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Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 3 walkthrough/Section 2

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Pincher Attack!

You see a submarine and a voice telling people called Pinchers of the Z.Z. Flyer Squad to go to their next target, Dolce Island. They start to fly off. You then see a Pichu playing a ukulele for some other Pichu, two Bulbasaur, a couple Marill, a Sunkern. Suddenly, all the Pokémon get scared and hide. The Pinchers come and use strange devices called Control Gauntlets to capture all the Pokémon except Ukulele Pichu! When Pichu finds out that its friends are gone, he is very worried and panics.

← Part 1 Stopping the Pinchers, Catching up to Mantine
Pokémon Ranger 3
Cocona Village, Mission 1: Drive the Pinchers out of the Woods Part 3 →

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