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Jumbo cards (TCG)

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Jumbo cards (Japanese: ジャンボカード Jumbo card), also occasionally referred to as Oversized cards, are a variant of Pokémon card released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Much like Mini cards, they are strictly promotional and are not legal for Organized Tournament play. As the name suggest, Jumbo cards are much larger in size than standard, regular-sized cards, varying from slightly larger than a normal sized card to a height of five feet. In Japan, most Jumbo cards are given out at exclusive events, such as a Pokémon Center grand reopening or JR Train Stamp Rallies. Although this type of release method is possible for the international languages, the more common release method is in merchandise, such as the Garchomp-EX Box or the Dialga Premium Box. Although all produced and distributed by The Pokémon Company International, the international Jumbo cards aren't always consistently the same: some products will switch out their Jumbo cards for others when released in Europe.

As they aren't ever intended for tournament play, Jumbo cards are often given certain characteristics impossible for tournament cards. Some Japanese Jumbos are printed with advertisements as the card backs. In English, there are four Jumbo cards printed as lenticular images, giving the cards exclusive 3D appearances. Starting with the XY Series, The Pokémon Company International was no longer able to release figures in their TCG products when distributing them to European audiences. Thus, while North American audiences receive products with figures, such as the Mega Charizard Collection, Europe instead receives products with the figures replaced with Jumbo cards, i.e. the Mega Charizard Box.

List of Jumbo cards

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