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Battle Chatelaine Dana

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If you were looking for the character who appeared in Jirachi: Wish Maker, see Diane.

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ラジュルネ Lajournée
XY Dana.png
Artwork from X and Y
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos (originally Hoenn)
Relatives Nita, Evelyn, Morgan (sisters)
Trainer class Battle Chatelaine
Generation VI
Games X and Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Battle Chatelaine Dana (Japanese: ラジュルネ Lajournée) is one of the four leaders of the Battle Maison in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, alongside Nita, Evelyn, and Morgan.

In the games

Dana is the leader of the Triple Battle format of the Battle Maison, as well as the second eldest of the Battle Chatelaine sisters. Dana can be battled once the player has acquired a 19 win streak, and on the Super Triple Battle once the player has acquired a 49 win streak. Later, she joins with Evelyn in the Multi Battle format.


Triple Battle (on 20th consecutive battle)

Super Triple Battle (on 50th consecutive battle)


Triple Battle format

  • Before battle
"Welcome to the Battle Maison! I'm Dana. Thank you for coming. I am the second eldest of the four sisters who run this Battle Maison. I am also a Triple Battle expert! So come at me, young challenger! Yes, the extent of your strength... I will be weighing it in a moment!"
  • When victorious
"My, my, my... What a pity. Is that the end of things for you? I thought you had potential, but you can't get blood from a stone, after all. Away with you! I'm not interested in wasting my time with weak Trainers! If that's difficult for you to accept, come back and dare to challenge me again. And if you're just going to give up, then why not just run home now to lick your wounds in shame?"
  • When defeated
"Gasp...gasp... That was quite...the performance... Truly... You and your Pokémon...are truly... Ehh, leave it out! Let's drop the act. Good lad/girl, yourself. That's the best trouncin' I've had in ages. Sure, in ages! In fairness, I put on a bit of a show for the guests. But I can't act so high 'n' mighty after a savage battle like that one. Now, you leg it this instant before I consider fighting ye again right now! Away ye go and keep on winning! 'Cause if you do... I'll show ye my real skills. Ye'd do well to mind yerself then!"

Super Triple Battle format

  • Before battle
"Aye, in fairness, I knew a cracking Trainer like yourself would make it! So let's get straight to the battle! Both me and my Pokémon are delighted and excited about facing you again. Sure, and I don't need to be telling you, but... It'll be bad for me if that sister o' mine hears that I battled you without keeping up my wee act... So get your Pokémon out and let the battle begin! Here I come, ready or not!"
  • When defeated
"Whisht! To think I'd lose again! And I wasn't holding back in the slightest! Don't I look a right fool now! What in the world are you, pet? But...hehehe... It was really good fun, wasn't it? I've been so bored battling lately, but now I feel proper satisfied... I'm going to keep getting stronger, Then I'll surely beat you! So until I do, you'd better not be losing!"

Multi Battle format with Evelyn

  • Before battle
"Welcome to the Battle Maison! I'm Dana. Thank you for coming. I am the second eldest of the four sisters who run this Battle Maison. I will praise your bravery, at least, in attempting a Multi Battle with me! And, of course, I am hardly alone! ... ... ... Oh, give me a break, Evelyn! It's your line next! Come on!"
  • When defeated
"Ugh... You're not bad, tha's for certain... To think that you would be able to break through our perfect combo... But my real stage is the Triple Battle! And Evelyn's speciality is Double Battle! If you took either of us on in our own specialties, we'd never lose to you! Isn't that right, Evelyn?!"

Super Multi Battle format with Nita

  • When defeated
"Nita! We only lost the battle because you went and started it without waiting for me to be ready! The key to any Multi Battle is being in perfect sync with your partner! Can you not get that through your thick skull, you moppet?!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラジュルネ Lajournée From la journée, French for daytime
English Dana From day
French Méridia From meridies, Latin for midday
German Journée From journée, French for daytime
Italian, Spanish Meridia From meridies, Latin for midday
Korean 라쥬르네 Lajournée From her Japanese name

Kalos Battle Maison.png Kalos and Hoenn Battle Maison Kalos Battle Maison.png
Single Battle
Battle Chatelaine
Double Battle
Battle Chatelaine
Triple Battle
Battle Chatelaine
Rotation Battle
Battle Chatelaine

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