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Characteristics are a feature in the Pokémon games, introduced in Generation IV. A Pokémon's Characteristic indicates which stat contains a Pokémon's highest IV. It is displayed on the Pokémon's profile screen where its Nature, date met, place met, and flavor preference (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum only) are shown.

A Pokémon's Characteristic is determined by the remainder of its highest IV divided by 5 (known as modulo operation in programming). Since it is built this way, Pokémon transferred from the games of Generation III via Pal Park have a Characteristic without their stats being changed.

List of Characteristics

Possible Individual Values HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Loves to eat Proud of its power Sturdy body Highly curious Strong willed Likes to run
1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31 Takes plenty of siestas Likes to thrash about Capable of taking hits Mischievous Somewhat vain Alert to sounds
2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27 Nods off a lot A little quick tempered Highly persistent Thoroughly cunning Strongly defiant Impetuous and silly
3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 Scatters things often Likes to fight Good endurance Often lost in thought Hates to lose Somewhat of a clown
4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29 Likes to relax Quick tempered Good perseverance Very finicky Somewhat stubborn Quick to flee

Note that having a certain Characteristic does not necessarily imply that the highest possible value for an IV is present. A Pokémon with an "Alert to sounds" Characteristic could have a 6 in Speed (and thus very low IVs across all of its stats since none could be higher than 6) instead of a 31 in Speed.


In Generations IV and V, two of the Characteristics were not properly translated from the Japanese releases. The HP Characteristics corresponding to IVs of 1 and 2 were accidentally replaced by the Characteristics corresponding to IVs of 2 and 3, respectively. So, rather than the HP Characteristics being ordered "Takes plenty of siestas", "Nods off a lot" (i.e., "Often dozes off"), and "Scatters things often" as they should have been, they were ordered "Often dozes off", "Often scatters things", "Scatters things often" (note that the last two are different, but only trivially).


In the event of a tie in highest IVs, the IV that determines the Pokémon's Characteristic is decided in the following manner:

Start with the Pokémon's personality value mod 6. The result is an index number of a stat in this order: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense. In the event of a tie in IVs, the first IV checked is the IV corresponding to that index number. If that IV is not part of the tie, the game moves on to the next index number in the aforementioned order. If it goes past 5 (Special Defense), it wraps around back to 0 (HP). When the game finds an IV that is part of the tie, that is the IV that will determine the Characteristic displayed.


A Mudkip has the following IVs:

258Mudkip.png Hit Points Attack Defense Speed Sp.Attack Sp.Defense
24 18 17 29 24 27

Since its highest IV is 29 in Speed, its Characteristic will be "Quick to flee."

A Ditto has the following IVs and a personality value of 1467750821 in base 10:

132Ditto.png Hit Points Attack Defense Speed Sp.Attack Sp.Defense
8 0 0 17 17 10

Since its highest IV is 17 in both Speed and Special Attack, the result of 1467750821 mod 6, or 5, is used to check against the IV in Special Defense. Since the Special Defense is not part of the tie, the game moves on and wraps back until it reaches Speed, which is part of the tie. Its Characteristic will be "Impetuous and silly."

In other languages

English English Japanese Kana Japanese Rōmaji French French German German Italian Italian Spanish Spanish Korean Hangul Korean Romanized
A little quick tempered ちょっとおこりっぽい Chotto okorippoi Un peu coléreux Besitzt Temperament Si arrabbia facilmente A veces se enfada 약간 화를 잘 내는 성미임 Yaggan hwareul jal naen'eun seongmi'im
Alert to sounds ものおとにびんかん Mono'oto ni binkan Attentif aux sons Achtet auf Geräusche Fa attenzione ai suoni Oído siempre alerta 주위 소리에 민감함 Juwi sorie mingamham
Capable of taking hits うたれづよい Utare dzuyoi Sait encaisser les coups Kann Treffer gut ab
Kann Treffer gut verkraften
Forte in attacco Buen fajador 맷집이 강함 Maesjip'i gangham
Good endurance しんぼうづよい Shinbō dzuyoi Bonne endurance Hat eine gute Ausdauer Molto paziente Muy resistente 인내심이 강함 Innaesim'i gangham
Good perseverance がまんづよい Gaman dzuyoi Persévérant Ist beharrlich Molto tenace Muy perseverante 잘 참음 Jal cham'eum
Hates to lose まけずぎらい Makezu girai A horreur de perdre Hasst Niederlagen Non sopporta perdere Odia perder 지기 싫어함 Jigi sir'eoham
Highly curious こうきしんがつよい Kōkishin ga tsuyoi Extrêmement curieux Sehr neugierig Grande ficcanaso Extremadamente curioso 호기심이 강함 Hogisim'i gangham
Highly persistent ねばりづよい Nebari dzuyoi Très obstiné Äußerst ausdauernd Molto ostinato Muy persistente 끈질김 Kkeunjilgim
Impetuous and silly おっちょこちょい Occhokochoi Bête et impulsif Ungestüm und einfältig Irruente e semplice Impetuoso y bobo 촐랑대는 성격임 Chollangdaeneun seonggyeok'im
Likes to fight ケンカをするのがすき Kenka wo suru no ga suki Aime combattre Liebt Kämpfe Adora combattere Le gusta luchar 싸움을 좋아함 Ssaum'eul jo'aham
Likes to relax のんびりするのがすき Nonbiri suru no ga suki Aime se détendre Mag es, sich zu entspannen Adora rilassarsi Le gusta relajarse 유유자적함을 좋아함 Yuyujajeokham'eul jo'aham
Likes to run かけっこがすき Kakekko ga suki Aime courir Liebt es zu rennen Adora correre Le gusta correr 약간 우쭐쟁이임 Yaggan Ujjuljaeng'iim
Likes to thrash about あばれることがすき Abareru koto ga suki Aime se démener Prügelt sich gerne Adora dimenarsi Le gusta revolverse 난동부리기를 좋아함 Nandong buligileul jo'aham
Loves to eat たべるのがだいすき Taberu no ga daisuki Adore manger Liebt es zu essen Adora mangiare Le encanta comer 먹는 것을 제일 좋아함 Meogneun geos'eul je'il jo'aham
Mischievous イタズラがすき Itazura ga suki Coquin Hinterhältig Alquanto vivace Travieso 매우 꼼꼼함 Maeu kkomkkomham
Often dozes off
Takes plenty of siestas
ひるねをよくする Hirune wo yoku suru S'assoupit souvent Nickt oft ein Si addormenta spesso A menudo se duerme 낮잠을 잘 잠 Naj'jam'eul jal jam
Often lost in thought かんがえごとがおおい Kangae goto ga ooi Souvent dans la lune Ist oft in Gedanken Si perde nel suo mondo A menudo está en Babia 걱정거리가 많음 Geogjeong'georiga Man'eum
Often scatters things
Nods off a lot
いねむりがおおい Inemuri ga ooi Dort beaucoup Schläft gerne Dorme a lungo Duerme muncho 말뚝잠이 많음 Malttugjam'i man'eum
Proud of its power ちからがじまん Chikara ga jiman Est fier de sa puissance Stolz auf seine Stärke La forza è il suo vanto Orgulloso de su fuerza 힘자랑이 특기임 Himjalang'i teug'giim
Quick tempered ちのけがおおい Chinoke ga ooi S'emporte facilement Impulsiv Facilmente irritabile Tiene mal genio 혈기가 왕성함 Hyeolgiga wangseongham
Quick to flee にげるのがはやい Nigeru no ga hayai Fuit rapidement Flüchtet schnell Sa fuggire velocemente Huye rápido 도망에는 선수임 Domang'eneun seonsu'im
Scatters things often ものをよくちらかす Mono wo yokuchira kasu Éparpille des choses Macht oft Unordnung Lascia cose in giro Suele desordenar cosas 물건을 잘 어지름 Mulgeon'eul jal eojireum
Somewhat of a clown すこしおちょうしもの Sukoshi occhōshimono Aime faire le pitre Ist fast wie ein Clown Una specie di buffone Es un poco payaso 약간 우쭐쟁이임 Yag'gan u'jjuljaeng'iim
Somewhat stubborn ちょっぴりごうじょう Choppiri gōjō Assez entêté Dickköpfig Un po' testardo Un poco cabezota 조금 고집통이임 Jogeum gojibtong'iim
Somewhat vain ちょっぴりみえっぱり Choppiri mieppari Un peu vaniteux Irgendwie eitel Abbastanza superficiale Algo orgulloso 조금 겉치레를 좋아함 Jogeum geotchirereul jo'aham
Strong willed きがつよい Ki ga tsuyoi Très volontaire Besitzt starken Willen Sa il fatto suo Voluntarioso 기가 센 성격임 Giga sen seong'gyeog'im
Strongly defiant まけんきがつよい Makenki ga tsuyoi Esprit rebelle Sehr aufsässig Molto insolente Muy insolente 오기가 센 성격임 Ogiga sen seong'gyeog'im
Sturdy body からだがじょうぶ Karada ga jōbu Corps robuste Hat robusten Körper Ha un corpo robusto Cuerpo resistente 몸이 튼튼함 Mom'i teunteunham
Thoroughly cunning ぬけめがない Nukeme ga nai Très astucieux Äußerst gerissen Estremamente sagace Muy astuto 빈틈이 없음 Binteum'i eobs'eum
Very finicky とてもきちょうめん Totemo kichōmen Très particulier Sehr pedantisch Molto esigente Muy melindroso 매우 꼼꼼함 Maeu kkomkkomham

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