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Welcome to Project Globe!
Project Globe logo.png

Welcome to Project Globe! Founded in 2010, Project Globe's aim is to create and expand articles about the Pokémon franchise in every part of the world. This includes localizations of games, the anime, manga, TCG, merchandise, and anything else!

If you would like to help out, inquire on the project talk page or ask a staff member. There's always lots to do!

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Scope and aims

Project Globe covers all articles about the Pokémon franchise around the world. Project Globe articles are usually titled "Pokémon in [country]" or "Pokémon in [geographical region]". The content of each article varies widely depending on the circumstances, but the aim is to provide as much relevant information as possible about the Pokémon franchise's presence in that region - games, anime, manga, TCG, merchandise, etc.

There are instances where an article will cover one country with one language (for example, Israel), one country with multiple languages (e.g. Canada), and large geographical regions which share a language and localization (e.g. Latin America). Disambiguation pages should be created for languages which have multiple localizations (e.g. Pokémon in Portuguese disambiguates between Brazil and Portugal). If you are unsure where a particular country or region fits in with Project Globe, please contact a staff member.

IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png Zesty Cactus Deputy Editor-in-Chief
IconBPBureaucratSm.png Adyniz Bureaucrat
IconBPSeniorAdministratorSm.png G50 Senior Administrator
Potential articles

The following countries have been identified as potential articles. If you would like to write an article on a country not listed here, please consult a staff member.

  • Pokémon in Croatia
  • Pokémon in Hungary
  • Pokémon in Iceland
  • Pokémon in Romania
  • Pokémon in Slovakia
  • Pokémon in Slovenia
  • Pokémon in South Africa
  • Pokémon in Vietnam
  • Pokémon in Turkey

Goals for September

Key templates