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Bulbapedia:Project Routes/To-do list

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To-do list

  • Add RouteInfo and Project Routes to all existing route articles. Completed 7/5/2006
  • Convert Routes 2, 38 and 111 into "best-practice" articles. Completed 7/6/2006
  • Update all existing articles to the standards outlined for this project.
Hoenn (101, 102, 104, 111) completed 7/9/2006, Johto (36, 38, 39) completed 7/9/2006, Kanto (1-25) completed 8/5/2006
  • Create articles for routes 26, 27 and 28. Completed 8/7/2006
  • Create articles for every route in Johto. Completed 12/9/2006
  • Create articles for every route in Hoenn. East Hoenn (118-134) completed 8/28/2006 All of Hoenn completed 3/11/2007
  • Create articles for every route in the Sevii Islands. Completed 7/8/2007
  • Put regional maps in every route article created so far Started 8/25/2006 Hoenn finished 1/30/2007
  • Create articles for every route in Sinnoh. Completed 3/28/2007
  • Complete the Trainer templates in every Route.
  • Add Item templates on every route
Kanto: Complete
Johto: Complete
Hoenn: Complete
Sinnoh: Complete
Unova: Complete
Kalos: Complete
  • Replace [[Route #]] and {{rt|#}} with either {{rt|#|region}} for Route 1 or {{rtn|#|region}} for 1