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Fire Pokédex (book)

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Pokémon Fire Pokédex
Fire Pokédex book.png
ISBN: 0439720982
Published: October 2004
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Katherine Noll and Tracey West
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: Electric Pokédex

Pokémon Fire Pokédex is a book from the Element Pokédex series. It features all the Fire-type Pokémon from the first three generations, as well as other information about the Fire element. The book is in the shape of a Poké Ball and is 47 pages long.

Fire Pokédex focuses on all aspects of Fire-type Pokémon, including their strengths and weaknesses, name pronunciation, moves, type, and level-up info. It describes the Fire-type Gyms in Cinnabar Island and Lavaridge Town. In addition, it provides information about Professor Birch and Pokémon Centers. At the end of the book, there is a section about Ash's battle with Harrison.


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Pokémon featured


  • This is the only book in the series to not have the "Legendary" label on the pages featuring legendary Pokémon.


  • In the front cover, it explains how Pokémon can have two types. It gives an example of a Fire- and Fighting-type Pokémon, but the actual name of the Pokémon is left out. Instead, it simply says "is both a Fire and Fighting Pokémon".

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