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Full Art card (TCG)

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Full Art Zekrom

Full Art cards are an artwork variant of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were introduced in the Black & White expansion, first originating from the Black Collection and White Collection in Japan.

Starting with the Black & White Series, expansions contain Full Art reprints of certain cards from the set. On average, English booster boxes will contain 2 Full Art cards, meaning about 1 card per 18 packs. In Japan, the cards are Secret cards: cards with a number above the set number. The English numbering system places them at the end of the set.

Starting with Next Destinies, many Full Art cards found in expansions are reprints of Pokémon-EX from the same set. The English releases of some Full Art Pokémon-EX feature a special embossed etching treatment.

Cards with Full Art prints

Full Art cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Reshiram Fire Black & White Rare Ultra 113/114 Black Collection SR 055/053
Legendary Treasures Rare Secret 114/113 EX Battle Boost   094/093
Legendary Treasures Rare Ultra RC22/RC25 Shiny Collection SR 022/020
Zekrom Lightning Black & White Rare Ultra 114/114 White Collection SR 055/053
Legendary Treasures Rare Secret 115/113 EX Battle Boost   095/093
Thundurus Lightning Emerging Powers Rare Ultra 97/98 White Collection SR 054/053
Tornadus Colorless Emerging Powers Rare Ultra 98/98 Black Collection SR 054/053
Virizion Grass Noble Victories Rare Ultra 97/101 Red Collection SR 067/066
Victini Fire Noble Victories Rare Ultra 98/101 Red Collection SR 068/066
Terrakion Fighting Noble Victories Rare Ultra 99/101 Red Collection SR 069/066
Cobalion Metal Noble Victories Rare Ultra 100/101 Red Collection SR 070/066
N Su Noble Victories Rare Ultra 101/101 Red Collection SR 071/066
ShayminEX Grass Next Destinies Rare Ultra 94/99 Psycho Drive SR 053/052
Legendary Treasures Rare Ultra RC21/RC25 Shiny Collection SR 021/020
ReshiramEX Fire Next Destinies Rare Ultra 95/99 BW-P Promotional cards   158/BW-P
KyuremEX Water Next Destinies Rare Ultra 96/99 Hail Blizzard SR 053/052
ZekromEX Lightning Next Destinies Rare Ultra 97/99 BW-P Promotional cards   159/BW-P
MewtwoEX Psychic Next Destinies Rare Ultra 98/99 Psycho Drive SR 055/052
RegigigasEX Colorless Next Destinies Rare Ultra 99/99 Hail Blizzard SR 055/052
Landorus Fighting BW Black Star Promos   BW43 BW-P Promotional cards   112/BW-P
EnteiEX Fire Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 103/108 Dark Rush SR 070/069
KyogreEX Water Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 104/108 Psycho Drive SR 054/052
RaikouEX Lightning Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 105/108 Dark Rush SR 071/069
GroudonEX Fighting Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 106/108 Hail Blizzard SR 054/052
DarkraiEX Darkness Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 107/108 Dark Rush SR 072/069
TornadusEX Colorless Dark Explorers Rare Ultra 108/108 Dark Rush SR 073/069
Ho-OhEX Fire Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 119/124 Dragon Blade SR 051/050
MewEX Psychic Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 120/124 Dragon Blast SR 051/050
Legendary Treasures Rare Ultra RC24/RC25 Shiny Collection SR 024/020
TerrakionEX Fighting Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 121/124 Dragon Blast SR 052/050
RegisteelEX Metal Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 122/124 Dragon Blade SR 052/050
RayquazaEX Dragon Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 123/124 Dragon Blade SR 053/050
      BW-P Promotional cards   145/BW-P
GiratinaEX Dragon Dragons Exalted Rare Ultra 124/124 Dragon Blast SR 053/050
      BW-P Promotional cards   146/BW-P
CelebiEX Grass Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 141/149 Cold Flare SR 060/059
KeldeoEX Water Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 142/149 Cold Flare SR 061/059
CresseliaEX Psychic Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 143/149 Freeze Bolt SR 060/059
LandorusEX Fighting Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 144/149 Freeze Bolt SR 061/059
Black KyuremEX Dragon Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 145/149 Freeze Bolt SR 062/059
White KyuremEX Dragon Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 146/149 Cold Flare SR 062/059
Bianca Su Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 147/149 Cold Flare SR 063/059
Cheren Su Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 148/149 Freeze Bolt SR 063/059
Skyla Su Boundaries Crossed Rare Ultra 149/149 Plasma Gale SR 076/070
VictiniEX Fire Plasma Storm Rare Ultra 131/135 Plasma Gale SR 071/070
ArticunoEX Water Plasma Storm Rare Ultra 132/135 Plasma Gale SR 072/070
CobalionEX Metal Plasma Storm Rare Ultra 133/135 Plasma Gale SR 073/070
LugiaEX Colorless Plasma Storm Rare Ultra 134/135 Plasma Gale SR 074/070
Colress Su Plasma Storm Rare Ultra 135/135 Plasma Gale SR 075/070
HeatranEX Fire Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 109/116 Spiral Force SR 052/051
ThundurusEX Lightning Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 110/116 Thunder Knuckle SR 052/051
DeoxysEX Psychic Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 111/116 Spiral Force SR 053/051
LatiasEX Dragon Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 112/116 Thunder Knuckle SR 053/051
LatiosEX Dragon Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 113/116 Spiral Force SR 054/051
TornadusEX Colorless Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 114/116 Thunder Knuckle SR 054/051
Ghetsis Su Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 115/116 Spiral Force SR 055/051
Professor Juniper Su Plasma Freeze Rare Ultra 116/116 Thunder Knuckle SR 055/051
Darkrai Darkness BW Black Star Promos   BW73 Team Plasma Battle Gift Set   005/016
Giratina Psychic BW Black Star Promos   BW74 Team Plasma Battle Gift Set   002/016
VirizionEX Grass Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 96/101 Megalo Cannon SR 077/076
GenesectEX Grass Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 97/101 Megalo Cannon SR 078/076
JirachiEX Metal Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 98/101 Megalo Cannon SR 079/076
DialgaEX Dragon Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 99/101 Megalo Cannon SR 080/076
PalkiaEX Dragon Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 100/101 Megalo Cannon SR 081/076
Iris Su Plasma Blast Rare Ultra 101/101 Megalo Cannon SR 082/076
Emolga Lightning Legendary Treasures Rare Ultra RC23/RC25 Shiny Collection SR 023/020
MeloettaEX Psychic Legendary Treasures Rare Ultra RC25/RC25 Shiny Collection SR 025/020
Pikachu Lightning       BW-P Promotional cards   229/BW-P
VenusaurEX Grass XY Rare Ultra 141/146 Collection X SR 061/060
BlastoiseEX Water XY Rare Ultra 142/146 Collection Y SR 061/060
EmolgaEX Lightning XY Rare Ultra 143/146 Collection Y SR 062/060
YveltalEX Darkness XY Rare Ultra 144/146 Collection Y SR 063/060
SkarmoryEX Metal XY Rare Ultra 145/146 Collection X SR 062/060
XerneasEX Fairy XY Rare Ultra 146/146 Collection X SR 063/060
CharizardEX Fire Flashfire Rare Ultra 100/106 Wild Blaze SR 081/080
MagnezoneEX Lightning Flashfire Rare Ultra 101/106 Wild Blaze SR 082/080
ToxicroakEX Psychic Flashfire Rare Ultra 102/106 Wild Blaze SR 083/080
KangaskhanEX Colorless Flashfire Rare Ultra 103/106 Wild Blaze SR 084/080
Lysandre Su Flashfire Rare Ultra 104/106 Wild Blaze SR 084/080
Pokémon Center Lady Su Flashfire Rare Ultra 105/106 Wild Blaze SR 085/080
Pokémon Fan Club Su Flashfire Rare Ultra 106/106 Wild Blaze SR 086/080
HeracrossEX Grass Furious Fists Rare Ultra 105/111 Rising Fist SR 097/096
SeismitoadEX Water Furious Fists Rare Ultra 106/111 Rising Fist SR 098/096
LucarioEX Fighting Furious Fists Rare Ultra 107/111 Rising Fist SR 099/096
DragoniteEX Dragon Furious Fists Rare Ultra 108/111 Rising Fist SR 100/096
Battle Reporter Su Furious Fists Rare Ultra 109/111 Rising Fist SR 103/096
Fossil Researcher Su Furious Fists Rare Ultra 110/111 Rising Fist SR 101/096
Korrina Su Furious Fists Rare Ultra 111/111 Rising Fist SR 102/096
ManectricEX Lightning Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 113/119 Phantom Gate SR 089/088
GengarEX Psychic Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 114/119 Phantom Gate SR 090/088
MalamarEX Darkness Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 115/119 Phantom Gate SR 091/088
FlorgesEX Fairy Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 116/119 Phantom Gate SR 092/088
AZ Su Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 117/119 Phantom Gate SR 093/088
Lysandre's Trump Card Su Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 118/119 Phantom Gate SR 095/088
Xerosic Su Phantom Forces Rare Ultra 119/119 Phantom Gate SR 094/088
DialgaEX Metal Phantom Forces Rare Secret 122/119 Hyper Metal Chain Deck   019/018
TrevenantEX Grass Primal Clash Rare Ultra 145/160 Gaia Volcano SR 071/070
CameruptEX Fire Primal Clash Rare Ultra 146/160 Gaia Volcano SR 072/070
WailordEX Water Primal Clash Rare Ultra 147/160 Tidal Storm SR 071/070
KyogreEX Water Primal Clash Rare Ultra 148/160 Tidal Storm SR 072/070
Primal KyogreEX Water Primal Clash Rare Ultra 149/160 Tidal Storm SR 073/070
GroudonEX Fighting Primal Clash Rare Ultra 150/160 Gaia Volcano SR 073/070
Primal GroudonEX Fighting Primal Clash Rare Ultra 151/160 Gaia Volcano SR 074/070
SharpedoEX Darkness Primal Clash Rare Ultra 152/160 Tidal Storm SR 074/070
AggronEX Metal Primal Clash Rare Ultra 153/160 Gaia Volcano SR 075/070
MegaAggronEX Metal Primal Clash Rare Ultra 154/160 Gaia Volcano SR 076/070
GardevoirEX Fairy Primal Clash Rare Ultra 155/160 Tidal Storm SR 075/070
MegaGardevoirEX Fairy Primal Clash Rare Ultra 156/160 Tidal Storm SR 076/070
Archie's Ace in the Hole Su Primal Clash Rare Ultra 157/160 Tidal Storm SR 077/070
Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick Su Primal Clash Rare Ultra 158/160 Gaia Volcano SR 078/070
Professor Birch's Observations Su Primal Clash Rare Ultra 159/160 Tidal Storm SR 078/070
Teammates Su Primal Clash Rare Ultra 160/160 Gaia Volcano SR 077/070
Team Aqua's KyogreEX Water Double Crisis Rare Holo ex 6/34 Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis RR 006/034
Team Magma's GroudonEX Fighting Double Crisis Rare Holo ex 15/34 Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis RR 015/034
ThundurusEX Lightning       Emerald Break SR 079/078
GalladeEX Psychic       Emerald Break SR 080/078
MegaGalladeEX Psychic       Emerald Break SR 081/078
LatiosEX Dragon       Emerald Break SR 082/078
MegaLatiosEX Dragon       Emerald Break SR 083/078
HydreigonEX Dragon       Emerald Break SR 084/078
RayquazaEX Colorless       Emerald Break SR 085/078
MegaRayquazaEX Colorless       Emerald Break SR 086/078
ShayminEX Colorless       Emerald Break SR 087/078
Wally Su       Emerald Break SR 089/078
Winona Su       Emerald Break SR 088/078
Steven Su       XY-P Promotional cards   127/XY-P

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