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Aria (anime)

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エル Elle
Aria anime.png
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Performer
Anime debut A PokéVision of Things to Come!
English voice actor Lindsay Sheppard
Japanese voice actor Marina Inoue

Aria (Japanese: エル Elle) is a recurring character of the Pokémon anime. She is a famous Pokémon Performer and the current Kalos Queen.


Aria first appeared in A PokéVision of Things to Come!, albeit only in a PokéVision video. She was shown to be well-known in Kalos, with her videos often making it in the top 10. Her first place video was watched by Ash and his friends and inspired Serena to make a PokéVision video herself.

She reappeared in a flashback in Day Three Blockbusters!. Shauna recalled how Aria had switched from simply making PokéVision videos to being a Pokémon Performer, although she said Aria still makes PokéVision videos specially for her fans. Aria had won multiple Pokémon Showcases, and entered the Master Class. She was able to win the Master Class tournament with her Braixen, gaining herself the title of Kalos Queen.

She appeared in person for the first time in Dreaming a Performer's Dream!, where she gave an exhibition performance at the Lagoon Town Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase, which was watched by Ash, his friends, and Shauna. The performance consisted of her Braixen first showing off its Fire-type moves. Afterwards Aria and Braixen proceeded to toss Braixen's wand back and forth. She had Braixen finish the performance with a Fire Blast.

She appeared in a flashback in A Race for Home! when Serena remembered her performance at the Lagoon Showcase while training for her debut.

Aria reappeared in XY064. She appeared in disguise and used the alternate name "Elena" to get away from the attention of the press and her fans. She confronted Serena while she was standing alone in deep thought. The two had a conversation, and Aria told Serena that girls should always smile as that is what makes their beauty shine through. She then complimented Serena for her smile being "the most joyful of them all". Later, when Serena returned to Ash and Bonnie, Aria had a two-on-two Performance Battle with Serena. She used her Delphox and Aromatisse against Serena's Fennekin and Pancham, and Fennekin evolved into Braixen in the process. However, Aria was called off and she parted ways with Serena, leaving their battle unfinished. Later, the next day, she was seen in a video performing in a Showcase (this time not in disguise), and Serena realized the girl she met the day before was Aria.


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Aria's Braixen

Aria's Delphox
Fennekin → Braixen → Delphox
Delphox is Aria's first known Pokémon.

It first appeared as a Fennekin in A PokéVision of Things to Come!. It starred alongside Aria in her PokéVision video. Serena's Fennekin became jealous of it when she noticed Clemont's Chespin staring at it affectionately.

In Day Three Blockbusters!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Braixen. In a flashback of Shauna, Aria and Braixen were shown to have participated in many Pokémon Showcases together. Eventually, it and its Trainer managed to enter the Master Class tournament and win. The victory gave Aria the title of Kalos Queen.

It appeared in the flesh for the first time in Dreaming a Performer's Dream!, where it and its Trainer gave an exhibition performance at the Lagoon Town Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase. It showed off its Fire-type moves and proceeded to toss its wand back and forth with its Trainer. It finished its performance by showing off its Fire Blast attack. It also was seen in a flashback in A Race for Home!.

It reappeared as a Delphox in XY064, where it battled alongside Aromatisse against Serena's Braixen and Pancham.

Delphox's known moves are Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Mystical Fire and Flamethrower.

Debut A PokéVision of Things to Come!
Aria's Aromatisse
Aromatisse is Aria's second known Pokémon. It first appeared in XY064, where it battled alongside Delphox against Serena's Braixen and Pancham.

Aromatisse's known moves are Reflect and Charge Beam.

Debut XY064


Aria as Kalos Queen

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 井上麻里奈 Marina Inoue
English Lindsay Sheppard
Italian Ludovica De Caro
European Spanish Pilar Aguado


Language Name Origin
Japanese エル Elle From elle (French for she) or possibly Elle
English, French,
Italian, Spanish
Aria From aria (Italian for air) or aria
German Arie Similar to her English name
Korean 엘르 Elle Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 愛兒 Ài'ér Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 艾露 Āailouh Transliteration of her Japanese name

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