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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky walkthrough/Section 2

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Wigglytuff's Guild


Before the chapter starts, a close-up of the guild is shown, and Wigglytuff designed it after himself. After this, your partner plucks up the courage to go and stand on the grate, where a voice from a mysterious Pokémon surprises you. Another voice, much louder than the other one, shouts, and they both confirm your partner is fine. Suddenly, the louder voice demands you to get on the grate (after a while of hesitating) which you hastily agree. The drill performed earlier continues, although this time, the first voice doesn't recognize your footprint. After a while, it's revealed that the Sentry is Diglett. The second voice, after a moment of arguing with Diglett, allows you in, since you don't "seem suspicious".

Ground Floor

Your partner gets extremely over excited about the stairs leading to an underground hatch. Eventually, the two of you will go down together.


The place is crowded with noisy Pokémon. Your partner gets excited, wondering if they're all high-ranked exploration teams, and suddenly a Chatot comes down to greet you, and tells you to leave, since he thinks you're here to take a survey. Your partner denies this at once and says they are here to make en exploration team. After Chatot does some suspicious mutterings, he takes you downstairs to the Guildmaster's room.

Wigglytuff's Room

Wigglytuff isn't listening to Chatot's sayings of you wanting to become an exploration team. Soon, however, he'll turn around abruptly, which surprises your partner. He gives you the choice of naming your exploration team. The default is Poképals. However, you are allowed to change this in whatever you'd like. After you decide on a name choice, Wigglytuff will get giddy and give you a Kit, which is full of useful stuff, including a mysterious item called a Bow, though the color and effect vary depending on the quiz you took.

Crew Room

Later, after dinner, Chatot leads you to your residence, while your partner exclaims "We got beds!". You can save the game by going to your bed, so make sure you check back here often.

Main Room

Apparently, you woke up late, according to one of your colleagues, Loudred. You and your partner get rushed and hurry to go to the main room, where Loudred again nags you since you were late. Chatot, surprisingly, tells him off, but that's only because he has a "ridiculously loud voice". At once, everyone says a couple of lines that you and your partner don't recognize (though later on in the game, you and your partner are seen saying it too).

It appears there's nothing to do...until Chatot spots you wandering around and offers to help you for your first job. How exciting!...

The first mission

...well, not really, since all you're doing is retrieving a pearl for a Spoink that lost it on a place called Drenched Bluff. Your partner doesn't think it's that exciting either, but unlike you, openly admits this, however Chatot gets very upset at your partner for its lack of cooperation. Your partner then feels a bit bad, but ignore all that, since it's time to go to the second dungeon, Drenched Bluff!

Drenched Bluff

As the second dungeon in the game, it isn't at all hard, but as for now, use the Pokémon here for Experience Points, since the Pokémon here are decent levels. You only have to get through six floors, as the pearl is found on the seventh floor. The main type here is Water.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
347 Anorith 1-6 3-4 8.2%
422 Shellos
West Sea
1-6 4-5 6.4%
345 Lileep 1-6 3-4 6.4%
433 Chingling 3-6 4-5 8.2%

After defeating all six floors, you'll be at the peak. Your partner will notice the pearl and you'll take it back, magically transported into the guild again. Well, at least you don't have to go back down.

Back at the Guild

You and your partner are getting thanked by Spoink, who gives you a whopping PokémonDollar.png2000! Your partner gets overjoyed, but this is short-lived--Chatot suddenly comes and says that 90% of the money has to go to the guild. You and your partner get down, though Chatot (unsuccessfully) tries to cheer you up.

You just finished a chapter of the game. Next, however, is an action-packed chapter!

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