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James's parents

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James's parents in The Treasure Is All Mine!
James's mother and father in Holy Matrimony!

James's parents are two wealthy aristocrats. In Holy Matrimony!, they pretended to be dead as a trap to lure James back home and get him to marry Jessebelle, an arrangement he now fiercely opposed. From their single appearance in addition to James's occasional recounts of his childhood, they are shown to be rather insensitively oblivious to James's personal feelings. They frequently forced him into things he didn't care about at all while he was growing up, such as endless lessons in upper-class activities and aristocratic mannerisms. They also appointed him a fiancée that he to this day tries to stay as far away as possible from. For the most part, it seems that they only hold interest in having James do what they think is best for him and appear to far favor Jessebelle, whom they view to be their idea of a "perfect daughter-in-law".

James's parents have been occasionally mentioned since their debut appearance: James, along with Jessie and Meowth, sometimes visits one of his parents' many vacation homes if the trio are in the area.

They reappeared in James's flashback in The Treasure Is All Mine!, where it is revealed that they arranged James to marry Jessebelle after he seemed to show some interest in her while they were children. Unfortunately the two parents fail to realize (or perhaps, choose to ignore) the fact that James is now completely evasive of her, and thus still fully expect him to marry her.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese James's father: 梁田清之 Kiyoyuki Yanada
James's mother: 兵藤まこ Mako Hyōdō
English James's father: Adam Blaustein (EP048) / Marc Thompson (DP153)
James's mother: Megan Hollingshead (EP048) / Eileen Stevens (DP153)
Finnish James's father: Pasi Ruohonen (EP048)
James's mother: Jenni Sivonen (EP048)
Norwegian James's father: Trond Teigen (EP048) / Tommy Karlsen (DP153)
James's mother: Katrine Blomstrand (EP048) / Lena Meieran (DP153)
Polish James's father: Janusz Rymkiewicz (EP048) / Wojciech Machnicki (DP153)
James's mother: Magda Ostolska (EP048) / Katarzyna Łaska (DP153)
Brazilian Portuguese James's father: Daoiz Cabezudo (EP048)
James's mother: Denise Reis (EP048)
Spanish Latin America James's father: Jorge Santos
James's mother: Diana Santos
Spain James's father: Juan Antonio Arroyo (EP048) / Eduardo del Hoyo (DP153)
James's mother: Mari Luz Olier (EP048) / Amparo Valencia (DP153)

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