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| [[Ken Sugimori]]'s design of Yuko for the anime.
| [[Ken Sugimori]]'s design of Yuko

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ユウコ Yūko
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime debut Destiny Deoxys
English voice actor Rachael Lillis
Japanese voice actor Takako Uehara

Yuko (Japanese: ユウコ Yūko) is a character from the seventh Pokémon movie, Destiny Deoxys. She is Professor Lund's assistant.


She works in Professor Lund's laboratory in LaRousse City, assisting Lund with his research and helping him in the task of reviving Deoxys from a Fossil they acquired four years ago at the North Pole. Despite Brock's infatuation with Rebecca, he also flirts with Yuko, and confidently speaks of his work in Professor Ivy's lab, something he very rarely does.

She also seems to serve the role as Tory's mother figure. She and Tory baked a large basket of Pokémon cookies for Ash, Brock, May, Max, Rebecca, Rafe and Sid before the second aurora borealis appeared over the city. She accompanied Professor Lund and Tory on their research trip to the North Pole.


Sugimori Yuko anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Yuko

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 上原多香子 Takako Uehara
English Rachael Lillis
Brazilian Portuguese Marli Bortoletto


In other languages

Language Name Origin
Korean 우희 Uhyi
Chinese (Taiwan) 優子 Yōuzi From 優子 Yūko. Means "excellent child".

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