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Lacy (Japanese: リサ Lisa) is one of the characters of the day in Seeking Shelter From the Storm!. She was an old lady who lived in a large mansion on her own. She passed away prior to the events of the episode she appeared in and only appeared on a portrait and in a flashback.

While living alone in a mansion, Lacy was regularly visited by a wild Espurr. She gave it food and played with it. At a certain moment, the Espurr watched Lacy having health problems. Assuring Espurr she was fine, Lacy gave Espurr the pendant hanging from her neck, which was very precious to her as her husband had given it to her.

The next time Espurr returned to the mansion, Lacy was nowhere to be seen. Remembering the good times Espurr had with Lacy, it decided to stay in the mansion, all the while wondering where Lacy had gone. Years later, the mansion was visited by Ash and his friends who took hiding from a storm. Eventually Espurr befriended the group and asked them to help it find Lacy. Right at that moment, Lacy’s granddaughter Elise showed up.

Elise explained that Lacy had passed away, much to Espurr’s sadness. Elise first had plans tearing Lacy's mansion down but after meeting Espurr she decided to renovate it instead. Elise then asked Espurr if it wanted to visit Lacy's grave with her, to which Espurr happily agreed.



Lacy's Espurr
Espurr was a wild Pokémon that regularly visited Lacy who lived all alone in a large mansion. Lacy gave it food and played with it. At a certain moment Espurr watched Lacy having health problems. Lacy told it not to worry and gave it her pendant that was very special to her. Some time later when Espurr returned to the mansion, Lacy was nowhere to be seen. Remembering the good times it had with Lacy, it decided to stay in the mansion and await Lacy's return, but she never came back.

Years later it got to meet Lacy’s granddaughter Elise who told it Lacy had passed away. Elise promised not to tear Lacy’s mansion down and renovate it instead, and promised Espurr to take it to Lacy’s grave. Elise also allowed Espurr to keep Lacy’s pendant.

Espurr’s known moves are Protect and Psychic.

Debut Seeking Shelter From the Storm!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyono Yasuno

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 荘司美代子 Miyoko Shōji
Norwegian Inger Teien
Polish Anna Apostolakis-Gluzińska
European Spanish María Teresa Neila

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