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Battle Chatelaine Nita

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ラニュイ Lanuit
XY Nita.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos (originally Hoenn)
Relatives Evelyn, Dana, Morgan (sisters)
Trainer class Battle Chatelaine
Generation VI
Games X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Battle Chatelaine Nita (Japanese: ラニュイ Lanuit) is one of the four leaders of the Battle Maison in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, alongside Evelyn, Dana, and Morgan.

In the games

Nita is the leader of the Single Battle format of the Battle Maison, as well as the youngest of the Battle Chatelaine sisters. Nita can be battled once the player has acquired a 19 win streak. Later, she can be battled on the Super Single Battle once the player has acquired a 49 win streak.


Single Battle (on 20th consecutive battle)

Super Single Battle (on 50th consecutive battle)


Single Battle format

  • Before battle
"Hello-how-are-ya? Are ya in good form? I'm Nita. Welcome to the Battle Maison, pet. Sure, I may be the youngest of us four Battle Chatelaine sisters, but I'm still a class Trainer. I've been an owner of the Battle Maison this long while, I'm not telling fibs! I'd be in charge of the Single Battles myself. Would you do me a favor? Of a bit of a match? You will? Grand! Then let's begin at once!"
  • When defeated
"That was great fun! En't you a jammie one! But I'll tell you nicely, did I not hold back... Well... G'wan with you! If I were to pull out all the stops, it'd be none too nice for our guests, eh. My older sisters are always on at me about that! Sure, I let you have a win this time... But if you seriously want to battle against me, you wouldn't be goin' astray to train up a bit more. Thanks a mill! You come back again sometime!"

Super Single Battle format

  • Before battle
"Hi, how are you? I'm Nita! It's been a long time, Trainer! You haven't forgotten me, right? I might go mental if you say you did, with how I've been waiting! I know you're the only Trainer worth the challenge, and no guff! So let's get cracking on it!"
  • When defeated
"Wahey! That was such great fun! You really are a strong one, Trainer! It's been a long time since I've been defeated like that! So... I can hardly wait myself for the next battle between us, you bold thing! The Battle Maison and Nita will always be here and waiting for your visit! You'd better come again--and no guff!"

Super Multi Battle format with Morgan

  • Before battle
"Hi, how are you! It's Nita's turn! Welcome to the Battle Maison! I'll be doing Multi Battles myself with my eldest sis, Morgan, today! Oh, but you two don't look all that fierce strong anyway, do you now. I don't doubt I could take you both on alone and do a handy job of it, too. Well, let's get cracking!"
  • When defeated
"No, no, no! How could I-- This is terrible altogether! How could you do this to me, you wee, rotten Trainers?! Do ye not even know what Morgan'll do to me now?!"

Super Multi Battle format with Dana

  • When defeated
"What's the situation, then? I don't see why I need to care about that sort of thing! All a battle has to be is cracking good fun! Besides that, my real specialty is Single Battle and has been since year dot! Who cares a fig about being in sync? As for you two, I hope I'll see each of you in a Single Battle sometime!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラニュイ Lanuit From la nuit, French for night
English Nita From night
French Nix From νύξ nýx, Ancient Greek for night
German Nuit From nuit, French for night
Italian Notturna From notturna, nocturnal
Spanish Nocta From noche, night
Korean 라뉴이 Lanuit From her Japanese name

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Rotation Battle
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