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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky walkthrough/Section 6

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The Upcoming Expedition

Before the morning cheers are said, Chatot, apparently, has something very important to tell you all--Wigglytuff and him have decided that there will be an expedition. Everyone gets excited, including you and your partner.

Chatot tells everyone that the expedition will be held in a week or so. He says that him and Wigglytuff will be monitoring everyone to see if they are worthy enough to go to the expedition before the actual expedition comes. It's certainly something to look forward to! Everyone says their morning cheers happily and goes off to do their jobs.

Team Skull on B2F

After the morning cheers, Chatot tells you your job for the day--to go and look at the Job Bulletin Board and the Outlaw Notice Board. Your partner is very pumped up and eagerly agrees.

However, when you and your partner attempt to look at the Job Bulletin Board, there are two Pokémon blocking it, a Koffing and a Zubat. Aren't they familiar?

And then it hits you--they were the crooks that stole your partner's Relic Fragment, and are the reason you and your partner have decided to become an exploration team in the first place!

Your partner gets annoyed that they are here, and they notice the both of you. The two of them taunt your partner, saying they're surprised that a "chicken like that" can even pluck up the courage to become an exploration team member. Your partner steps back a little, but quickly stands up to them, saying that the two of you defeated both of them once, so hark who's talking! Koffing and Zubat are undaunted, however, and mention that they have a third member of a group they are part of who's much stronger then them, "the Chief". Your partner wonders who the Chief is, but Zubat ignores this and mentions he can "smell him coming now" (even though he has no visible nose)!

At once, a Skuntank comes down the hatch. He notices you blocking his way, so he attacks with you with a seeming Poison Gas, showing that he has an impatient and bad personality. Your partner attempts to help you up, while the other Pokémon in the room wonder what the horrible smell is. Your partner gets angry at Skuntank for attacking you, but Skuntank beats your partner back down. After several taunts and snide remarks, Team Skull, the name of the group, takes their leave.

Your partner quickly wakes you up, and explains its worries for what Team Skull says. Your partner depressingly agrees with them, saying that it is a chicken...but you try to cheer it up (or you make it feel worse by saying "BOK BOK!"). Your partner thanks you for your support and the two of you are now allowed to look for jobs on the Bulletin Board or Notice Board.

The Empty Food Stock

Later that night, after dinner, Team Skull decides they haven't gotten enough food. Apparently, despite eating endlessly and getting seconds (an action usually only done by Bidoof) they decide that, no matter what, it wasn't a good meal. So, they decide to go to the food storage and pack themselves a good meal.

The next morning, after the morning cheers, Chatot notices that the food storage is considerably down and asks your team to go and restock on Perfect Apples, the Guildmaster's favorite food. If Wigglytuff didn't have Perfect Apples, he would...but the last words were not distinctive and you and your partner are left in mystery. Chatot, after recovering, says that you can find Perfect Apples in Apple Woods, so go and get ready and head off to Apple Woods!

The two of you arrive at the entrance of Apple Woods, and your partner says that the Perfect Apples are at the deepest part of the woods, and the two of you go quietly--however, Team Skull appears, and they're not planning on letting you leave peacefully!

Apple Woods

Likely, there are a lot of Grass-types over here, however occasional Bug-types come around as well. Needless to say, Fire is what you should really be looking for, though Flying works equally well. There are 12 easy floors in this dungeon, but you may struggle 12 floors of status problems, as status problems are really the trademark of Bug and Grass Pokémon.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
010 Caterpie 1-4 10 8.2%
187 Hoppip 1-5 11 8.2%
406 Budew 1-5 11 8.2%
412G Burmy
Sandy Cloak
1-5 DS 11 8.2%
043 Oddish 1-6 11-12 8.2%
012 Butterfree 1-7 TS 14-15 5.5%
046 Paras 1-12 11-13 8.2%
013 Weedle 4-9 11-12 8.2%
103 Exeggutor 4-12 11-13 0.5%
415 Combee 6-12 TS 12-13 6.4%
044 Gloom 7-12 12-13 0.1%
014 Kakuna 8-12 12-13 5%
015 Beedrill 8-12 DS 12-13 5%

Boss "Fight"

When you reach the end of the dungeon, your partner will look around, and notice some Perfect Apples on a huge tree. However, Team Skull jumps out! Your partner angrily tells them to stop annoying them, but Team Skull ignores this and taunts you. Your partner, in response, ignores them back and wonders how to get the apples off the tree. Skuntank talks to your partner, saying that he planned to help you--he goes to a side of the tree and headbutts into it. The Perfect Apples fall off easily.

Your partner is extremely surprised but happy, but soon remembers it's Team Skull that's helping them, which means that they can't be really helping. Skuntank is offended and says they'll knock out your whole team with a combo he's been working on with Koffing. Zubat steps back, and Skuntank and Koffing begin charging up. Before the two of you can pick up the apples and run, Koffing and Skuntank release the poisonous energy, knocking you out.

After the smoke clears, you and your partner get up. However, you're not the only one who's been knocked out--Zubat has been too! Zubat notices you and quickly follow his henchmen. You and your partner are upset that, once again, you and your partner are going to have to report failure for one of your missions. The two of you head back gloomily.

Wigglytuff's Rampage

When Chatot hears the news, he is aghast. He thinks of what would happen when Wigglytuff finds out that there are no more Perfect Apples for him to eat. He thinks about what bad things will happen when he enters the room by himself and reports it...but then he thinks up of a better punishment for you (other than being not able to eat dinner)--the two of you are coming with him!

Surprisingly, when this is reported to Wigglytuff, he doesn't seem sad or angry at all...but then asks for a Perfect Apple. Chatot is exasperated that Wigglytuff wasn't really listening and retells the story. Wigglytuff then goes on the guild-feared rampage that you and your partner were so ignorant about--sparks were flying! Just when it looked like it was going to be really bad for Team ___, Team Skull appears!

Team Skull gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple, and Wigglytuff calms down at once. It then shows you and your partner watching the other guild member eat, and then it shows you and your partner, starving and having your usual talk in the evening. The scene then ends with the two of you collapsing on your beds, clearly tired and even more tired as you didn't get to eat.

It then shows Team Skull, having a discussion. Koffing and Zubat wonder why Team Skull stepped in when Team ___ was going to get it, as it would have looked hilarious! Skuntank angrily tells them they're dumb and says they need to grow on they're picked for the expedition and they can snag the treasure! Koffing and Zubat are clearly supportive of this idea, and the scene ends.

"High" Expectations

The next morning, after the morning cheers, Chatot comes to talk to you. He says that, when the time comes, don't have high expectations for Wigglytuff to pick you and your partner for the expedition. Your partner is shocked as Chatot continues to speak--although Wigglytuff is acting naive as usual, Chatot is sure anger is boiling inside. He then tells you your job, which is looking at the Bulletin Board and Outlaw Notice Board to pick some jobs.

After this, your partner tells you that it was already weak from that Chatot told them that, it's even weaker. Suddenly a voice calls to you. It's Sunflora and her friends! She beckons you to your room.

Sunflora then explains why you're here--by giving you an apple. You and your partner are grateful and chow down immediately. Sunflora says that they came up with this idea, as they saw Bidoof saving some food on the side of his plate. They were very surprised, as Bidoof usually chows down his whole dinner. Then, the rest of them decided to help out and save some of their food as well. So, that's how you've got an apple. After this, they go off topic and claim their excitement for the expedition.

This reminds your partner of tells everyone in the room about what Chatot said. All of them are very encouraging--they said that there's no telling what will happen, but your partner says that everyone wants to go too, so if Team __, then there won't be enough space. Sunflora stops your partner from attempting to make excuses by saying that you cheer the people that got to go the expedition on, not mourn.

All of you exit, and Croagunk gets suspicious about what you and Sunflora's friends were doing in there. It sounded so sneaky...anyway, that's not what Croagunk called you for. He called you to explain the Croagunk Swap Shop, so he explains.

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