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Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 2 walkthrough

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050Diglett.png This walkthrough is incomplete.
Please feel free to edit this walkthrough to add missing information and complete it.
Reason: everything from Section 5 - Ranger Union, Peril Cliffs, and Seven Quests! - Mission 6 onwards, and for any new pages to be listed here.

Ranger SoA EN boxart.jpg
Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia
This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia for the Nintendo DS.


  • Character List (spoiler alert!)
  • Section 1 - Ranger School - Rookie Mission
  • Section 2 - Ranger Activities Begin! - Missions 1 and 2
  • Section 3 - Forest Fire and Pueltown - Missions 3 and 4
  • Section 4 - Out in the Puel Sea! - Mission 5
  • Section 5 - Ranger Union, Peril Cliffs, Seven Quests, and Outdoor Class! - Missions 6 and 7
  • Section 6 - Your First Big Mission! - Mission 8
  • Section 7 - First Top Ranger Activities - Mission 9
  • Section 8 - Getting Cold - A Polar Expedition - Mission 10
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