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Ted Lewis

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Ted Lewis

Ted Lewis (born 18 October, 1969) is a voice actor, director and adaptation writer for the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime. From the second season onwards he is credited under the name of Ed Paul.

Pokémon roles

Lewis provided many additional voices along with some of the series' most famous characters, including Team Rocket boss Giovanni and Tracey Sketchit.

In addition to voice acting, Lewis was credited as an assistant director during season five and wrote the adaptation for several episodes of Pokémon Chronicles.

Lewis left the series along with most of the 4Kids cast at the end of season 8, but returned to voicing characters for the show in A Full Course Tag Battle! and to the role of Giovanni in The Thief That Keeps On Thieving!.





Video games

Famous non-Pokémon roles

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