best, hmm?"
"Hmm... Nope. Never bothered to be concerned about anything in my life. Why start now, hmm? And besides..."
"I somehow get the feeling, hmm, that you two can make it through anything together. It's rather reassuring, hmm? Even if it's based on, hmm, absolutely nothing at all."
  • When the house is done:
"Hmmm. It's quite an interesting house, hmm?"
  • The next morning:
"Mmm, morning. I've just been, hmm, waiting for you two to wake up."
"Come with me, hmm?"
  • In Paradise Center:
"Mm-hmm. This is it."
"Mm-hmm. Consider it a little gift from me. I'm calling it the, hmm, Request Board. You'll find information about adventuring... ...and requests from Pokémon. They may need you to find something for them or take care of some bad egg... You may even find little requests for help from the Pokémon around town, hmm? All kinds of different notices will crop up on here, hmm?"
"Mm-hmm. Oh, and, hmm... I moved one of the Deposit Boxes from Post Town here, too. You should use it to, hmm, keep a handle on all your items and Poké currency.png. And, mmm, I've started a shop as well. I haven't got many goods yet, but... If you come talk to me, I'll show you what I can offer, hmm? If you see something you like, be sure to buy it, hmm?"
"Hmmm. Well...mmm...I don't really know. Maybe... Maybe because you and <player> are trying hard for something. Whenever I see someone trying their best, I just feel like, hmm, helping them out. I know I'm normally, mmm, pretty relaxed. But watching you and <player> somehow gets me all worked up. Hoho... So, hmm... Let me explain, mmm, how the Request Board works. You see there are all sorts of notes left on the board, hmm? Each is a request. Select a request that you'd like to fulfill for someone and, mmm, tear it right off. Next you'll take that note over to the Request Counter, hmm? Then if you hand the note to Azumarill..."
"Then you'll be able to go to the dungeon you need to complete your request, hmm? That's, mmm, about it for my explanation. Pretty simple, hmm? Go on and, mmm, pick your very first ever request. Make it a good one, hmm?"
"Hmmm, that's it exactly. Then all you have to do is go out through that Request Gate. You'll be taken to the proper dungeon, hmm? So what kind of request did you select, <partner>? I'm, hmm, rather curious. Will you let me steal a peek? Hmm, hmm... "Please! I cant seem to find my way out of Stompstump Peak!" "I'd thought I could make it through this kind of mountain on my own..." "But before I knew it, I'd completely lost my way." "I'm sorry to ask, but please help me!" --Dunsparce ...Hmm. It's not a very glamorous request, is it? The Poké currency.png you'll earn isn't much either. You're sure you want this request, hmm?"
"Hmm... Boo-hoo-hoooooom! I'm so, mmm, moved! Mm-hmm! I knew you two were good Pokémon! Now all you need to do is leave the Center and go to that dungeon, hmm? Hurry up and save that Pokémon. Mmm, mmm... Hmm."
  • When the player gets their first reward:
"Hmm! <player> and <partner>! You completed your first request successfully. That's wonderful, hmm?"
  • After Dunsparce is rejected:
"Something the matter, hmm?"
"Dunsparce? Oh, that Pokémon the two of you saved, hmm? If that's who you mean, hmm... I did see him a few minutes ago."
"I passed by him right over there, hmm? He was with some, hmm, strange Pokémon I'd never seen before."
(Flashback) "As I walked by, I heard the three of them talking together, hmm?"
"That's about what they said, hmm? Then the three of them, mmm, went off somewhere together..." (end of flashback)
"Hmm? Is it that surprising a story, hmm? Hmm... That's curious. You know, just before I ran into you... ...another Pokémon heard that story and reacted, hmm, much the same."
"That was, hmm, Emolga. The second Emolga heard that story about Dunsparce, he... Well, hmm...he seemed just as shocked as you two do right now. Then he turned pale and ran off somewhere, mmm, in a flash."
"Hmm, that's what I recall hearing. Wait a moment...hmm... Do you think something happened, mmm?"
  • The next morning:
"I'm, hmm, glad to see you all finally became a team!"
"Hmm, so... To celebrate the formation of your about another, hmm, present from me?"
"Come with me, hmm?"


Main article: Swanna (Gates to Infinity)

She owns and manages the inn. She allows Espeon and Umbreon to stay at the inn as long as they pay their bills. She is often referred to as the 'signora'. She seems to be the unofficial leader of Post Town.


Main article: Gurdurr (Gates to Infinity)

Carpenter of Post Town, he got injured in the past and quit building. He meets the player and scams them into getting five blue gems. Scraggy steals the gems, and gives them to Gurdurr. The Timburr, the player and partner Pokémon convince him to give up on scamming. He later joins the player together with Virizion, Dunsparce, Emolga and the Timburr in battle against the Pawniard Brothers and their gang. He eventually opens up his shop in Pokémon Paradise, where he prepares new areas, builds facilities and redecorates.

Timburr Brothers

Main article: Timburr (Gates to Infinity)

They are Gurdurr's apprentices and joined him before he got injured. They tried to convince him to give up scamming. They later join the player alongside Gurdurr, Emolga, Dunsparce and Virizion in battle against the Pawniard. They are shown to be fearful of Gurdurr when he appears to be in a bad mood but have great respect for him. When Gurdurr opens up his shop in Paradise, they assist him when he builds new facilities, redecorates, etc.


He initially works together with Gurdurr to scam other Pokémon. After he is defeated he opens up his move shop in Pokémon Paradise after some convincing by Quagsire. He often insults the player, as well as other Pokémon, such as Victini, but restates it once he realizes Quagsire is standing near him. He tried to hide it, but he does appear to be rather fond of the player.

  • In Post Town:
"I-I'm sorry! I'm just really in a hurry! P-please excuse me!"
  • In Hazy Pass:
"Took ya long enough. I wanna get down to business, yo!"
"Yeah, yeah... I've got what I promised you. Gettin' a little greedy, huh?"
"Heh! Well, that's true enough. Course I could just go into Stony Cave myself and get some, but... ...Well, it does get pretty dicey in there. Having you lend your particular expertise to that problem is... ...just plain expedient. Ain't no other way about it."
"What! You're gonna have 'em get you even more? Those little losers?!"
"You serious?! Dude, you're cold! It's their dream to build their own home, ain't it? They're gonna keep believing in that dream and just keep bringing you gems forever? Never knowing it won't come true? Maaan, I think I could cry. Ain't you got any heart left?"
"Well, you ain't wrong there. Nahahahahahahahahaha!!!"
" were tailing me? You mean you actually saw through my mad skills? I'm impressed, losers. But...watcha think you're gonna do now? You wanna fight? With the two of us? I'm warning you now, I've been tussling on the wrong side of the route my whole life. The Pokémon battles I've lived through...well, little squirts like you couldn't imagine. Id'd be best for you to just toddle off home to your mamas, you hear?"
"My, my, my. And even after I went to the trouble of warning you losers..."
"Fine, then. Why don't we just show you? We'll show you what a big mistake you're making! Let's roll!"
  • After being defeated:


Main article: Virizion (Gates to Infinity)

She is a lone warrior and arrives in Post Town, everyone fawning over her. She is known for rejecting any advances (friendship or love), which includes the latest from Dunsparce. She opens up and battles the Pawniard alongside the player, Dunsparce, Emolga, Gurdurr and the Timburr, after which she is automatically recruited into the team. It is later revealed by Umbreon, that Keldeo went to the Great Glacier and sent a note that he really wanted to get away from her. This caused Virizion to not want to associate with anyone, thinking that everyone would betray her.


Initially introduced as a very shy guy and Emolga's best friend, he's revealed to have taken a liking to Virizion like everyone else in the town. He tries to get Virizion's attention by presenting her with a gift, but gets rejected. He gets tricked by the Pawniard into going to Desolate Canyon with them and the player, Gurdurr, the Timburr, Virizion and Emolga join him in battle against the Pawniard. He reconciles with Virizion and gets automatically recruited into the team together with Emolga. On the day of the Magnagate opening he pulls the short straw, but at the last second Emolga pushes Dunsparce in and he stays behind.

  • Just before and upon meeting the player:
"Ohhh... What am I going to do... Ah!"
"Y-yes! I am!"
"Th-thank you! Thank you so much! I WAAAHHHHHH!!!"
  • When giving the player their reward:
"<player>! <partner>! Thank you so much for rescuing me!"
"Ygh... I know... I really want to be the kind of Pokémon who does the rescuing, you know... But I'm not strong... And I get afraid...and then I always lose my nerve when the big moment arrives... I always mess up, and then I have to be the one who gets rescued in the end... I guess I'm just really not cut out to be an adventurer..."
"Yes! It's my dream to become a first-rate adventurer. It would be nice to explore all kinds of different places on adventures, of course... But really...I'd just like to help Pokémon around the world who are in trouble! I want to be able to give coureage and hope to Pokémon that are suffering! I just want to be useful--even a little! ...Th-that's my dream anyway. But... There's a huge gap between dreams and reality...and no matter what I do, I can't..."
"I wanted a crystal. I'd heard that the crystals in Stompstump Peak are really beautiful..."
"Ahh! That's it! This is it! This is the crystal I wanted! Wow, it really is beautiful!"
"What?! Are you sure?"
"Th-thank you!"
"Oh! I... Um, that's--I--! You see... Hoho..."
  • When Virizion appears:
"...Y-yes... Hoho..."
"What?! I...I can't do that!!! I really, really want to be friends with Virizion! But... How could I ever be brave enough to talk to someone like her? There's no way she'd even notice someone like me..."
"Wait... You guys! Hey!"
  • In the inn:
"Umm... Well... Th-this is... This crystal is for you, Miss Virizion!"
"Yes! That's right! P-please! Please be my friend!"
"Wha... Wait--what?"
"Sniff... I... Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!"
  • In Quagsire's flashback:
  • Desolate Canyon:
"I-I think... I think I'd better go home after all..."
"I...I was really upset back in town... When I heard what you two were saying, I thought, "I want to be strong right away!" And that's why I came this far, but... But... I'm not sure just getting what I really want..."
"A-and besides... When I really think about one can become strong just like that, right?"
"So I-I...I'm going home. Good-bye!"
"Emolga! Everybody! I'm going to fight! You don't need to protect me! I will fight and I won't be afraid! I promise! So you should all--!"
  • After winning:
"It''s finally over!"
"Yeah... I guess I got rescued again, huh? But I...was actually gullible enough to believe I could be strong just like that... It was all because of me that you all... Ahh, I really am useless...aren't I..."
"A-are you sure? I mean, I'm not..."
"Then I...I definitely wat to join you!"
"<player>! <partner>! I'm going to do my best! Let's make a real paradise together!"
"I... I... Hoho..."
  • The next morning:
"<player>! <partner>!"
"Good morning!"
"We're going to form a team?"
"OK, then we should start thinking of a team name!"


He is first met when the player is looking for Dunsparce. He is Dunsparce's best friend and encourages to give Virizion a gift as a means of appreciation. After she rejects him, he instantly hates her and demands for her apology. He votes against her joining the team, but is later accepting towards her. When the player is asked to fill in a team name, he suggests "Emolga's Enforcers" which is longer than the character limit. When Dunsparce pulls the short straw, Emolga pushes him into the Magnagate.

  • Upon meeting the player:
"Who's that? Who's over there?! Dunsparce... Nope, clearly not. They don't really look like enemy Pokémon either, but..."
"Request? Ohhh. That bulletin board thing. So there are still Pokémon desperate enough to work for that dinky reward, huh? Thanks, though. I could use your help. I'm Emolga. I'm looking for Dunsparce, too. Dunsparce is my best friend, got it? But... He's a bit of a coward really...and he's always messing up... Pretty much whenever he does anything, he ends up needing someone to bail him out. So, you know, I was getting a bit worried and decided to look for him myself... If you guys happen to find him first, take care of him would ya? See ya."
  • Upon finding Dunsparce:
"Thank goodness! So this is where you were! You guys found him, huh? Thanks. We owe you big time."
  • When the player receives their first reward:
"I'm glad we found you this time, but... you've gotta stop being so reckless!"
"That...that's not true! I mean, sure, you're a bit of a coward and so things don't always go so well... But your heart's in the right place, right? That's pretty hard to find these days."
"But why'd you try going someplace like Stompstump Peak again?"
"Aha! So that's it! You wily scamp! So that's what you were after, huh?"
  • When Virizion appears:
"Dunsparce has adored Virizion from the first time he laid eyes on her... he really wants her to be his friend."
"Dunsparce! This is your big chance! Go and give 'er that crystal!"
  • In the inn:
"The Rainbows of Hope! I've heard of them, too!"
"Dunspaaarce! Virizion! That was so cold! What is wrong with you?! You could've just accepted his gift, you know! Argh!"
  • Desolate Canyon:
"Don't you touch Dunsparce!"
"Freeze, you two! Don't you move a muscle! Dunsparce is my best friend, you hear!"
"Hmph! How about it, bullies? Watcha gonna do now? Your chances don't look so good now, do they?"
  • After winning:
"We... We beat 'em! We really chased away the bad guys! We did it!!!"
"Dunsparce! You OK?"
"That's not true! You realized it before it went too far, didn't you? That it's not that easy to get strong. If you hadn't, we would've been way worse off! We might've had to fight those bullies on their own turf instead of here in the open! I'm glas they didn't take you all the way to their hideout. And besides... You fought bravely to the end, without giving in to fear, right? You did good, Dunsparce. I for one think you gave it your all."
"Y-you want us?!"
"I... Well, I don't really mind, if that's what Dunsparce wants to do."
"Guess I don't have much choice then... I'll give it my all, too! Let's do this!"
"You--! What do you think you're trying to pull now, huh?! What happened to all your big talk about not making friends? Not trusting anyone? You just say whatever comes into your head, don't you? You're messing with us! If you're just toying with us, then we don't need you in our Paradise!"
"I...I do NOT approve! No way! Come on, <partner>! Tell her to hit the road!"
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Why should I have to be friends with someone like her?! I'll never accept you, you hear that? Right, Dunsparce? You've gotta feel the same, don't you?"
"I'm not OK with this, <partner>. Seriously not OK. Just so you know."
"Why would you even want someone like that in your Paradise?!"
"Wha-what kind of reason is that?!"
  • The next morning
"Morning, <player> and <partner>! Hey, <partner>... It looks like Pelipper's here with some kinda delivery for you."
"No way! What does it say?"
"Sounds good to me. If we become a team and get Team Badges, we could take on anything!"
"Yeah! That's right! Hmmm... How about Emolga's Enforcers? Pretty cool, right?"
"Hey! What about my idea?!"
"I think it's good, too!"
"Right? That's because it's an awesome name! "Emolga's Enforcers" it is, then-- ...Hey! You guys haven't been listening to a single thing I've been saying, have you?!"

Umbreon and Espeon

Main article: Umbreon and Espeon (Gates to Infinity)

They are two dungeon researchers whom are brother and sister. They discovered ley lines together. The duo separates after a Purugly and Toxicroak attack them both for their Entercards. Umbreon takes two Entercards that they created and Espeon takes the other two. Umbreon manages to reach Post Town and is cared for by Swanna, but Espeon is still on the run from the pursuers. She eventually meets Swadloon in Inflora Forest and gives him the Entercards. After introducing a Magnagate in the main story, Umbreon informs the player about Espeon and insists on her rescue. Umbreon reveals they met Virizion in the past and why Espeon is distant towards others. Later on, Umbreon and Espeon both open the portal to the Great Glacier, and enter the dungeon with the player.


Virizion's best friend from her past, and an Entercard enthusiast. He was the first Pokémon to visit the Great Glacier, leading to his capture and subsequent disappearance. He joins the team after the final battle.


Main article: Hydreigon (Gates to Infinity)

Originally thought to be a villain, Hydreigon is the physical embodiment of the Voice of Life and is the one behind the player coming to the Pokémon world. He is a very polite and silly Pokémon. He is first destroyed by Kyurem, but later returns and joins the team following the final battle. He can often be found at Swanna's inn, eating.


Main article: Meloetta (Gates to Infinity)

Having two alter egos depending on it's Forme, Meloetta is a traveler who is searching for the best music. It'll want to join the team after you build a Musical Paradise shop in the Pokémon Paradise.


Runs the Kecleon Shop in Post Town. Unlike previous games, this shop is only run by one Kecleon. Kecleon often puts a "♪" in between sentences. A Kecleon shop also appears in various dungeons, perhaps run by the same Kecleon. However, multiple Kecleon spawning after a theft leaves one to think otherwise.

  • When entering the shop:
"Welcome to the Kecleon Shop! ♪ How can I help you? ♪"
  • When entering the shop after Dunsparce is rejected:
"Virizion sure is pretty, isn;t she? ♪ I couldn't help being a bit awestruck. My mouth was hanging open! Wha--? What do you mean... My mouth is always hanging open? ... Welcome to the Kecleon Shop! ♪ How can I help you? f♪"
  • Buy:
"Take all the time you like."
  • If buying one item:
"<item's image><item>? That'll be Poké currency.png<amount>. Sound good?"
  • Yes:
"Thanks for your business! ♪ Anything else you'd like to buy?"
  • If buying multiple items:
"Altogether that comes to Poké currency.png<amount>. Sound good?"
  • Yes:
"Thanks for your buisness! ♪ Anything else I can help you with?"
  • If exiting the menu:
"Anything else I can help you with?"
  • Sell:
"What are you willing to part with?"
"Anything else I can help you with?"
  • Sell All:
"I'll buy all of them for Poké currency.png<amount>. Sound good to you?"
  • Yes:
"Thanks for your business! ♪ Anything else I can help you with?"
  • No:
"Anything else I can help you with?"
  • Info:
"Everyone needs items! Without a helthy supply of Max Elixirs, you might not use your strongest moves. Am I right? So, who's going to sell you such amazing and useful items? Well, we Kecleon, of course! We're very passionate about our trade. Stock up on everything you need from us before setting off for a dungeon! ♪ If we ever run out of an item... Try coming back the next day! We should get in a new shipment by then, so go exploring and come back later! ♪ You can find Kecleon Shops all over. We've even set up shop in some dungeons, so be sure to visit us! ♪ Anything else I can help you with?"
  • When exiting the shop:
"Thanks for your business. Come back anytime! ♪"
  • When Virizion appears:
"Ah! I can hardly stand it!"


Runs the Box Buster shop in Post Town. He has an aggressive attitude which he uses to open boxes for the player. He is proud of his work and comments on it after opening a box. He seems to have a crush on Cinccino, but doesn't like to admit it.

  • When the shop is closed:
"The name's Rampardos! The Box Buster! You got a Treasure Box for me? I'll have it open in a jiffy! Or I would! But the shop's actually closed right now! I busted it up a bit too much! Sorry 'bout that!
  • When the shop is closed and after Dunsparce is rejected:
"Huh? Virizion? Yeah, I mean... I guess she's pretty enough, but... Who cares? I'm not interested in her. (No, my eyes...) (My eyes can't see anything but...) (Cinccinoooooo!) ...Huh?! You guys were still here!? (Urk, that was embarrassing...) I forgot to say anything, but the shop's still closed. The repairs from when I wrecked it'll be done pretty soon! Wait till then!"


Runs the Gift Shop in Post Town. She has a cheery attitude and often ends dialogue with a "♪". She is also oblivious to the fact that Rampardos is fond of her.

  • When the shop is closed:
"This is the Gift Shop! ♪ Here, I make gifts just how my customers like them! ♪ But, right now... I'm out of material for wrapping paper, so I can't open up shop... I'm sure I'll be open again later... So, I'm sorry, but could you wait until then?"
  • When the shop is closed and after Dunsparce is rejected:
"I'm still not able to open the store... I'm so sorry... But I should be able to open the store again in a little while... Please wait until then... By the way... Don't you think Virizion is so pretty? I want to be like her, too. ♪ She's so cool! ♪"


Runs the Glorious Gold shop in Post Town, buying gold bars in return for money or items. He doesn't sell gold bars. He refers to gold bars as "sparklies". He often laughs maniacally.

  • When the shop is closed.

"Fwohohoho! This is the gold exchange known as GLORIOUS GOLD! I lose control when I see GLORIOUS sparklies! Yes! GLORIOUS! Sparklies! So, if you happen to have any sparklies, exchange them right here! Sorry...but my shop isn't really ready for business yet, so please hold on for a bit... If you get your hands on any sparklies, bring them very carefully to me, OK? No excuses about accidentally selling them to anyone else! I'm trusting you, OK? Fwohohoho! Fwohohohohoho!"


Main article: Victini (Gates to Infinity)

Opens up the V-Wheel shop in Pokémon Paradise after it crashes down on the sign set up by Quagsire. He has an ecstatic attitude and often gets excited especially about his wheel.


Runs the Request Counter in Pokémon Paradise. The player has to talk to her to open and close the Request Gate and to cancel job requests.

  • Upon meeting the player:
"Hi there! Just talk to me when ever you're ready to go!"
"Step right up! Welcome to the Request Counter! What sort of request will you be helping out with today?"
"I see! I'll get everything ready for your departure!"
"The Request Gate has been opened! Do your best in there!"


Runs the DLC shop in Post Town. He has the same line throughout the entire game.


"Welcome. I'm your guide to downloadable content! Would you like to return to the main menu and purchase some downloadable content?"

  • Yes:
  • What's this?:
"Using your Internet connection... You can expand your game by purchasing downloadable content! Would you like to return to the main menu and purchase some downloadable content?"


A resident of Post Town and Lillipup's grandfather. Often shows great concern with trouble and seems to speak with an Irish or Scottish accent.


"Och, it's a braw view from the top o' this hill... Ye can see for miles, eh? From time to time ye can see that uncanny mirage, no? Lang, lang ago, ye could even see those bonny rainbows... They appear no more, though... But once on a time, they were a sight to gladden the eye. I would have loved to see them just once wi' my wee grandson, Lillipup."

  • When Virizion appears:
"Och! Looks as though our fair lady's goin' tae the inn!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
"Aye, those rainbows were once the mos' famous sight tae be seen in this land. Used tae appear all the time o'er the town. The mysterious sight o' those overlappin' rainbows... Och, but it was a fair sight to see! Ye velt warmed tae the very cockles of yer heart!"
"But, alas, those fair rainbows havnae appeared for many's the long day. I dinnae ken if it has anything tae do with these blasted Mystery Dungeons, but... The one thing that's for certain is the rainbows dinnae appear anymore."


A resident of Post Town, Herdier's grandson, and Swadloon's friend.


"What kind of rainbows are they? I wish I could have seen them once..."

  • After Dunsparce is rejected:
"Dunsparce? I haven't seen him--why? We've been playing here this whole time... But no one has come by all day."


A resident of Post Town and Swadloon's mother. She comes running to the player for help before Umbreon is revealed.


"I don't believe that I've seen you in town before. Have you just recently arrivved? What's that? You are building a Paradise near here? ...Well, isn't that nice! Then I guess that means we'll be seeing quite a lot of you here in town, won't we? This is a very peaceful and wonderful place. Please do your best building your Paradise here!"


Leavanny's child and Lillipup's friend. The player has to rescue this Pokémon in Inflora Forest after Leavanny reports it missing. He is seen digging up the Entercards and a red gem before being ambushed.


"It's gonna be Mom's birthday soon. I've been trying to find her the perfect gift without her noticing. But I just can't seem to find anything very good..."

  • After Dunsparce is rejected:
"What? Some Pokémon called Dunsparce? Hmmm... Nope, don't think I've seen him."


A resident of Post Town.

  • When Virizion appears:
"She's a sight for sore eyes!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
  • Afterwards:
"That rejection... It was such a shock... Oh, yes. I was utterly rejected."


A resident of Post Town.


"Didja know that Rampardos busts open Treasure Boxes with his head? Awesome! But I hear he went a bit overboard with smashing and busted up the whole store... So he's had to shut down for a while. All he's gotta do is open Treasure Boxes... Why's he gotta be so violent about it?"

  • When Virizion appears:
"She looks perfect again today!"
"That tall, graceful figure... That cool confidence... Aww, man... She's really the best..."
"Miss Virizion... Where have your adventures taken you today?"
"Th-that's ridiculous! I'm sure the dungeon was just so jealous of your beauty... ...that it wouldn't give up a single item or treasure! That's right! That's gotta be what happened!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
"Yeah, all of us living here used to look at those rainbows... ...and we'd think, "Man, I hope they'll come back again tomorrow!" You'd feel could give it your all again after seeing 'em. Having that kind of hope for tomorrow was why we could give it our all every day. Looking at the rainbows somehow gave everybody that hope... And so we all jjust somehow started calling them the Rainbows of Hope."
"Dunsparce was totally rejected!"
  • Afterwards:


A resident of Post Town.


A resident of Post Town. After it was announced that there was a suspicious Pokémon hanging around the town, he hangs out at the crossroads. He refuses to enter Post Town, afraid that the townspeople would suspect it was him. After Umbreon is revealed, he returns to the town. He ends most sentences with "trubb-trubb".


A resident of Post Town often staying at Swanna's inn.


"The food here is the best! What about you? Aren't you gonna eat?"

  • When Virizion appears:
"Beautiful as ever, huh?"
"W-we've gotta get in there!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
  • Afterwards:
"I ain't sad! Not even a little bit! Sniffle...sniffle..."


A resident of Post Town.


"This is space fer a Traveling Sales-mon, and I'm cleanin' it up now. Once this location is usable... Travelin' Pokémon will be able to set up shop here as they please. Then a different Pokémon'll come and open a store here. They sell a lot of different stuff, so if you see somethin' good, talk to 'em. Huh? Me? I'm also a Traveling Sales-mon. I mostly work with stones and rocks. Well, I don't sell things while I'm standin' here, but... I pop in and out of Post Town often. Say hi if you see me!"

  • After the blue gems have been lost:
"Huh? You want to know if a blue-colored stone fell here? Naw. Haven't seen anythin' like that. Wait! A blue gem, you say? Could it be the ones in Stony Cave? That's amazing! If somethin' like that was layin' around, I'd have scooped it up in a flash!"
  • When the player is in the inn:
  • Afterwards:
"I just wanna crawl into a hole and never come out..."


A visitor to Post Town and companion of Pansear and Panpour.


"The water in this town sure is the best."


A visitor to Post Town and companion of Pansage and Panpour.


"We're adventurers, see? The three of us are on a journey together."


A visitor to Post Town and companion of Pansage and Pansear.


"This is my first time visiting, but Post Town really is a great town. No matter how nice a town looks, fiends are everywhere, so keep you guard up."


A visitor to Post Town.


"When you come all the way up here, the air seems a little clearer, does it not? I am Mienfoo...a martial artist. I am traveling in an effort to train myself and improve my skills. I often stop by Post Town. I'm sure we will meet again."

  • After Dunsparce is rejected:
"What? You want to know if I have seen some Pokémon? He is yellow and seems to bounce when he walks? ...No, certainly not. I'm afraid I haven't seen anything like that. Perhaps he did not come this way."


A visitor to Post Town. He is part of the Krokorok Gang.


"Huh? Whaddya want? Me? Name's Sandile. I'm a part of the imfamous Krokorok Gang. Youse lugs better not mess with us. I came all the way here today 'cause the boss told me to, but... Hey, chumps... Do either of youse know where I can finds me a Deposit Box? Wasn't it right around here? You making me out to be a patsy?"



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The Bittercold is the main villain in the game. It is not a Pokémon, but rather a form that appears and proceeds to destroy the world. It's appearance was originally caused by the negative emotions of Pokémon, which it feeds off of. The player was called here to defeat the Bittercold, as Pokémon cannot approach the Bittercold without being suffocated by the negativity.


Main article: Kyurem (Gates to Infinity)

The inhabitant of the Glacier Palace, and the protector of the Bittercold. Kyurem has foreseen the destruction the Bittercold will bring to the Pokémon world, and sees it as his duty to protect that future. He is first encountered during the player's first visit to the Glacier Palace, where he insists that the team leave, and gives them a treasure chest of gifts. After the player defeats Munna and her friends for the first time, he destroys Hydreigon and stomps on the player. He is finally defeated by the player and their partner prior to the final battle against the Bittercold. He then admits that maybe the future can be changed, and that he would like to see the player succeed. He telepathically communicates with the player during the final battle.


Main article: Munna (Gates to Infinity)

Munna, along with Hydreigon, first appears in the player's dream prior to coming to the Pokémon world. The player believes they must rescue Munna from Hydreigon, but later discovers that Munna works for Kyurem, and is in fact out to destroy the player. After she and her friends are defeated by the player and their partner, she seems to come around to their way of thinking when she realizes she doesn't want her friends to be destroyed, and saves the player from falling in the Glacier Palace and cheers them on during the final battle with the Bittercold. She appears to be the leader of her friends, as they often refer to her as "Lady Munna".

Pawniard Brothers

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They scam Dunsparce with a deal of getting stronger to get Virizion to be his friend. Once he realized this they started to attack him, but the player, and partner appear, and it becomes 3 on 2 until they call their goons and it becomes 6 on 3. Virizion, Emolga, Gurdurr, and The Timburr Bros. appear and they all battle. The Pawniard Brothers lose and flee.

Toxicroak and Purugly

Munna's friends and cohorts. They chase Umbreon and Espeon in search of the Entercards. When Umbreon makes it safely to Post Town, they catch Espeon and search her but don't find the Entercards, due to Espeon hiding them with Swadloon. They are then defeated by the hero and partner. It is later revealed that they work with Munna, Kyurem, and the Bittercold. Like Munna, they also change their minds about the world's destruction and cheer on the player during the final battle.


During the trip to destroy the Bittercold, the player is faced with a battle against Salamence and two Chandelure who are part of Munna's gang. After Salamence is defeated, the three villains fall in defeat. Shortly after, Emolga is attacked by one of the two Chandelure but Espeon appears and knocks it out before it can do any harm. The player's team then uses Entercards to access the Glacier Palace. Salamence is added to the boss list after the player defeats it.

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