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Berry Blender

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The Berry Blender in Ruby and Sapphire

The Berry Blender is a device found in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It blends Berries to make Pokéblocks, a treat that raises a Pokémon's condition for Contests. To use it, a Pokéblock Case is required, as is a Berry and a person to blend with. It is located in the Contest Hall.

There are two Berry Blenders in each of the four Contest Halls in Ruby and Sapphire. One of the two Berry Blenders allows Berries to be blended with friends through a link cable. The other will have one or more NPCs standing around it. They will blend Berries if there is no one else available. In Emerald, there are four Berry Blenders in the Contest Hall of Lilycove City; one allows Berries to be blended with friends through a link cable. The other three have one to three NPCs. The Pokéblock produced is based on the Berry the Trainer uses. For example, a Cheri Berry which has a Spicy and Cool tag will produce a Spicy and Cool Pokéblock.

Also in Emerald, once the player triggers a certain event on Pokémon News, the machine with one NPC will allow the player to blend Berries with the Blend Master instead of the NPC that's normally there.

Making Pokéblocks

A Berry Blender in the anime


To make Pokéblocks, simply select a Berry and put it in the Berry Blender. To properly blend Berries, the A button must be pressed when the arrow attached to the disk in the center of the machine points to the station arrow controlled by the player. One of three indicators will appear which show how well-timed the button press was:

  • A red target-like circle is the equivalent of 'Perfect', and gives a large speed boost.
  • A red circle is the equivalent of 'Good' and gives a smaller speed boost.
  • A blue X is the equivalent of 'Miss', and results in the slowing of the blender.

It is important to note that the faster the blender is spinning, the lower the speed bonus when a red circle appears. Once the blender reaches a certain speed around 100 rpm, the red circle will simply bring the blender up to an equilibrium point. It may also be important to note that the blender slows down by itself. The faster the blender is spinning, the more quickly it will slow down. The bar on the top of the blender shows how much time is left before the blending session is finished. The number on the bottom shows the speed of the blender, in revolutions per minute.

Results of the blending


At the end of the blending, the results are displayed. The list of participants is displayed in order of quality hits. The order is as following: The one who scored the most red target-like circles wins. If the number of red-target circles is even, then the one with the most red circles will win. If that number is even as well, then the one with the least blue crosses wins. The individual results are the number of hits each player obtained. The Berries used, the maximum speed, and the required time are factors in the resulting Pokéblock.

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