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Miracle Seed and Charcoal artwork from Generation II

A type-enhancing item, when held, enhances the power of attacks with the corresponding type. From Generation IV onward, these items boost the power of moves of the corresponding type by 20%; prior to Generation IV, they give boosts of 10%, except the Generation II-exclusive Polkadot Bow which gives a boost of 12.5%.

These items may be sold to Poké Marts for PokémonDollar.png50, with the exception of Charcoal, which can be sold for PokémonDollar.png4,900 in Poké Marts.

In Johto, several of these items can be obtained from the Week Siblings.

List of type-enhancing items

Pokémon-specific type-enhancing items

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This is artwork of the items as seen in the Sinnoh Underground

Mine Hard Stone.png
Hard Stone

Global Link

These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Black Belt Sprite.png Dream BlackGlasses Sprite.png Dream Charcoal Sprite.png Dream Dragon Fang Sprite.png
Black Belt Black Glasses Charcoal Dragon Fang
Dream Hard Stone Sprite.png Dream Magnet Sprite.png Dream Metal Coat Sprite.png Dream Miracle Seed Sprite.png
Hard Stone Magnet Metal Coat Miracle Seed
Dream Mystic Water Sprite.png Dream NeverMeltIce Sprite.png Dream Poison Barb Sprite.png Dream Sharp Beak Sprite.png
Mystic Water Never-Melt Ice Poison Barb Sharp Beak
Dream Silk Scarf Sprite.png Dream SilverPowder Sprite.png Dream Soft Sand Sprite.png Dream Spell Tag Sprite.png
Silk Scarf Silver Powder Soft Sand Spell Tag
Dream TwistedSpoon Sprite.png
Twisted Spoon

In the anime

The first type-enhancing item to be introduced was Charcoal in A Farfetch'd Tale. Though the significance of Charcoal is explained in detail, and Ash and his friends are given Charcoal as a gift, its Fire-enhancing properties are not revealed.

A Mystic Water was the prize for winning at the Whirl Cup in The Perfect Match!.

A Dragon Fang appeared in Beauty is Skin Deep as the treasure of Clair's family, kept in Blackthorn Gym. It is the fang of an ancient dragon Pokémon that terrorised Blackthorn City. The Dragon Fang is part of a ritual with the purpose of bringing peace to all Dragon-type Pokémon. The ritual involves the Blackthorn Gym Leader placing it on a special ceremonial table, then pouring water over it, causing a light dragon to burst out of it and rise into the sky. Legend says that this light dragon becomes a star and watches over all Dragon-type Pokémon. Another Dragon Fang appeared in Showdown At Linoone as one of the items Tokin picked up.

A Black Belt and a Twisted Spoon appeared in Climbing the Tower of Success! as items looked for during a scavenger hunt. A Never-Melt Ice was also looked for, but the boy looking for it only found regular ice.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In The Last Battle IV, during the final battle against the Masked Man, Misty, Blaine, and Lt. Surge used Mystic Water, Charcoal, and Magnet to power up the moves of Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, respectively. Notably, the Magnet that appeared was a lodestone rather than a horseshoe magnet as seen in the games, due to the fact that this round was released before the Magnet was given a sprite in the games.

In Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim II, Diamond found a Metal Coat in Byron's vacation home in Iron Island and subsequently gave it to his Shieldon to hold.


  • In Generation II, there was one item that would power up each type, with the exception of the Normal type, which had both the Pink Bow and Polkadot Bow. In Generation IV, this is reversed, where each type powered up by one of the items as well as by a Plate, except the Normal type.
    • However, some types have even more than this, due to incenses.
    • In Generation V, Gems were added as well, this time including a Normal variety with the other types. Gems, unlike other type-enhancing items, increase damage by 30% (50% in Generation V), but are consumed after use.
  • Charcoal is the only item available for purchase in a regular store. Some other type-enhancing items can also be purchased, but only from Game Corners.
  • There is currently no type-enhancing item that enhances the power of Fairy-type attacks.

In other languages

Black Belt

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese くろおび Black Obi
Mandarin Chinese 黑色帶子 Hēisè Dàizǐ
黑色袋子 Hēisè Dàizǐ
Finland Flag.png Finnish Musta vyö
France Flag.png French Ceint.Noire*
Ceinture Noire*
Germany Flag.png German Schwarzgurt
Italy Flag.png Italian Cinturanera
South Korea Flag.png Korean 검은띠 Geomeun Tti
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cinturón Negro

Black Glasses

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese くろいメガネ Black Glasses
Mandarin Chinese 黑色的眼鏡 Hēisè de Yǎnjìng
France Flag.png French Lunet.Noires*
Lunettes Noires*
Germany Flag.png German Schattenglas
Italy Flag.png Italian Occhialineri
South Korea Flag.png Korean 검은안경 Geomeun An-gyeong
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gafas de Sol


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese もくたん Charcoal
Mandarin Chinese 木炭 Mùtàn
木灰 Mùhuī
France Flag.png French Charbon
Germany Flag.png German Holzkohle
Italy Flag.png Italian Carbonella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 목탄 Moktan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Carbón

Dragon Fang

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese りゅうのキバ Dragon Fang
Mandarin Chinese 龍之牙 Lóng Zhī Yá
Finland Flag.png Finnish Lohikäärmeenhammas
France Flag.png French Croc Dragon
Germany Flag.png German Drachenzahn
Italy Flag.png Italian Dentedidrago
South Korea Flag.png Korean 용의이빨 Yong-ui Ippal
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Presa de Dragão
Spain Flag.png Spanish Colmillodrag*
Colmillo Dragón*

Hard Stone

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese かたいいし Hard Stone
Mandarin Chinese 硬石頭 Yìng Shítóu
France Flag.png French Pierre Dure
Germany Flag.png German Granitstein
Italy Flag.png Italian Pietradura
South Korea Flag.png Korean 딱딱한돌 Ttakttakhan Dol
Spain Flag.png Spanish Piedra Dura


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese じしゃく Magnet
Mandarin Chinese 磁鐵 Cí Tiě
磁铁石 Cítiě Shí
France Flag.png French Aimant
Germany Flag.png German Magnet
Italy Flag.png Italian Calamita
South Korea Flag.png Korean 자석 Jaseok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Imán

Metal Coat

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese メタルコート Metal Coat
Mandarin Chinese 金屬塗層 Jīnshǔ Túcéng
France Flag.png French Peau Metal
Germany Flag.png German Metallmantel
Italy Flag.png Italian Metalcoperta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금속코트 Geumsok Coat
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rev. Metálico*
Revest. Metálico*

Miracle Seed

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きせきのタネ Miracle Seed
Mandarin Chinese 奇跡種子 Qíjì Zhǒngzǐ
France Flag.png French Grain Miracl*
Grain Miracle*
Germany Flag.png German Wundersaat
Italy Flag.png Italian Miracolseme
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기적의씨 Gijeogui Ssi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Semilla Milagro

Mystic Water

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しんぴのしずく Mysterious Droplet
Mandarin Chinese 神秘水滴 Shénmì Shuǐdī
神秘的水滴 Shénmì de Shuǐdī
France Flag.png French Eau Mystique
Germany Flag.png German Zauberwasser
Italy Flag.png Italian Acquamagica *
Acqua Magica*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 신비의물방울 Sinbiui Mulbang-ul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Agua Mística

Never-Melt Ice

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese とけないこおり Never-Melting Ice
Mandarin Chinese 不融冰 Búróng Bīng
融化不了的冰塊 Rónghuà búliǎo de Bīngkuài
Finland Flag.png Finnish Sulamaton jää
France Flag.png French Glacéternel*
Glace Éternelle*
Germany Flag.png German Ewiges Eis
Italy Flag.png Italian Gelomai
South Korea Flag.png Korean 녹지않는얼음 Nokji Anneun Eoreum
Spain Flag.png Spanish Antiderretir

Pink Bow

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ピンクのリボン Pink Bow
Mandarin Chinese 粉红色丝帶 Fěnhóngsè Sīdài
France Flag.png French Ruban Rose
Germany Flag.png German Rosa Band
Italy Flag.png Italian Fiocco Rosa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 핑크빛리본 Pink-bit Ribon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lazo Rosa

Poison Barb

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese どくバリ Poison Barb
Mandarin Chinese 毒針 Dúzhēn
France Flag.png French Pic Venin
Germany Flag.png German Giftstich
Italy Flag.png Italian Velenago
South Korea Flag.png Korean 독바늘 Dokbaneul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Flecha Venenosa

Polkadot Bow

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese みずたまりボン Polka-dot Ribbon
Mandarin Chinese 水玉色之帶 Shuǐyùsè Zhī Dài
France Flag.png French Ruban a Pois
Germany Flag.png German Punkt-Band
Italy Flag.png Italian Fiocco Pois
South Korea Flag.png Korean 물방울리본 Mulbang-ul Ribon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cintalunares

Sharp Beak

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese するどいくちばし Sharp Beak
Mandarin Chinese 尖锐鸟嘴 Jiānruì Niǎozuǐ
尖銳的鳥嘴 Jiānruì de Niǎozuǐ
France Flag.png French Bec Pointu
Germany Flag.png German Hackattack
Italy Flag.png Italian Beccaffilato
South Korea Flag.png Korean 예리한부리 Yerihan Buri
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pico Afilado

Silk Scarf

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese シルクのスカーフ Silk Scarf
Mandarin Chinese 絲綢圍巾 Sīchóu Wéijīn
France Flag.png French Mouch. Soie*
Mouchoir Soie*
Germany Flag.png German Seidenschal
Italy Flag.png Italian Sciarpaseta*
Sciarpa Seta*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 실크스카프 Silk Scarf
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pañuelo Seda

Silver Powder

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ぎんのこな Silver Powder
Mandarin Chinese 銀色的粉 Yínsè de Fěn
France Flag.png French Poudre Arg.*
Poudre Argentée*
Germany Flag.png German Silberstaub
Italy Flag.png Italian Argenpolvere
South Korea Flag.png Korean 은빛가루 Eunbit Garu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvo Plata

Soft Sand

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese やわらかいすな Soft Sand
Mandarin Chinese 柔軟的沙子 Róuruǎn de Shāzǐ
France Flag.png French Sable Doux
Germany Flag.png German Pudersand
Italy Flag.png Italian Sabbiasoffice*
Sabbia Soffice*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 부드러운모래 Budeureoun Morae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Arena Fina

Spell Tag

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese のろいのおふだ Cursed O-fuda
Mandarin Chinese 詛咒護身符 Zǔzhòu Hùshēnfú
France Flag.png French Rune Sort
Germany Flag.png German Bannsticker
Italy Flag.png Italian Spettrotarga
South Korea Flag.png Korean 저주의부적 Jeojuui Bujeok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hechizo

Twisted Spoon

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese まがったスプーン Twisted Spoon
Mandarin Chinese 彎曲的湯匙 Wānqǔ de Tāngshí
Finland Flag.png Finnish Kiero lusikka
France Flag.png French Cuillertordu*
Cuiller Tordue*
Germany Flag.png German Krümmlöffel
Italy Flag.png Italian Cucchiaiotorto*
Cucchiaio Torto*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 휘어진스푼 Hwieojin Spoon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cuchara Torcida

Type-enhancing items
Bag Silk Scarf Sprite.png
Bag Fist Plate Sprite.png
Bag Rock Incense Sprite.png
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png
Bag Normal Gem Sprite.png

Held items
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