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コレア Correa
XY Celosia.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Female
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Team Flare
Generation VI
Games X and Y
Member of Team Flare
Rank Scientist

Celosia (Japanese: コレア Correa) is one of five Team Flare scientists in Pokémon X and Y.

In the games

Celosia is one of five Team Flare scientists that are the driving force behind the team, being identified by her purple hair. She is first seen with Bryony and one of Team Flare's Admins at the Poké Ball Factory, trying to coerce the company president into working for them.


Pokémon X and Y

First battle (Multi Battle with Bryony)

Second battle


Pokémon X and Y

Poké Ball Factory
  • First meeting
"Or, with a contribution of just PokémonDollar.png5,000,000, you could become a member of Team Flare. It's a no-brainer!"
  • Before battle
"So lame! That's just embarrassing from an admin! Still, no worries. We're on it! This pair of scientists will clean up after you."
"One kid or two, it doesn't make a lot of difference. When we're the ones fighting together, our odds of victory increase exponentially!"
  • Being defeated
"No way! Wow, we are lame."
  • After being defeated
"So lame! What a shame! We got beat!"
Lysandre Labs
  • Before battle
"So who is he/she?"
"Yup. That sounds good to me. Then I'll get in the first blow!"
  • Being defeated
"Ah ha ha ha! You beat us good. Wow, we are sooo lame."
  • After being defeated
"What's this?! Who would have thought a child like you could beat us both? You and your Pokémon were utterly in sync in that battle, and I know why. You're here for answers, aren't you? I suppose we're at your mercy. I will tell you what I know, at least."
"In reality, those stones that line Route 10 are the graves of Pokémon. When the ultimate weapon was used to end that horrible war over 3,000 years ago, it stole the lives of all those Pokémon. Their lives were the price of peace then. And if we want to make our own wishes come true today, we in Team Flare also have to sacrifice something precious."


VSCelosia.png VSCelosia 2.png
VS Model from
X and Y
VS Model in a Multi Battle with Bryony from
X and Y

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Celosia (top left) in Pokémon Adventures

Celosia makes her first appearance in the X & Y chapter alongside her fellow Team Flare members. She, Bryony, and Xerosic witness the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal rampage through Vaniville Town during a battle with each other. They note that they need the Pokémon to power their ultimate weapon, but currently have no means as to capture them.

At Santalune City, Celosia attacks X and his friends. After Shauna runs away from her friends after an argument, she is lured into an illusion set up by Celosia. The illusion consists of a Furfrou trimmer demonstrating the various trims of Furfrou. The trimmer gives Shauna a sword so that she can practice her dream of becoming a Furfrou dream as well. The sword turns out to be a Honedge, which possesses Shauna and puts her under Celosia's control.

Celosia has Shauna sneak into the Santalune Gym, where her friends are staying for the night with Gym Leader Viola. Shauna steals Kanga's Kangaskhanite, but she is discovered by Y, who tries to stop her. Shauna attempts to kill Y with the Honedge, but Viola takes the blow and is knocked unconscious. Celosia takes the Mega Stone and runs off, leaving Shauna to wildly attack her friends only to fall unconscious from the strain of the possession. X chases after Celosia, but is unable to keep up with her. He is assisted by Korrina, who uses her Mega Lucario to help battle.

Together, they battle Celosia's Pokémon in an attempt to retrieve the Kangaskhanite. Celosia's Aegislash manages to keep Korrina's Lucario busy enough so that Celosia can focus protecting the Kangaskhanite, but Viola reveals herself to still be conscious and uses her Surskit to trap Celosia with Sticky Web. With Celosia stuck, Li'l Kanga retrieves the Kangaskhanite, allowing her to Mega Evolve and help Lucario defeat Aegislash. Realizing that with two Mega-Evolved Pokémon she has no chance of winning, Celosia is forced to escape.

Celosia is later seen at Route 9, talking to Team Flare's new deputy Malva, who had co-ordinated the Sky Trainers' attack on X and his friends using Celosia's Aegislash. Celosia mentions how she trained her Aegislash to overcome aura barriers in order to control many people at once, though she is disappointed that their targets got away. Malva considers the co-ordinated attack on X and his friends as a success, and goes off to seek other successors of Mega Evolution. Celosia is next seen putting her Aegislash's skills to the test, by apprehending the captured Vaniville residents trying to escape from Team Flare, and subduing them to Aegislash's mind control.

Celosia takes the captured residents to where Xerneas is, in order for them to start transporting Xerneas back to base. Only then does Celosia notice Y's ponytail on her Honedge, leading her to the realization that she was being eavesdropped on. Grace also recognizes the hair but Celosia pushes her to the ground. Y, spotting this, immediately charges towards Celosia, but she dodges, and Honedge points itself on Y as she crashes onto the ground. Soon, X and Y are held hostage by the branches of Essentia's Trevenant, and Celosia plans to finish X and Y off, but Gurkinn, Korrina and Diantha arrive in time to stop her.


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On Hand
Manectric is Celosia's first known Pokémon. It was first seen watching Xerneas and Yveltal's rampage from the outskirts of Vaniville Town.

None of Manectric's moves are known.

Debut X-actly What They Wanted
Celosia's Honedge
Honedge is Celosia's second known Pokémon. It was first used to control Shauna in Santalune City. Shauna used it as a weapon when her friends discovered what was going on, but her constantly shifting in and out of her real self and mind controlled self caused her to fall unconscious. Afterward, it attempted to battle a Mega-Evolved Li'l Kanga but was stopped by Celosia who knew they were outmatched. Honedge reappeared at Route 9 when it sensed Y snooping on its Trainer's conversation with Malva behind a boulder, and sliced the boulder open. It cut Y's hair short but Y managed to remain hidden. A second attack from Honedge prompted Y's Froakie to evolve into a Frogadier and bounce very high while holding Y, to avoid the attack.

None of Honedge's moves are known.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't
Celosia's Aegislash
Aegislash is Celosia's third known Pokémon. It was first used to create an illusion with its powers and helped in taking over Shauna's mind. Later, it was used to battle X to retrieve his stolen Kangaskhanite. It also battled Korrina's Mega Lucario, who prevented Aegislash from controlling X and friends with its Aura. Eventually, it was defeated by the Mega-Evolved Lucario and Li'l Kanga. Afterward, it fled with its Trainer after realizing they were outmatched. It was used again to control fifteen Sky Trainers to attack X and his friends who were on Cassius' helicopter heading towards Cyllage City. Celosia has mentioned that she has been training it to overcome its flaws.

Aegislash's known moves are Slash and King's Shield, and its Ability is Stance Change.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't
Furfrou was created as an illusion by Celosia's Aegislash while disguised as a Furfrou trimmer. Shauna had mistakenly believed it to be her missing one. As the trimmer, she trims the Furfrou into the Pharaoh, Debutante, Dandy, and Matron Trims. After Shauna had been possessed by Celosia's Honedge the illusion disappears.
Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't


Language Name Origin
Japanese コレア Correa From the genus Correa
English Celosia From the genus Celosia
French Cyane From the genus Cyanea
German Calluna From the genus Calluna
Italian Cytisia From the genus Cytisus
Spanish Caléndula From the genus Calendula
Korean 코레아 Correa Transliteration of her Japanese name

Boss: Lysandre
Scientists: AlianaBryonyCelosiaMableXerosic
Notable Members: ChalmersMalva
Lower Members: Team Flare GruntsTeam Flare Admins
Buildings: Lysandre LabsTeam Flare Secret HQ

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