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Doctor Ferrara's henchmen

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Doctor Ferrara's henchmen

Doctor Ferrara's henchmen are two characters of the day who appeared in The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!. They were both hired by Doctor Ferrara to form "Team Vanillite", and served as antagonists of the episode.

They were driving a truck to the Cold Storage in order to tell Doctor Ferrara about their task in collecting goods from all over the Unova region. When Linda went inside the Cold Storage to investigate the activity, she was caught by Doctor Ferrara and his henchmen. Linda battled the henchmen with her Timburr but it got frozen when it was about to use Focus Punch. Linda was then tied up by the minions's boss.

Doctor Ferrara revealed that the minions and him would go around stealing goods, take over Unova and attempt to befriend the Ice-type, mostly Vanillite, using frozen food. Before they could begin, Charles arrived with Ash and his friends and managed to save Linda. However, Doctor Ferrara and his henchmen were about to get away until Charles in his Accelguard alter ego sped up to them and blocked their way with his motorcycle. While Accelguard took on Doctor Ferrara when he became Cryogonal Man, Ash and Linda handled the two henchmen. They simultaneously defeated the two men and Officer Jenny arrived to arrest them and Doctor Ferrara.


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Cryogonal Man's henchmen's Vanillite
Vanillite (×2)
Doctor Ferrara's henchmen sent out Vanillite when Linda was caught in the Cold Storage, discovering what was going on. When her Timburr battled one of the Vanillite, the Vanillite retaliated by using Blizzard to freeze Timburr's Focus Punch. Later, when the henchmen were trying to run away from the Cold Storage, both Vanillite battled with Timburr and Ash's Pikachu, and were defeated.

Vanillite's known moves are Blizzard and Ice Beam.

Debut The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!
Voice actors
English Emily Jenness

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
European Spanish Iván Jara