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Coconut's Eevee

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Coconut's Eevee
ココナッツのイーブイ Coconut's Eievui
Poké Ball
Coconut Eevee MPJ.png
Coconout's Eevee
Debuts in Eevee... Pokémon Genius!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Coconut's Eevee (Japanese: ココナッツのイーブイ Coconut's Eievui) is a Pokémon belonging to Coconut in the Magical Pokémon Journey manga series.


Eevee is quite intelligent for Pokémon standards, being about as smart as the average child in kindergarten.

Eevee amazes Clefairy and Pikachu because he knows basic math. Eevee is very loyal to Coconut and stays close to her. When Coconut's experiments go wrong, he often bears the consequences.

He meets Lu, a female Eevee, and falls in love with her. They go out on dates and become a couple, much to the jealousy of the other male Pokémon.


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