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Giratina Tremor (Battrio)

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Giratina Tremor
Battrio expansion 05 logo.png
Number of Pucks 48
Expansion Number 05
Release Date August 2008
Mysterious Mew
Encounter with Shaymin

The Giratina Tremor Collection (Japanese: ギラティナ激震編 Giratina Tremor Collection) is the fifth Pokémon Battrio expansion set, and the first expansion set to the Battrio S upgrade. It features 48 pucks.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
05-001 Giratina Ghost Master
05-002 Dialga Steel Master
05-003 Celebi Psychic Master
05-004 Raikou Electric Hyper
05-005 Regirock Rock Hyper
05-006 Regice Ice Hyper
05-007 Meganium Grass Hyper
05-008 Blaziken Fighting Hyper
05-009 Swampert Ground Hyper
05-010 Regigigas Normal Hyper
05-011 Articuno Ice Hyper
05-012 Bayleef Grass Super
05-013 Marshtomp Ground Super
05-014 Aggron Steel Super
05-015 Milotic Water Super
05-016 Abomasnow Ice Super
05-017 Bronzong Psychic Super
05-018 Magnezone Electric Super
05-019 Dragonite Dragon Super
05-020 Rapidash Fire Super
05-021 Roserade Grass Super
05-022 Marowak Ground Super
05-023 Pikachu Electric Super
05-024 Drapion Dark Super
05-025 Gengar Ghost Super
05-026 Cyndaquil Fire Normal
05-027 Totodile Water Normal
05-028 Treecko Grass Normal
05-029 Torchic Fire Normal
05-030 Piloswine Ice Normal
05-031 Magby Fire Normal
05-032 Swellow Flying Normal
05-033 Elekid Electric Normal
05-034 Sudowoodo Rock Normal
05-035 Scizor Bug Normal
05-036 Budew Grass Normal
05-037 Piplup Water Normal
05-038 Gible Dragon Normal
05-039 Stunky Poison Normal
05-040 Cubone Ground Normal
05-041 Shinx Electric Normal
05-042 Riolu Fighting Normal
05-043 Growlithe Fire Normal
05-044 Poliwhirl Water Normal
05-045 Tangela Grass Normal
05-046 Buneary Normal Normal
05-047 Bronzor Psychic Normal
05-048 Starly Flying Normal

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