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アラン Alain
Alain XY.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Anime debut Mega Evolution Special I
English voice actor Jonathan Silver
Japanese voice actor Kenshō Ono

Alain (Japanese: アラン Alain) is the main protagonist of the side story Mega Evolution series. Alain is a Pokémon Trainer seeking to defeat all Mega Evolved Pokémon using his Mega Charizard X.


Alain's Mega Ring

In the past he was Professor Sycamore's assistant, and it was Sycamore who initially inspired him to begin seeking Mega Stones in order to solve the mysteries of Mega Evolution. At this time Alain already owned a Charmander. Some time after leaving Professor Sycamore's laboratory, Charmander evolved. After reporting to Professor Sycamore, he came to a nearby ruin in search of Ampharosite, but discovered that the raw Mega Stone had been taken by Lysandre. Alain battled Lysandre for ownership of the stone, but his Charmeleon was soundly defeated by Lysandre's Pyroar.

Alain was then invited to Lysandre Labs, where Lysandre revealed his intention to harness the energy Pokémon produce when they Mega Evolve for peaceful purposes. He also claimed that if Professor Sycamore were to publish the secrets of Mega Evolution, mankind would find a way to use those secrets to nefarious ends, and said he would not allow the Professor's name to be tarnished. Asking if Alain would assist him, Lysandre revealed a metal attaché case with a Mega Ring and Charizardite X. Believing he could protect the Professor this way, Alain accepted Lysandre's proposal.

Sometime later, after Charmeleon evolved into a Charizard, Alain battled a Trainer named Astrid, and defeated her Mega Absol. The battle was secretly watched by Mairin, a beginning Trainer who was sent out on a journey by Professor Sycamore. Mairin was so impressed with his strength that she began following him. From Mairin, Alain learned of a Trainer who leaped off of Prism Tower to save a Pokémon. Next, Alain received a call on his Holo Caster from a mysterious person (later revealed to be Lysandre), who directed him to a location with ruins to retrieve a Mega Stone. After getting the Mega Stone, Alain was confronted by a Trainer named Remo who was also looking for the Mega Stone. Remo challenged him with a Mega Garchomp. Alain easily won the battle, and kept the Mega Stone.

Afterwards he helped Mairin capture a Flabébé. He then traveled with her to a restaurant where Elite Four member Siebold was working as a chef and challenged him to a battle, seemingly unaware that at the same time his Charizard's energy levels were being monitored by Lysandre. Charizard put up a good fight against Siebold's Blastoise, but when Blastoise Mega Evolved, it overwhelmed Charizard using a Mega Launcher-boosted Dragon Pulse. Accepting his defeat, Alain continued his journey to battle more Mega Evolved Pokémon and complete more assignments from the Lysandre, now with Mairin as a traveling partner.

He traveled to Hoenn with Mairin in Mega Evolution Special II, where he met Steven. Noticing each other's Key Stones, the two Trainers recognized each other as Trainers with Mega Pokémon. Accepting Alain's challenge, Steven and his Steven's Shiny Mega Metagross fought a fierce battle with Charizard before the battle was interrupted by Lysandre.

Deciding to cooperate with the Hoenn Champion, Alain and company traveled to their destination, a small temple with two pillars in the center. When Alain and Steven held their Key Stones to the monument, a staircase of light appeared to lead them further within the ancient ruin. There, they discovered a similar mechanism that summoned a glowing megalith from underneath the ruin. After Lysandre and his research team began analyzing the giant stone, a Rayquaza appeared from the sky, Mega Evolved into Mega Rayquaza, and started wreaking havoc on the surrounding area. Alain, Steven, and their Mega Pokémon partners tried to fend off the Legendary Pokémon, but were overwhelmed. As Rayquaza continued to destroy the megalith, its Draco Meteors landed near Mairin, sending her and Chespie flying. Alain dove to save her, but in the process, the two are buried in debris. Mairin is safe, but Alain injures his shoulder. Despite Mairin and Lysandre's concern, Alain insists he's fine, and proceeds to Rustboro City on Lysandre's orders as he believes the megalith can be recovered, secretly he told Alain to keep a watch on Steven Stone, as he possessed great knowledge on Mega Evolution.

He reappeared in SS032.

Alain made a cameo appearance in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. He will make his first appearance in the main series during a flashback in XY068.


Alain and Charizard

Alain is shown to usually be focused on his goals, yet often exhibits aloof behavior and can wander off in thought. He at first seems to push others away from him, but he helped Mairin capture Flabébé with hints on strategy. He does, however, have a close bond with his Charizard, and has become accustomed to Mairin's companionship as shown in Mega Evolution Special II.

During his time working at Professor Sycamore's lab, Alain was much more cheerful than he is in the present. While he has distanced himself from Professor Sycamore, it is clear he is still concerned about him.


This listing is of Alain's known Pokémon in the anime:

Alain's Charmander

Alain's Charizard
Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard ↔ Mega Charizard X
Charizard is Alain's only known Pokémon, which he has owned since it was a Charmander, when Alain was still one of Professor Sycamore's assistants. Thanks to Alain's Mega Ring and its Charizardite X, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X.

Charizard battled Astrid and her Mega Absol. As Mega Charizard X it managed to defeat Mega Absol with Blast Burn after a hard fight. It later battled Remo and his Mega Garchomp, but this also proved to be no match for Mega Charizard X. When Alain later battled Siebold of the Kalos Elite Four however, Mega Charizard X was overwhelmed by Siebold's Mega Blastoise and was defeated.

Charizard was called upon in Mega Evolution Special II to battle Steven's Shiny Mega Metagross. While Charizard was able to hold its own against the Champion's Pokémon, the battle was interrupted by Lysandre. It later cooperated with Metagross to battle Mega Rayquaza, but it was no match for the Legendary Pokémon.

It reappeared in SS032, when it was sent out to stop the rampage of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. It battled Primal Groudon, but was defeated by it and seriously injured. Alain was forced to return it before its flame could die out. It was later seen battling a Mega Tyranitar for training.

Charizard's known moves are Flamethrower, Steel Wing, Dragon Claw, and Blast Burn.

Debut Mega Evolution Special I
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō (as a Charizard)
Kiyotaka Furushima (as a Charmander)
English Kensuke Satō (as a Charizard)
Tom Wayland (as a Charmander)

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小野 賢章 Kenshō Ono
English Jonathan Silver
European Spanish Álvaro de Juan



Language Name Origin
Japanese アラン Alain From Alain, French form of Alan. Possibly from 藍 ran (indigo) or 嵐 ran (storm).
English, French, German Alain Same as his Japanese name
Italian Alan From his Japanese name
Korean 알랭 Alain From his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 艾嵐 Àilán Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 艾嵐 Aaihlàahm Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thai อลัน Alain Same as his Japanese name

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