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Let's Go Everyone! Let's Catch It! (Tretta)

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Let's Go Everyone! Let's Catch It!
Tretta set 7 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 7
Release date September 19, 2013
Gather! New Leaguers
Have You Seen Them?! The New Powers!!

Let's Go Everyone! Let's Catch It! (Japanese: みんなでいこうぜ!つかまえようぜ!) is the second Pokémon Tretta set in the Festival series, and the seventh set overall. It features 48 Tretta.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
7-00 Arceus Normal Tretta Legend class.png
7-01 Mewtwo Psychic Tretta Master class.png
7-02 Red Genesect Steel Tretta Master class.png
7-03 Rayquaza Dragon Tretta Master class.png
7-04 Victini Fire Tretta Master class.png
7-05 Serperior Grass Tretta Hyper class.png
7-06 Emboar Fire Tretta Hyper class.png
7-07 Samurott Water Tretta Hyper class.png
7-08 Conkeldurr Fighting Tretta Hyper class.png
7-09 Scizor Steel Tretta Hyper class.png
7-10 Garchomp Ground Tretta Hyper class.png
7-11 Vanilluxe Ice Tretta Hyper class.png
7-12 Gengar Ghost Tretta Hyper class.png
7-13 Mewtwo Psychic Tretta Super class.png
7-14 Red Genesect Steel Tretta Super class.png
7-15 Rayquaza Dragon Tretta Super class.png
7-16 Victini Fire Tretta Super class.png
7-17 Garchomp Ground Tretta Super class.png
7-18 Minccino Normal Tretta Super class.png
7-19 Darumaka Fire Tretta Super class.png
7-20 Yamask Ghost Tretta Super class.png
7-21 Piplup Water Tretta Super class.png
7-22 Pichu Electric Tretta Super class.png
7-23 Ducklett Water Tretta Super class.png
7-24 Meowth Normal Tretta Super class.png
7-25 Espeon Psychic Tretta Super class.png
7-26 Umbreon Dark Tretta Super class.png
7-27 Croagunk Fighting Tretta Super class.png
7-28 Foongus Grass Tretta Super class.png
7-29 Serperior Grass Tretta Normal class.png
7-30 Emboar Fire Tretta Normal class.png
7-31 Samurott Water Tretta Normal class.png
7-32 Conkeldurr Fighting Tretta Normal class.png
7-33 Scizor Steel Tretta Normal class.png
7-34 Garchomp Ground Tretta Normal class.png
7-35 Vanilluxe Ice Tretta Normal class.png
7-36 Gengar Ghost Tretta Normal class.png
7-37 Minccino Normal Tretta Normal class.png
7-38 Darumaka Fire Tretta Normal class.png
7-39 Yamask Ghost Tretta Normal class.png
7-40 Piplup Water Tretta Normal class.png
7-41 Pichu Electric Tretta Normal class.png
7-42 Ducklett Water Tretta Normal class.png
7-43 Meowth Normal Tretta Normal class.png
7-44 Axew Dragon Tretta Normal class.png
7-45 Snivy Grass Tretta Normal class.png
7-46 Tepig Fire Tretta Normal class.png
7-47 Oshawott Water Tretta Normal class.png

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