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Huge Storage 2

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Huge Storage 2
Adventure Mode
Prize Target 30,000
Pokémon to Trozei 400
Hard Adventure Mode
Prize Target 48,000
Pokémon to Trozei 450

Huge Storage 2 is a playable location in Pokémon Trozei!. It is part of the Huge Storage group of areas.


Pokémon Rarity
Trozeiani255.gif Torchic Common
Trozeiani079.gif Slowpoke Common
Trozeiani082.gif Magneton Common
Trozeiani285.gif Shroomish Common
Trozeiani177.gif Natu Common
Trozeiani132.gif Ditto Common
Trozeiani159.gif Croconaw Rare
Trozeiani097.gif Hypno Rare
Trozeiani301.gif Delcatty Rare


The following conditions must be met before unlocking Huge Storage 2:


Upon beating Huge Storage 2, the following locations are unlocked:

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