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Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony

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Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony
Music from Pokémon Red and Blue
CD cover art
Release date October 14, 2012
By Braxton 'Skotein' Burks, Joypad Records
Catalogue number JOY-235
Number of tracks 35

Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony is an album by Braxton 'Skotein' Burks that features orchestrated cover versions of tracks from the original soundtrack to the Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. It was released on October 14, 2012 by Joypad Records, distributed through the iTunes Store, as well as directly via Bundle Dragon. The album was also released on YouTube on November 16, 2012.


  1. Shelf of Memories (Prelude) [1:18]
  2. Red and Blue (Opening Theme) [2:24]
  3. Dreams and Adventures (Oak's Opening Speech) [1:41]
  4. Pallet Town [3:14]
  5. Oak Research Lab [2:39]
  6. The Road To Viridian City [1:00]
  7. Battle! VS Wild Pokémon [3:20]
  8. Viridian City (& Pewter City, Saffron City) [2:01]
  9. Pokémon Center [1:11]
  10. Viridian Forest [2:00]
  11. Show Me Around, Old Man! [1:00]
  12. Battle! VS Trainer [3:46]
  13. Mt. Moon [4:06]
  14. Red's Journey (The Road To Cerulean City) [3:27]
  15. Cerulean City (& Fuschia City) [2:27]
  16. Pokémon Gym [2:00]
  17. Battle! VS Gym Leader (& Elite Four) [2:22]
  18. Vermilion City [2:18]
  19. SS Anne [2:05]
  20. Beyond Rock Tunnel (The Road To Lavender Town) [2:06]
  21. Bicycle [1:05]
  22. Lavender Town [2:46]
  23. The Ghost of Pokémon Tower [2:36]
  24. Celadon City [2:00]
  25. Celadon Game Corner [1:00]
  26. Team Rocket Hideout [2:20]
  27. Silph Co. Under Siege [2:13]
  28. Ocean Waltz (Surfing) [1:47]
  29. Cinnabar Island [2:05]
  30. Pokémon Mansion [2:17]
  31. Evolution [1:01]
  32. Present Your Badges (Indigo Plateau) [1:22]
  33. The Final Showdown! VS Champion Rival [3:36]
  34. Into The Hall of Fame [2:56]
  35. Ending [3:30]

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