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Battle Chatelaine Evelyn

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ルスワール Lesoir
XY Evelyn.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos (originally Hoenn)
Relatives Nita, Dana, Morgan (sisters)
Trainer class Battle Chatelaine
Generation VI
Games X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Battle Chatelaine Evelyn (Japanese: ルスワール Lesoir) is one of the four leaders of the Battle Maison in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, alongside Nita, Dana, and Morgan.

In the games

Evelyn is the leader of the Double Battle format of the Battle Maison, as well as the second youngest of the Battle Chatelaine sisters. Evelyn can be battled once the player has acquired a 19 win streak, and on the Super Double Battle once the player has acquired a 49 win streak. Later she joins with Dana in the Multi Battle format.

She is shown to be quite anxious about coming out to battle trainers at the Battle Maison, as indicated by her dialogue towards the player before she battles them, where she stutters heavily.


Double Battle (on 20th consecutive battle)

Super Double Battle (on 50th consecutive battle)


Double Battle format

  • Before battle
"Uh-umm... W-welcome to the Battle Maison... My name is Evelyn... I'll t-try t-t-to serve you as a Battle Chatelaine like my sisters, so... I'm the th-third of us four. M-my specialty is... Double Battles... I guess... Umm... ... ... ... Th-the weather is in a lovely way today, isn't it? ... ... ... Oh, please! I'm sorry, but... Please s-start the battle already!"
  • When defeated
"O-oh! Fair play! You're quite strong, aren't you, guest! Now that I've seen how strong you are, I feel I shouldn't have held back. It's just that my elder sisters had asked me to take it a bit easy on new guests... The next time that we battle, I will try much harder to beat you! P-please continue to patronize the Battle Maison... And to challenge me!"

Super Double Battle format

  • Before battle
"Uh-um... Do... do you remember me? You don' you... Of course... I'm Evelyn... U-um... You really are a strong Trainer, aren't you, dear guest? Ah... I don't want to fight... You look too scary... I want to go home... O-oh! I'm so sorry!!! I know how fed up my sister would be if she heard me saying such things! L-let's just have the battle, shall we? I'll do my best! Honestly, I really will! You can fight with all you've got! "
  • When defeated
"Hah... Hah... You're so strong... And so scary... I can't take any more... Um... Dear guest... I'm s-so sorry... I...I tried as hard I could, but... I'm so knackered... I'll keep trying harder, so...please... You must challenge me to a Double Battle again..."

Multi Battle format with Morgan

  • Before battle
"W-w-welcome... To the B-Battle Maison... U-um... We would like to thank you...for choosing a Multi Battle today... You will be facing my elder sister Morgan and me, Evelyn, today..."
  • When defeated
"Um, fair play, you two! You were both so very strong! Th-the truth is I was nervous facing two strangers at the same time. So I don't know what I did... B-but I will try even harder the next time that we have a Multi Battle... So please d-do definitely ask me to join you in a Multi Battle again."

Multi Battle format with Dana

  • Before battle
"I-I-I'm sorry, Dana... U-um, my name is Evelyn... I-I-I'm usually in charge of Double Battles... ... ... ... I'm not all flash like my sister Dana when it comes to talking... ... ... ... U-umm! Please! I'm sorry, but... Please start the battle already!"
  • When defeated
"Wh-wha... Well, I never said... I-I don't really think I'm all that good at Double Battles either... And the reason that we just lost was because I'm so slow... S-so I don't think these guests should expect much from me... I'd look a bit silly... Please... Pick anything but Double Battle... N-now then... I'll excuse myself... Thank you for the battle... "


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルスワール Lesoir From le soir, French for evening
English Evelyn From evening
French Vesper From vesper, Latin for evening
German Soir From soir, French for evening
Italian Vespera From vesper, Latin for evening
Spanish Vésper From vesper, Latin for evening
Korean 르수아르 Lesoir From her Japanese name

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Battle Chatelaine
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Battle Chatelaine
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