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A Block Bot accepting a passport
The out-of-control Block Bots swallowing up Rayquaza

A Block Bot (Japanese: ブロックボット Block Bot) is a type of robot seen in LaRousse City in Destiny Deoxys. They act as the main antagonists near the end of the film. They perform a number of functions, such as acting as a welcoming committee to visitors, and taking pictures for passports. They can also join themselves together to form bridges, and act as LaRousse's defense system.

However, because of an attack from a Deoxys, their data was scrambled, became corrupt and they began attacking innocent bystanders, and had to be shut down for repairs. In the final part of the movie, they flooded the streets and almost covered the Battle Tower. This indirectly led to the evolution of a Munchlax into a Snorlax, which Ash bounced on to get a passport to shut down the Block Bots.


Block Bots perform a number of functions, such as:

  • Welcoming newcomers in LaRousse City
    • Take pictures for newcomers
    • Hand out passports for newcomers
  • Act as LaRousse City's defense system
    • Join together to form bridges
    • Wander around certain areas and request passports from passers-by, approaching them on sight
    • Join together to form a screen with a flee-plan
    • Lend help to other devices (such as a hamburger machine) when threatened
    • Act as guides to guide people to safe places in case of emergency

Also, Block Bots themselves are often connected to a Controller Bot, Controller Bots being the center of a Block Bot structure.

The typical number of Block Bots connected to a Controller Bot is four, stacked on all sides except below and front, since the bottom side is reserved for levitating, and the front is, obviously, reserved for the face, etc. Block Bots may also levitate around and rearrange themselves while connected to Controller Bots.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

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