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Appendix:Ranger 3 walkthrough/Section 2

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Dolce Island

At the start there is a cut scene in which the Pinchers depart from a submarine and capture all of the Pokémon on Dolce Island. Then you have a vision in which Professor Hastings talks to you and says that the Pokémon Pinchers are going to Oblivia and sends you and Summer out to stop them. Then you wake up and find yourself on Dolce Island. The styler is not a full functioning power and so it asks you to verify your name in order to get the Voice Nav. on the styler to recover its data. You then find out you can't contact Summer. Now you can explore the island. Head over to the Save Machine and save your game, then head into the next area. You will then see Ukelele Pichu, who will attack you (after you have the option to witness a battle tutorial). Use wide loops to avoid Pichu's attack. Then Booker will come, aroused by UFOs flying over Dolce Island. Then he follows you. Head over to the other side of the island, where you need an Ursaring to knock the boat down to head over to Cocona Village.

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