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Route 124

Route 124
Route 124 Underwater

You can return to Slateport City after recovering the Scanner from the Abandoned Ship and talk to Captain Stern. Now head out to Route 124.

You'll need Surf and Dive to navigate the upcoming routes. As you can see, there are a lot of Trainers here and on the following routes, as well as a large number of items. Many of these items can only be accessed by Diving for them.

About the Route 124, this is information.

  • Note: These are the Pokémon available for Route 124 and Route 126:

Route 126

Route 126
Route 126 Underwater

Once on Route 126, all that needs to be done is to head underwater and use the entrance to Sootopolis City which is located in the southern area. Also this is one of the few places to engage in underwater wild Pokémon battles, so if you wish, catch a wild Relicanth since it is the only Pokémon other than Wailord that can be used to unlock the Sealed Chamber. It should also be noted that one of the items can only be found through an underwater passage on the south end of Route 124. Also a secret underwater passage in the northwest area is the only way to battle one of the Trainers on this route.

You can find Clamperl, Chinchou and Relicanth here and decide to catch them.

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City

You will arrive in Sootopolis City. This city is the location of final Gym, however in this moment is closed. We will limit ourselves only to collect items of this city. If you do not get all items now, then you will first have to defeat the gym leader of this city to get them.

Here, inside the Pokémon Center there is a trainer who will teach a compatible Pokémon Double-Edge one time only.

Route 127

Route 127
Route 127 Underwater

The Route 127 mainly serves as an intersection as the north end leads to Mossdeep City, the west end leads to Route 126, and the south end leads to Route 128. There is not much to do other than, challenging Trainers, locating hidden items underwater through rocks, and finding a special intersection to a closed off area in the southeast corner.

Route 128

Route 128
Route 128 Underwater

Once in Route 128 all you need to do is head underwater using Dive and navigate until you find a cave entrance, which holds the Submarine Explorer 1 which Team Aqua stole from Captain Stern in Slateport City. Surface from here to reach the Seafloor Cavern.

You can find Luvdisc and Corsola here and decide to catch them. Wild Luvdisc have a 50% chance of holding Heart Scale, so if you need to use the Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town, you might want to catch one. Whereas with Corsola, wild Corsola have a 5% chance of holding Red Shard which can be traded for a Fire Stone to Diving Treasure Hunter on Route 124.

Seafloor Cavern

Rock Smash and Strength will be needed to solve some of the puzzles within the cavern.

  • Note: No Pokémon can appear by walking at the entrance or Kyogre room.

Neither the Team Aqua Grunts nor Shelly are difficult to beat, although, Crobat's Confuse Ray from Archie may prove to be a pain.


Underwater Entrance Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 End
Submarine Explorer 1 RSE.png Seafloor Cavern entrance E.png Seafloor Cavern R1 E.png Seafloor Cavern R2 E.png Seafloor Cavern R3 E.png Seafloor Cavern R4 E.png Seafloor Cavern R5 E.png Seafloor Cavern R6 E.png Seafloor Cavern R7 E.png Seafloor Cavern R8 E.png Seafloor Cavern end E.png

After the battle, you will then be taken outside to see the weather has gone haywire. One minute it will be raining, and the next it will turn into scorching heat. Once the two team leaders leave, Steven arrives and connects the source of this severe weather condition to Sootopolis City before leaving.

Note that abnormal weather only occurs in Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Sootopolis City, Ever Grande City, and the Routes 124, 125, 126, 127 and 128.

Fly to Sootopolis City.

Sootopolis City

Teams Magma and Aqua have awoken Kyogre and Groudon, and the two super-ancient Pokémon are fighting in the middle of the city, tearing nature itself apart! There must be a way to stop their titanic battle!. The buildings other than the Pokémon Center and Poké Mart will also be inaccessible until the severe weather problem has been dealt with. The gym will continue closed for now.

  • Note: No surfing Pokémon can appear during the battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

Surf over and talk to Steven. He will then take you to the Cave of Origin.

Cave of Origin

Entrance to Cave of Origin
  • Note: No Pokémon can appear by walking at Wallace room.

Talk to Wallace, a former Gym Leader at the end who will tell you that only one Pokémon is powerful enough to bring peace. That Pokémon is Rayquaza, and Wallace is unsure where it might be. When he asks, the correct answer is "Sky Pillar."

  • Note: the entrance to Cave Origin is blocked for the rest of the game after awakening Rayquaza.

Now go to the Sky Pillar by surfing from Route 126 to Route 131. First, stop by Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City to get the Mach Bike if necessary!

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