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Melodious Woodland

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Melodious Woodland (Japanese: 森のおんがくどう Forest Concert Hall) is the 14th area in Pokémon Rumble U. It is available after the player clears Magical Lake. In this area, the player fights three bosses - Regigigas, Spiritomb, and Meloetta. Each stage must be cleared before moving on to the next stage.

A Colossal Throwdown

  • Challenges -
    • Defeat the boss in time
    • Don't get trapped
    • Clear the battle within 60 seconds
    • Use a Super-effective Fighting-type move
    • Clear the battle on Monday
Golurk Golurk
Regirock Regirock
Regice Regice
Registeel Registeel
Regigigas Regigigas

Major Clean-Up

  • Challenges -
    • Defeat the boss
    • Pick up 120 or more coins
    • Destroy 15 or more Rockets
    • Don't use Poison-type Pokémon
    • Use a Super-Effective move
Trubbish Trubbish
Garbodor Garbodor
Gloom Gloom
Vileplume Vileplume
Koffing Koffing
Weezing Weezing
Grimer Grimer
Muk Muk
Stunky Stunky
Skuntank Skuntank
Spiritomb Spiritomb

A Lively Concert

  • Challenges -
    • Defeat the Boss
    • Call a Supporter Pokémon
    • Hit Meloetta with a Master Capsule
    • Clear the battle within 120 seconds
    • Achieve a combo of 100 or more
Timburr Timburr
Gurdurr Gurdurr
Conkeldurr Conkeldurr
Elgyem Elgyem
Beheeyem Beheeyem
Machop Machop
Machoke Machoke
Machamp Machamp
Drowzee Drowzee
Hypno Hypno
Croagunk Croagunk
Toxicroak Toxicroak
Snorlax Snorlax
Loudred Loudred
Exploud Exploud
Meloetta Meloetta
Meloetta Meloetta

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