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Jessie's Dustox

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Jessie's Dustox
ムサシのドクケイル Musashi's Dokucale
Jessie Dustox.png
Jessie's Dustox
Debuts in All in a Day's Wurmple
Caught at Route 104
Evolves in A Corphish Out of Water
Seeing is Believing!
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Released in Crossing Paths
Current location Dustox Flower Field
Wurmple Cascoon Dustox
This Pokémon spent 10 episodes as Wurmple and 4 episodes as Cascoon.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Wurmple Chinami Nishimura Tara Jayne
As Cascoon Chinami Nishimura Amy Birnbaum
As Dustox Chinami Nishimura
(regular voice actress)
Rikako Aikawa
(AG138 only)
Amy Birnbaum
Michele Knotz

Jessie's Dustox (Japanese: ムサシのドクケイル Musashi's Dokucale) was the second Pokémon caught by Jessie of Team Rocket during her travels through Hoenn. Dustox evolved from Cascoon and before that, Wurmple.


Advanced Generation series

As a Wurmple
As a Cascoon

Jessie caught Wurmple in the episode All in a Day's Wurmple, as did May. Several episodes later, in Which Wurmple's Which?, both Wurmple were temporarily switched, but were returned to their proper Trainers by the episode's end. In the episode A Corphish Out of Water, Jessie's Wurmple evolved into Cascoon while May's evolved into Silcoon; Jessie believed hers was a Silcoon as well. Four episodes later, in Seeing is Believing!, Jessie's Cascoon evolved into Dustox, soon after May's Silcoon evolved into Beautifly. While Jessie was at first disappointed that she did not have a Beautifly, she almost immediately came to adore her new Dustox (in the Japanese version, she called her Dokucale-chan on more than one occasion). In the English dub, Jessie has called her Dustox-Dear, and when she throws her Poké Ball, she has also called her "my dear Dustox".

Dustox was Jessie's primary Contest Pokémon. She was used in the Fallarbor Town Contest in the episodes Come What May and Disguise Da Limit. Jessie attempted to enter her in the Rubello Town Contest in A Fan with a Plan, but Jessie did not have a previously obtained Ribbon needed for entry.

Dustox was also Jessie's secondary battling Pokémon. She was usually used alongside Seviper, but she had also been used alone. She appeared to be fairly powerful, but as Team Rocket are the villains, she was usually defeated.

In the episode That's Just Swellow, James used Dustox as his Pokémon in a PokéRinger competition. Dustox defeated May's Beautifly in the competition, but she eventually succumbed to a last-minute defeat when Ash's Taillow evolved into a Swellow.

Diamond & Pearl series

Dustox in love

Using Dustox, Jessie was finally able to win a Ribbon in the Solaceon Town Contest in Team Shocker!. Ever since, Dustox has been wearing Jessie's hair-ribbons that she wore in that Contest, and is probably still wearing it, to remember Jessie by (see below).

In Crossing Paths, during the Dustox Crossing, she fell in love with a Shiny Dustox owned by Austin. Jessie tearfully decided that Dustox had to go with the others, despite everyone protests, but, since Dustox was loyal, she didn't want to. Seeing that Dustox was facing the same dilemma Jessie once was, about to throw away her chance of finding her true love to be with friends, Jessie had to shatter Dustox's Poké Ball to let her go. Dustox then went to live with other Dustox and start a family, giving Jessie the hope of finding her own soul mate.

In Our Cup Runneth Over!, Jessie said she would dedicate her Wallace Cup performance to Dustox, in her flashback.

In Jumping Rocket Ship!, She also appeared in Meowth's flashback.

Personality and characteristics

As a Wurmple, she was very sedate and well-behaved, unlike May's Wurmple who was gluttonous and a bit disobedient. When she evolved she stayed well-behaved and was very loyal to Jessie. They had a very strong connection with each other, most obvious upon Dustox's release when Dustox wouldn't go with her mate and refused to leave Jessie's side.

Moves used

Jessie Dustox Whirlwind.png
Using Whirlwind
Jessie Dustox Stun Spore.png
Using Stun Spore
Move First Used In
String Shot Which Wurmple's Which?
Tackle  Seeing is Believing!
Harden Seeing is Believing!
Poison Sting  Seeing is Believing!
Psybeam  Seeing is Believing!
Whirlwind  Watt's with Wattson?
Stun Spore × Gymbaliar!
Gust A Staravia is Born!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Spinning Poison Sting


  • The yellow ribbons Dustox wears in the episode she was released are similar to the ones Jessie wears when she is disguised as Jessilina when competing in Contests.
  • Once her Cascoon evolved into a Dustox, Jessie's team didn't change for over 250 episodes until she released Dustox, not counting temporary changes.
  • Dustox is the only Pokémon in the anime belonging to a main character to have its Poké Ball broken permanently.
  • Out of all of Team Rocket's Pokémon, Dustox has used the most different types of moves, at six different types used.
  • Excluding her temporary Pokémon, Dustox is Jessie's only Pokémon that is part of a three stage evolutionary family.

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