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Extra Rule card (TCG)

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Extra Rule cards

Extra Rule cards (Japanese: おすすめルール Suggested Rule) are a classification of trading cards in Japan only released in the third series of Vending Machine cards. They have no rarity and all of the illustrations were done by Nobuyuki Habu.

Extra Rule cards alter the way the game is played by providing an additional rule. In most cases these rules can only be enacted before beginning play, so they cannot be played during the game.

List of Extra Rule cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
4 Prize Battle - Vending Machine cards Series 3
20 Damage from Confusion - Vending Machine cards Series 3
3 Deck Battle - Vending Machine cards Series 3
3 vs 3 Dugtrio Team Battle - Vending Machine cards Series 3
Deck Exchange - Vending Machine cards Series 3

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